Ideafly Grasshopper F210 FPV Racing Drone Flight Test Review

This impressive FPV racer is being advertised as the world’s fastest commercially available racing quadcopter. Buy it here exclusively from GearBest: RTF version (USE COUPON CODE GBBEE FOR $51.83 OFF)

– Very nice carrying case is provided.
– Also nice balance charger is provided for 1S through 4S batteries.
– Provided 4S battery gives plenty of “oomph” and punch.
– 30A (40A surge) ESC’s can withstand long periods of high power application.
– Very maneuverable and zippy. It’s advertised as being capable of 230kph. This might (and I strongly emphasize “might”) be possible very early in the flight with a short full throttle punch (with tri blades and fully charged 4S battery). Its punch is pretty amazing at the start of its flight with a fully charged 4S battery.
– It just looks cool, like a grasshopper.

– Stock barometer hold setting with acro are kind of screwy and highly unstable. Not recommended to fly with.
– FPV transmitter bundled in protective rubber blanket, entirely blocking any access to the channel switches/buttons on the transmitter (can’t change the channels in stock setup).
– Provided monopole FPV antenna can easily flop into the path of the propeller blades. Strongly recommend switching to a CP antenna ASAP.
– Battery cable also easily flops into the path of the blades. Maybe fabricate some type of velcro attachment to the battery cowling to prevent such type of event from occurring?
– Requires FAA registration.

Vendor’s Description:
– Amazing high speed of 230km/h. It can provide thrilling a racing experience that you are looking for. Faster than any other copter, it is an incredible frontrunner.
– Premium carbon fiber frame. Made of sturdy and durable carbon fiber, the upper board is 1.5mm thick, while the thickness of the arms and the board beneath them is 3.5mm.
– F3 10DOF flight controller with barometer and compass, which delivers you fantastic flight experience thanks to its next-generation CPU, no-compromise I/O, developer-friendly GUI, and compatibility with Oneshot. Enjoy having fun with one of the most excellent flight controllers.
Brilliant 2205 2300KV motors. With imported bearings processed through CNC and 100% dynamic balance, each of them can generate a thrust of up to 1,000g.
– Responsive ESCs. The ultralight Flycolor RAPTOR 390 BLHeli 2 – 4S 30A OPTO ESCs incorporate the most state-of-the-art MOS and 3-in-1 IC chip, which enable them to respond in no time. It supports setting parameters via BLheli software directly by connecting the F3 flight controller. You can set the parameters of 4 ESCs at the same time.
– Acceleration-indicating headlight. The brightness of the headlight varies according to the accelerator. The headlight flashes constantly, thus you can easily know how fast your copter will fly by glancing at the light.

Speed: max. 230km/h ( while using 14.8V 75C battery or larger power LiPo battery )
Product weight: 328g ( not including battery )
Flight controller: F3 10DOF
Motor: 2205 2300KV
ESC: Flycolor RAPTOR 390 BLHeli 2 – 4S 30A
instantaneous current 40A, continuous current 30A
Battery: 14.8V 1300mAh 45C 4S, XT60 Connector
Battery weight: 148g ( The product supports 75C battery. )
FPV transmitter: 5.8G 200mW 40CH
Camera: 700TVL, PAL
Charger: E4 Balance Charger
Propellers: 5045 three-blade and 5045BN two-blade
Headlight: 3W
Rear light: 3W ( It turns blue after code matching. )
Flight functions: going up and down, left and right, back and forth; 3D rollover; 3D inverted flight; rolling, encircling

Type: Frame Kit
KV: 2300
Channel: No Transmitter
Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
Flying Time: 10-13mins
Charging Time (h): about 2.5 hours
Battery Weight: 148g
Video Resolution: 700TVL (horizontal resolution)
Video Standards: PAL
Dimension and Weight
Product weight: 0.328 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 20.50 x 20.00 x 8.50 cm / 8.07 x 7.87 x 3.35 inches

Package Contents: 1 x RC Quadcopter, 4 x Three-blade Propeller, 4 x Two-blade Propeller, 1 x Balance Charger, 1 x Balance Charger Cable, 1 x Power Adapter Cable, 1 x 5.8G Antenna, 1 x Instruction Disc, 1 x Battery, 1 x Carrying Bag
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Tom Costa says:

U all better hope you never have to send any thing back to GearBest
because they make it very hard to communicate and you’ll never never be satisfied

Pullsee says:

The battery in that quad is a 45C . To be fair to their claim, the battery can only deliver a max 14.6 amps per motor. (30-40 amp ESC) They do mention on their website a battery 75C (24 amps/motor) or higher to get to 230km/hr. A Turnigy nano-tech 1300mah 90C (HK) would give 30amps per motor. Could be a blast?? Just did calculation in eCalc and it seems that (approx) the quad will develop 490 grams of thrust per motor with a 45C, but with a 90C about 950grms on a full charge.

Reviews By Brian K says:

sorry for asking. unsubscribe now.

Mark Chamberlain says:

Could the barometer problem have actually been the full rates catching you out? Looks a nippy little critter!

Approach with Caution Productions says:

Ahh the future!! Awesome video!!:)

Dontbeweakvato says:

2205’s with a 4s can do at least about 75mph maybe more

Lucas Ricardo Borja Aparicio says:

Between the shuriken 250 and the grasshopper 210 which wins?

Johan Jonker says:

Those little racers normally are so fast you cant really fly them Line of sight.. they also easly get over 200km/h. I really love your reviews, but I think this was a bad review for a Hobby grade mini quad, compared to a toy quad copter.

Bobster986 says:

Why don’t they computer test these things before they go into production, even at the prototype stage, they should have known about those issues. I think I’d rather have the Walkera Rodeo 150 for a little bit more.

RandomWisdom says:

That reaction on 13:06 😀 Oh yeah, the moment, when you go from toy grades to proper 4S quads 😀


It is not professiona to test….

Glasser Fucker says:

thx me later

One Two says:

wow, ah, 350 bucks yeah, most of what I see you demo is worth it or close, this one maybe not. Its cute ; / .

Ashneil Datt says:

Quadcopter 101 – what is the actual top speed of the ideafly grasshopper f210 quadcopter?

Reviews By Brian K says:

that’s cool that you donate them. their are many kids that would love them.

Jerry Smith says:

at least after you wrecked it the camera was pointed at the horizon lol

Reviews By Brian K says:

do you pay for all the quads or are they given to you for review?

SETXQuadcopters says:

About to fly mine ! Great review as always mr 101 🙂

Priscilla Schaeffer says:

the perfect solution for keeping your battery cables away from your props is …elastic hair ties…they work great on all my quads, and you can find them in any hair care department in any major drug store  – and they only cost a couple of bucks for about 50…try them!

Steve Smith says:

much fun!

The Drone Connection - Drone Reviews & Video says:

Love the battery protector on that thing, I have damaged a few lipos from crashes. Looks like it would protect it!! Would love to see a video tx protector as well on other quads!

Scott Allen says:

seems like junk

Soulcommander says:

Love your quads, can’t afford most.

Cuda FX says:

the aerodynamics are very questionable. that sloped top surface is certainly gonna create some extra drag and a conciderable downward force at increasing speed. it may not be a huge impact, but i woudnt be surprised, if you repeatably got better flight times and performance at high speeds, if you took the canopy off.
somebody wanna try it out?

Tristram Neal says:

Hi Q,
Have been enjoying your videos for weeks now – very informative and entertaining – thank you. I remember in one of them you mentioned the free video editing software you use, but now I can’t find which – could you remind me?
Thanks a lot.

Adam Komarek says:

I have to agree with others, I build a quad with 5 inch props, 1300g thrust per motor, and lighter than that quad and I can maybe go 75-80mph tops. These companies will claim anything to make a buck. Can my quad fly 130mph? Sure it can… if it was flying with the wind and it was blowing 50 mph.

justin Middleton says:

When you going to start doing FPV?????????????????? Would be really good. Love your videos b.t.w.

Tom Coffel says:

Barometers are sensitive, and are typically recommended to be covered with very porous foam to protect it from outside wind, as you could have major issues.

I don’t think that it will reach the stated speeds either, but honestly you’re not going to get the full experience in angle / horizon mode. To get full potential, you need to be in acro.

SendMoreDrones says:

I wish someone would investigate the real speed this thing has.
I cant find anything concerning it’s real speed on the web, while that is (probably) its major marketing point.
I have several FPV racers and don’t need another one atm unless it really can fly over 200 km/hr

In case it wont even come close (like I suspect) it’s odd that nobody confronted IdeaFly with gross exaggeration yet, almost 2 months (?) after it’s release.

As of now I cant even find a top speed flyby on the web!!
What is your idea of it’s speed ? Does it feel WAY MORE powerful (like 200%…) than any quad you have ever flown before?
As it should?

Rolf Venz says:

its advertised to go faster than 230kmh…and i say no fucking way this is possible not even on 5S. So please put gps tracker on it and show real speed (it will be about 120-140kmh max im pretty sure)

Aeroica Gaming says:

You seem to like the 808 cams but since you seem to know about electronics, have you ever considered removing a 1080p camera from a cellphone and working out a way to both power and mount it for recording only, no FPV?

MasterCheifn343 says:

When you hit the throttle for the first time it sounds like it’s screaming in terror.

SvPVids says:

just get a arris x180, its faster, better quality and cheaper

Bill Karoly says:

Could you make a video recap of your thoughts on the current crop of quadcopters? What are you leaning towards as your favorites in the different categories?

張雅珍 陳 says:


Alan Savage says:

Excellent review!! Might consider getting that one

Bryan Reynolds says:

How long have you been flying quadcopters? Just got me a sky viper nano to learn indoors and I’m getting there after a week but its an awkward way to learn.. Keep crashing until you dont lol..

Joe Cro says:

Hello Quadcopter 101 and many thanks for doing a review on this model racer quad. Ever since I read about it a couple of weeks ago I wanted to see someone fly it. The initial claims were that it would go 290KPH or something like 180 MPH. A machine like that even at 230KPH is bound to have some trials and tribulations even in very capable hands like yours.
Many thanks for showing this thing to all of us and doing a demonstration as best as you could. I think it was very informative and loved the “punch outs” you did with it. Very awesome indeed.

Some are built for speed, others are built for comfort. I’ll take the latter!

Very best regards, and many happy flights to you.
Joe Cro

jasiel velasquez says:

too much bla bla bla bla… and less fly, come on!!!! we want to see how it flies

Dusty says:

The Grasshopper must be from Krypton to crash and fly again….They should change to name to

Chen Jack says:

I think you are not professional,You should look at how others are testing.

high def says:

How neat is that?

Daddio 66 says:

I am really surprised that there is not a hole on the top deck at rear of battery to change the fpv channels with a small button.

Luis Garcia says:

nice video! it’s definitely concerning about barometer mode I’m concerned about trying to get to acro mode mid flight … hopefully I can get mine in the air tomorrow I’ll let you know if I have that issue . I’ll definitely be mindful of that! thanks for sharing as always !

Luis Garcia says:

also I believe they say u have to upgrade to a 75c battery for fastest flights I still don’t think it will be the claimed speeds but we’ll see. I’m working on trying to get a radar gun from a cop friend would be cool to find out! can’t wait to fly mine

lilrascalrc says:

Quadcopter 101 – How would you rate the FPV camera video quality?? I’ve seen a few other reviews and on their postings the FPV video was glitchy, brocken-up and noisy very often. With all the other little bugs (pun intended) that the Grasshopper has like twitchy throttle, barometric hold, cable and antenna issues, I’m thinking that this was either rushed out into production or just plain sloppy engineering. Just because it goes fast, doesn’t seem to negate all the other problems and a lousy FPV video quality.

Cameron Mayhue says:

Does it need to be controlled by the ideafly transmitter or can you use 3rd party like Taranis?

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