An updated look at the HUBSAN X4 H109S. – There is more than meets the eye here with this camera drone. It has more options than you might think. It holds a Gopro, has external monitor capabilities, and even a smartphone system. This is a great video for anyone looking for their first camera drone. This drone is a great choice for a drone under $400. Enjoy an updated look at the HUBSAN X4 Pro. I like it.

Review by Justin Davis

Find the HUBSAN X4 H109S drones and part links below :

Hubsan X4 Pro H109S “Low Edition” here :

Hubsan X4 Pro H109S “High Edition” here :

Here are a few choices of external 7″ Monitors I told you about in the video with antennas.

Cheapest 5.8Ghz 7″ Monitor here :

And a more expensive choice it has a DVR for recording on
screen video which is a nice backup in case you crash :

Also a Dual Antenna version of the 7″ Monitor. Dual antenna
gives a better video signal. Find it here :

A really nice 7″ Monitor if you want a long lasting battery
and dual antennas. Find it here :

Additional Spare Parts, Prop Guards, Props, & Batteries :

Hubsan X4 H109S 3S 7000mah Battery here:

Hubsan X4 H109S Prop Guards here :

Hubsan X4 H109S Propellers here:

UPGRADED HUBSAN H7000 2.4GHz 10CH Transmitter with larger video screen :

Original Hubsan X4 Pro 2.4Ghz Transmitter with 3.5 inch screen :

Hubsan X4 Pro Extra Body Shell here ( upper and lower ) :

Extra Hubsan X4 pro Landing Gear here :

Extra Hubsan X4 Pro ESC “A” here :

Extra Hubsan X4 Pro Esc “B” here :

Drone Camps Community :

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Justin J. says:

So I’ve had this quadcopter for a few months now and I’ve noticed something in the few times I’ve been able to fly it. After flying it for a bit I’ve noticed the green lights flash red sporadically and I’m not sure what it means and I can’t find any info about it anywhere!

Skylar Fun Videos says:

This is the most complete and most instrumental video I’ve seen for this model. Suscribe. This will be my first drone.

giacomo zen says:

very helpful review. I’m just deciding if buying the “low” or the “high” version.

Robert Jordan says:

My euro type charger came with an US adapter connector .You don’t need a special converter because the charger will accept 100 to 240 VAC

J. Wilson Perez says:

501s or this one?

Rutape Ruth says:

Que camara compatible con el dron 109


I didn’t get a parachute

Jitendra Varma says:

kimat kitni hai eski

anyshitt says:

Thumbs up for the video bro.. action packed with no commercials,, good information man, I will be watching this again (with others) in its entirety
when my H109 arrive’s ,, Im getting the base version too, and i had not expected a parachute to be in any of the gearbest or banggood supply’ s.. Im really looking forward to 800 meter flights in circle around my position…

paul pratt says:

question Can you tell me what size the video plug is on the tx 🙂

Ingvald Randen says:

Can I switch gimbal to 3 axis and what kind gimbal fits

Matic Kovač says:

Heloo. I have this drone for around 2 weeks now. And no, i didnt get parashute either but i am more interesting in other stuff. Like: in description says that fpv works for around 1000 meters. But in my case, if i get my quad 200 meters away from me, the pic on the screen donnt work anymore…maybe now and then some flash but thats it. So i wonder if you have some advice for me how to improve that to get closer 1km then 100meters??? But i must say that shoots and videos from SD card are great, perfect clear, just would be very nice if i could see what i am filming when quad is little far away.
Thanks for great infos about this quad, was realy helpful.

Rutape Ruth says:

en mi dron no veo SHOW VERSION porque por favor,muchas gracias

Cerne says:

I ordered 2 of these and neither had the parachutes. I’ve message GB asking why…slightly annoyed…

samnella9 says:

They are not including the parachute anymore. I bought one and thought I got screwed. But then there are a couple of guys on Youtube and same thing for them. They should put out a notice when you buy! I think the parachute is a gimmick so I wont be missing it. Its slows you down and less flying time.

Stephen Goldberg says:

I was expecting to see how this drone performs in the air but never got there

MC TUBE says:

can I use this for the transmitter http://www.gearbest.com/multi-rotor-parts/pp_238825.html?wid=21
thank you anyway.

Captain Carpenter says:

this one really appears to be the best bang for the buck. really awesome transmitter configuration and function. great review and info. just need to decide which one to get. waiting for that flight video.

brianminkc says:

Kind of wanted this copter but no way was I going to risk spending almost $400 at Gearbest. I have had very shitty luck with Gearbest support. They just give you the run around if you have problems. Yes… so I just bought a DJI Phantom 3 Standard from Amazon instead. Gearbest lost a pretty sizable sale because of their lousy support. They should have a U.S. Repair and Support center if they want to sell this kind of stuff in the USA.

Terry Sferedes says:

great video. I have the 501s and just ordered the 109s. you do a great job in explaining everything. well done thanks

Alain Baran Mechant-Malade says:

I am getting a high edtion one and i just got a h501s advanced.I love this one on your video wow so nice and futuristic looking .

gunner836 says:

Great review, best one ive sin so far and I’ve sin a lot off them,lol have u done the vid for flying it yet, and carnt make me mind up this or the dji phantom standard, lol

Tyler Winkelmann says:

I liked it too, so I bought, and now I’m trying to fix it 🙁

Brian Mills says:

hey man love your vids! Just a heads up that you got an Xtra 2 mins nothing at the end of this video!

Ng Gavin says:

Dude is there anyway for this drone to do a facebook lives ? , or on any of the versions of the HUBSAN X4 H109S, I know other drones where you use your smart phone as part of the controller you can run a facebook live and you see the drone view from the sky it’s pretty sic. !!

DroneBob says:

Can I use an Android Tablet instead of a phone?

Aleksey Kurepin says:

Very detailed review! Best review.

Trevor G says:

Awesome review man!

andymouse123 says:

can I use goggles with this guy ?

ACES on the Go says:

Nice Unboxing and Review Drone Camp, Good Job.

Cotidiano Veridico Mix says:

I from Brazil!
my name is Flavio.

Williams Omeyaka says:

how much is the Drone

samnella9 says:

Sorry what was the full rating for the nano tech 11.1 volt lipo again?

roger cligg says:



hey man I’m 11and I just got the drone the same thing now I know how to use it and I got it for Christmas

ThatBoyU LikeAndKnow says:

does it work with gopro hero5 black?

dave dec says:

I would be afraid to buy any drone that comes STOCK with a chute! does this mean it’s pretty much guaranteed to fall out of the sky?

belze69 says:

hello there, if we attach a go pro or a firefly camera, does the fpv work?

Terry Sferedes says:

do you recommend  oiling the motors on the 109s

Russ Wanot says:

What lipo did you put in the transmitter? And where did you get it? Thanks and great video.

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