Hubsan Zino Drone Unboxing & Review – Best Drone 2019!

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Gorilla Man says:

WOW… Are your sure you dont work for Hubsan…?? Just kidding… Have a look at my series on the Zino & the Fimi X8. I had to shelve my Zino pending a few more reliable firmware updates. But it is a competent fair weather video drone in wide open spaces 😀

chan sabrina says:

Open the product: The drone is packed very well and does require some small assembly (USB plugged into the smartphone).
The drone itself feels that it is made of sturdy plastic, light weight, but not light enough to be easily lowered.
The remote feel feels like it’s made of the same material, and the feel is ergonomic. The phone holder is great.
It grabbed my Galaxy Note 8, which had a full outer casing and felt very safe.
Its battery is very easy to install and charge.
My only major setback was the fact that there was only one battery, the drone itself had no on/off switch, launch/landing pad, and (full read instruction) 2 hours of charging time.

First flight: After completing the configuration and downloading the HUBSAN application, I can only say that this is the easiest flying drone, especially for beginners! The control is smooth (the drone keeps a fixed height of 8~15m after the end of the command), the drone is very agile, but not too fast, and feels out of control. The camera has amazing video and camera quality. Let’s say that DJI is good, but the price is great. The HUBSAN application is very easy to use. It has different view modes, return to the home page, follow my mode, camera/video control, takeoff and landing, and rotation. It also provides Google Maps for controller and drone locations. It lets you know the distance and altitude of the flight and the number of satellites you are currently connected to in GPS mode. You connect to the drone via the WiFi signal of the drone and the app, letting you know the status of your connection. When you are far away from the phone/controller, the camera becomes a bit sluggish, but it’s not terrible. This app is great for this special drone. The drone is handled very well in the wind, this is where I live because there is always wind in the Texas strip. Adjust the angle of the gimbal in flight and shoot different worlds of perspective.

Latest flight (video/picture attached): The video is very long, I fly after sunset, watch the video quality in low light, and try some night flights. I used this flight to push my skill limit. I made a full bank turn, Figure 8s, a quick direct change, full speed forward and back, and a final height. Before my battery power was 15%, the drone started to return automatically. I was 100% comfortable with this drone and wanted to have it.

machristos says:

no zoom?

Leica Hugh Jass says:

I almost pulled the trigger on a Zino, then started following the Fimi X8 because it has optical sensor on the underbelly, 4km greater advertised range, and 10 mins longer flight time. Ordered the X8 yesterday on offer for just $34 more than the Zino. Both are good value for what they offer, but in my opinion the X8 is definitely worth paying just a bit more.

chan sabrina says:

ZINO 4k record your movie of life.
If you are interesting ,please leave a comment or @ me.
I will send you a extra battery as a gift .
Welcome ~~~

Idaho Quadcopter says:

The Zino is very sensitive to micro SD card speed and this will affect camera and control performance. I recommend a U3 card, and Hubsan recommends formatting to FAT32. The sluggish control performance could be caused by incorrect binding of the controller to the drone. I did not see you do that in your demo. Another common mistake is connecting the phone or tablet via wifi to the drone. The connection is controller to drone via wifi, then cable from phone to controller.

φάνης ντόκος says:

if you can fly with this he has a lot of problems

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