Brushless Tiny whoop review. The Auora 90mm brushless micro fpv drone is a total blast. With ducted props, a 4in1 ESC, micro camera vtx and some awesome 10 000 kv BRUSHLESS MOTORS. All links to parts below –

Frame – Aurora –
ESC – 4in1 –
Flight Controller –
VTX Camera Combo –
Motors- 10 000kv –
Props –
MICRO Receiver for Evolution – FS a8s –

There are also some other motors + esc combos out there that you could use if you don’t want to use the above 10 000kv version

8000kv –
6500 kv –

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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Name it Gandalf

Okinawa FPV says:

What flight time do you get with this?
What difference would the lower kv motors have? longer flights, less punch, less noise?

Jason Graham says:

Any other props that will work on this? I got the 8000kv motors and the DYS 2030’s don’t work, so I had to cut down some walkera ladybirds, power sucks bad. Hover at 75% throttle?

ab slayer says:

call it the Fantastic 4

Alexander C says:

Looked like it needed a better tune. Very wobbly… also I’m sure this is A clone of another frame?

Steven Siomiak says:

The green machine

Ryan Pruske says:


UAVfutures says:

All links are in the description and also, WHAT SHOULD I NAME THIS?


he thinks having all those quads on his wall makes him a pro lmao

Arran Coote says:

Hi Stu, I’ve been a fan of your channel since I stumbled across your upload on the Eachine Wizard “Best quad of 2016″ which inspired me to build up a Realacc 5” racer. I’m a complete noob to FPV so have a lot to learn, and you’ve delivered again with this review of the Aurora 90mm. It looks like a good around the yard trainer. With your Aurora build, why did you choose the 1103 size motors rather than the standard 1104 motors? Have you had trouble with your props coming off? Does the lower height of the 1103s cause any clearance issues? Most of the 1104s offer screw on props. I’m in Brisbane, Thanks in advance, Arran

DeadKamper says:

The name Jelly-Bean popped in my head when you asked what it’s name should be..!

terry savage says:

Hello – i copied this set up – directly wired the FC into the battery as using the cable from esc makes it reboot – im still getting power issues with the camera – where did u wire the camera up to

Karlis Tomsons says:

da tiny whoop thing

Fast_UA says:

Was wondering if 10000kv motors are still considered the best option for these? Anyone got any advice?

Jeff Rogas says:

Love your show… but I am so new at this… I wanted to do my first built under your recomendation…however I have to say… the wiring of this I guess simple… but no data on how to wire the 4 in 1 ESC into the BLX… Any suggestions Stew?

ARCEYE78 says:

I not sure if you know this but this is a rip off clone, it has been badly copied from the UK designed and built AXC Halo from aeroxcraft, I for one would not entertain buying this, it simply makes it harder for the real designers and innovators to continue their great work, credit where credit is due, I will be buying the superior original and would encourage others to do the same.

Lukas Samuel says:

can anyone recommend another 4-1 ESC? the other one is sold out.. also other propellers. Any help would be great

Ripcurl6 says:

Is this the quality you get in the video glasses? How can somebody fly using this footage? I also see races with fast quadrocopters using gopro. Is it the same quality then?

ab slayer says:

mine is call the AXC Halo

Carlo Mario says:

no more motors in that link.

G2Bpro says:

any have an issue with the aurora camera being to dark to fly. I just got it and tried it on pretty cloudless day and I can barely see anything unless i’m looking the right way… My goggles brightness is at max and still can hardly see anything unless I look the right way from the sun.

Ikararua says:

I’m using the F3 FC, with 6AMP ESC and 8000kv motors. what battery would you recommend? Thanks for the review, building one of these for indoor flying

Todd Speck says:

Claper 321 All your vids and enthusiasm stoke me out. Dig the collection of quads on the wall.

Sapata 187 says:

Hey watch out for the giant dog poo! …

Sapata 187 says:

I would go with Flash. eh ? how bout it ..

Sean Bran says:

name it ‘Sexy Bitch’

Richard E says:

Name it the “homebody”

Sapata 187 says:

Hey Stew, from what I saw . I think I’m going with rhis bad boy. rather than a piko owl.
Happy Happy..

goofyfoot2001 says:

Excellent, now we know the layout of your crib. We can come get yer stuff. You live in Cincinnati right?

Charles Lee says:

could this be built without the camera? I just want to make a burshless micro quad for practice and add the fpv camera later.

E. Delgado says:

Clone or no, Stu reviewed a build that was sent to him for that purpose; so how about a “Thank You, Mate. Cheers!” instead of impulsively bashing. He has expressed his opinions on direct clones in the past… cut some slack for an innocent oversight. Having said that, this is indeed a clone.. According to ACX, the makers of the original Halo frame, on their site, they have neither authorized nor licensed Eachine, amongst others, to either copy or sell the frame. I understand all of the negatives regarding clones, but it happens, and will continue to happen… live with it and , as a consumer and free thinking individual, make a choice on which to purchase! I’d like an original, and would love to support its creator… I, for one, cant afford to purchase an original, at its cost, just to destroy as a trainer, so i bought this one… and it is, just as reviewed, a very good frame. If it makes those complaining feel any better, the frame on Banggod is no longer labeled as a “Halo 90”; the frame is now labeled “Eachine Aurora 90”. The baseplate, also, is different from its previous (and “clone”) design. The aluminum standoffs were never the same. Anyhow: Thank you for all your time, efforts, and dedication to this hobby, Stu; your help is invaluable and greatly appreciated by many. Cheers mate, and a sincere wish of all the best for you and your new family… including the availability of a baby sized set of FPV goggles for the tiny Joey or Sheila. Hoo ya!

Indy John Jones says:

Great video,
If I understood the 4in1 ESC 5V 0.5A BEC gives enough power for the FC and the AIO FPV camera? It’s surprising… Can you confirm? I’d like to buy a couple of those. Can you tell me as well if those ESC would be enough for 1104 instead of 1103?

Richard Hardiman says:


MikeDrones says:

I’ve always thought the Tiny Whoop was lacking. Even with upgraded motors and bats. This looks promising. Name,… what about “Big Whoop” or “Biggie” ?

Adrian Ramirez says:

take a look at the xjb 75 2s to 4s
the eachine chaser 88. get a couple of brusshless under 100mm

chaztech says:

Think I messed up, bought that frame and also bought racestar 2205-2300kv brushless motors for it…. They migh be too big 🙁

Mech Head says:

Stew, i would love to build a brushless micro. I am wondering how you connected the power up. The fc you used takes direct lipo voltage, but the batter connector is on the 4in1 esc. Did you give a wire from those connections on the esc to the fc?

Zohaib Dar says:

can i have your email address? i need to take some advice from you.

Gfighters2011 says:

hello i have a eachine aurora 90mm it has a 10amp esc is it it safe to run 3s 450mah lipo i ran one last night but it did not burn out my esc i installed a dys 1104 4000kv motors i tried running 2s but it did not enough power to lift up so thats when i ran a 3s lipo 450mah i ran it only for 2 to 3 min it did lift up really well

Sapata 187 says:

I would go with Flash. eh ? how bout it ..

De Klussenier Sander Hengst says:

it is a little monster.

TheXanthoman says:

Confused, the link for the esc calls it a cleanflight f3 flight controller with built in pdb but doesnt mention anything about esc’s, same for the flight controller link, also in your vid you call the fc a pico f3 blx ? also the link for the vtx appears to be broken or expired ? Your vid clearly shows a pdb/esc board, and a sepearate fc board but both links appear to describe it all as one board with no mention of esc’s, also neither link describes it as a pico blx board ?. please update/clarify, thanks ps, would love a step x step build vid with configuration of the fc for idiots like me , thanks

Dobemandan says:

Built one with 1104 4000kv motors and it won’t even hover…. I’m guessing I need higher KV motors any thoughts?


Love the video, nice Abode as well!!

Charles Anderson says:


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