JJPRO P200 drone review. $200 racing BEAST – AMAZING VALUE

READ ALL THIS DESCRIPTION. GIVEAWAY AND SALE – Video review of the JJPRO P200. Very awesome racing drone. Like the p175 quadcopter. This time in the review we have a detailed look at the quad itself and upgrade the firmware and bind it to my Taranis to turn this little racer into a real beast on the race course. In part one we had a quick overview of everything that came in this amazing value kit. Emax motors, carbon frame, vtx and camera combo, radio, charger and battery – all for about $200 If you Combine this with something like the Kylin headset you can have a full racing setup for less than $300

RIGHT NOW THERE IS A SALE AND FOR EVERYTHING IT’S LIKE $256 for the whole kit and goggles.

JJpro RTF Package $189 link – http://www.gearbest.com/multi-rotor-parts/pp_401605.html?wid=21&lkid=10105331

JJPRO P200 just the quad $166 link http://www.gearbest.com/multi-rotor-parts/pp_401603.html?wid=21&lkid=10105337

Kylin goggles $67 link http://www.gearbest.com/fpv-system/pp_410970.html?wid=21&lkid=10105338

Gear best sale link http://www.gearbest.com/promotion-gearbest-anniversary-rc-special-481.html

WARNING – Do not upgrade your escs through BL heli suite unless you know exactly which specific firmware file to load directly downloaded from the emax site. Bl heli will not correctly read the esc firmware and will load the wrong one resulting in.. SMOKE and fire. I found this out the hard way. So leave the escs as they are and just update the FC to the latest betaflight.

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Gearbest was pretty awesome on this one, they agreed to send me an extra quad so I could give one away to you guys. So if you want to enter just leave a comment below with something like “on the next quad from gearbest I would like to see….” And add in whatever you want.

I thought that this way gearbest might see some ideas the community wants and make an even better racer next time around.
Competition rules for youtube giveaway
1. Leave a comment with what gearbest should use in their next quad
2. Limit to one entry per person
3. I will use a random comment picker to choose the winner
4. Youtube has no affiliation with this competition
5. You may or may not be asked to pay for postage depending on where you live to cover postage costs.

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HAPPY FLYING, lol biggest description ever but so much cool stuff I wanted to say


Marco Asam says:

Thanks mate. Bought one. Best, M.

Carl Normand says:

I ordered mine after watching your review. I flashed betaflight on it but when I try to fly it it flips to its side and the props dig into the ground. any ideas?

Patrick Sycho says:

Got him for a week and love him! Only one Question did you use same screws when you remove this Motor protection?

megegydolog says:

I discovered this drone in the “entry market”. What do you think which is better the eachine wizzard x220 or the jjrc pro 200/175? Thanks.

Carrie says:

So this compared to the eachine x220?? There basically the same price, what would u say is the better Drone?

Olav Amh says:

Is SkyRC Sokar FPV good?? They are like half price here in norway not, from 4000kr to 2000kr, (450$ to 250$)

John Jenkins says:

Definitely Needs Some BL Helles, and Tri-Blade Props!!!
Happy Flying!!!!:)

teamSAF bmx says:

can i connect my fatshark goggles to this? if not would i need to change the fpv transmitter? Im interested in a RTF mini quad for begging racing.. i already have fatshark and black pearl monitor id rather not buy more equipment

Jorge Abrego says:

Can you provide a list of all the parts and tutorial on how to upgrade to the better drone?

Angel Urdaneta says:

Hey I’m a fan of ur good work. Man I have a question what do u recommend I should do. My p200 let’s say has an axident i need 4 new motors with 4 new esc that’s cost me around $ 90 plus the service buy them. Or just go and buy a new eachine wizard ready to go that cost me around $ 140 and comes with lots of props ect.

david ringler says:


Alejandro Montes says:

Hi, good day good video btw, i just want to buy my first racer drone i have an a syma but i really want to buy one cheaper, with FPV and controller, can u help me with my options ??
-Akaso 250 FPV
-Floureon racer 250
-Eachine racer 250 (Looks like floureon)
-Eachine Falcon 250
This is my first quad i want to use with videos i have an a Gopro, thank you!

The Boys Of Random says:

Is this better that the wizzard x220

Matthew Witt says:

Is this or the eachine wizard x220 better?

Leonardo Querido says:

can i win one ? :DDD would love to enter in this drone world, but they seems to be espencive for me :C sad maybe one day i will have one :), nice videos waiting for new ones

Mike S says:

would you recommend this over your wizard setup for the under $300 dollar kit? i’m about to order online today, so i was really wondering because your other $300 video was awesome and thats what i was going to go with but then i ran into this one i wonder which one you think would be better? for the price, and what do you think i should change on this too make it similiar or even better than your other setup from the other video? also do you have to make any other adjustments if you put a 4s battery in? or just put it in and thats it? as you probably can tell i have just decided to get into fpv so i’m kind of not to knowledgable yet, hoepfully you can have the time to answer me back i would really really really appreciate it, thank you

Matthew CabaIIero says:

Do you prefer this over the P175?

marvinchen says:

This one or the wizard?

GoldenRage says:

And is this 200$ Australian because I’m Australian but can’t find a better price than 240

Irma Kinnari says:

is wizard better than this drone

Callum Deckers says:

would this be better then the wizard and if so by how much? is it worth the extra money

Nathan unit420 says:

Whats your favorite That compairs to TBS Vendetta?

Mr_Slick says:

new to the hobby but instantly loved it after watching the Dubai racing. I’ve watched a few of your vids and love the content and whatever you recommend is cool with me 🙂

russell says:

whats the best RTR FPV drone for a noob. 250 class

Olli Garch says:

When is the next giveaway?

Syed Hassan Assaggaf says:

Should I buy this or the wizard

Raymond van Wyk says:

Was under $200 🙁

A Mizzy says:

I love that you use a chopstick. I don’t know why, but it makes me happy. Please don’t change this.

Jorge Guzman says:

Would you recommend this quad over the Eachine Wizard?

GoldenRage says:

What would be the best antenna to use EVER instead of this one???

Nic FPV says:

How fast will this drone go

Kester 135 says:

even if the plate is carbon fibre that’s kind of why you have standoffs also I’m pretty sure carbon fibre plates aren’t conductive on the surface because the resin is an insulator not a conductor

Zack Hinton says:

Can I use my flysky i6 with this quad if so how would I bind the controller to the quad ??

jonathan kohl says:

I’ve got to admit being able to see the circuitry on the racing drones can be a little intimidating for beginners . Wish the RTFquads had the circuit covered but easy accessible. Great content in your videos.

David Peric says:

Stupid question but i must ask. best racing drone and cheapest as i want to buy one for my son. this p200 looks great. please let me know. Thanks

Mike S says:

would you recommend this over the eachine wizard, to setup around $300 thank you

M Alexander says:

I like to see a lot of power combined with built quality in an RTF Quad.

Zack Hinton says:

I crashed mine a couple days ago and now the 600 mw switch won’t work only the 25 mw and now I can’t even go 50 feet away without complete signal lost do you know what the problem could be and maybe the solution ??

Dr McJ says:

what kind of drone should I get ? I want your personal recommendation I’ve got 400 to spend on a quad alone what do you recommend for a fast fpv quad

kasey welch says:

very cool vids looking for a project i can grow into with ky son

max hansell says:

what size 4s lipo did you use?


Hey Stew, what you say is the better drone for a “quick” proper carbon racer quad The Eachine Wizard x200 or the JJPRO P200?Im flying a walkera Rodeo 150 atm

Olli Garch says:

I’m new to this hobby still looking around for a racing quad and fpv set up. Doing my homework watching your videos to find one to fit my budget. I hear you mention beta flight and some other just talking about clean flight and am wondering what is the difference?

EvilTeliportist says:

How would I flash the software onto the flight controller? Sorry its my first quad.

Crispin Espeleta says:

is it better than the eachine x220 ? pls answer guys

MR.C says:

i wanna win one

Evan Ross says:

Would you prefer this or the eachine wizard, Thanks in advance

Matthew Bringle says:

How about this:

Try to build a quadcopter that can compete with the wizard but under 100$ transmitter goggles excluded.

Totally scientific purpose only.
(Or because I can’t afford anything over 100$)

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