HUBSAN X4 H501s GPS QuadCopter Drone Review – Part 2 – [Flight Test, BEE ATTACK!, Pros & Cons]

Part 2 of my multi-part review for the Hubsan X4 H501s which you can find here:

Part 1 of my H501s Review including Unbox, Inspection & Setup:

Gteng FPV watch which you can find here:

Apparently the bees in the area were threatened by this quad due to either the sound or look of it. I did 2 other flights the same day with two different quads as well and the bees did not attack those. I really feel bad about the bees that were accidentally and unintentionally harmed here but I don’t see any way around it. I do not know where the beehive was and did not think I came close to any trees.


u0770408 says:

what size sd card does it need?

Vincent Aguero says:

what version do you use ?

Jinal Patel says:

what’s price of this drone because it’s worth it…

Morcego538 says:

what watch is that that you have?

Davenson 411 says:

Marking your RTH point is a good idea. You’re the first that did that. Thank you.

Zach Jelley says:

Would this be a good copter for starters?

aaron rieber says:

How long did it fly for?

Andrew Holliday says:

hi mate just wondering if you could help. when I first set the drone up off the ground after I got the right amount of satellites, it doesn’t hover straight. I seem to have to constantly fight with it to get kip it horizontal and vertical. any ideas?

Luke Ravell says:

Great Review !!!

S S AKSHAY says:

What should I go for, theXiro Xplorer version V or the DJI Phantom 3 Standard?

Mr. Doge says:

Hey man, thanks a lot for this review and all the other videos about this drone, you convinced me to buy it, so i bought it, and it’s really awesome, the camera, speed and battery life are really great for this price !

Daniel Castberg says:

when u fly, do u look at the screen on the controller, or the drone in air?

Tom Cooper says:

Hi, noob here, nice video! I’m not sure I understand what you mean by it not recording the screen though, does the drone take an sd card or what? and why would it be better to record the screen? completely confused.

RomeoGoesRetro says:

Hey, thanks for the video! How long do 4AA batteries last in that controller? Thanks!

Raymond Boots says:

Aloha Dustin, I don’t know if it makes a significant difference, but in the manual, the second calibration supposed to be turned counter clockwise. Just thought I’d let you know just in case you didn’t. Out of all the videos that I have watched on Quads +, yours are the best! Seems that you have a great life. Continue on what you do best. God continue to bless you and all of your family! Mahalo!

09smartin1 says:

what’s the best camara drone you have come across for under $300? with distance and battery life

CAR AUTO DVR DUMB Drivers says:

have you tried this in FOLLOW mode while jogging or running ?

M.A.T.T says:

what frequency are you on

Paul Payne says:

Great review. Do you know where can you buy blades for this in the US so you don’t have to wait a month to get them?

Ashish Amatya says:

do u recommend turning off the tx for rth?

birdman316 says:

dustin…i watched both videos on this bird that you made..
did you have to download/install any firmware updates or was this bird flown in origional form?
im considering a gps bird and i keep coming back to this one in the various videos here on youtube..
i want to make sure i do everything correctly should i decide on this one…i sure dont want any flyaways lol..
thanks and happy flying!

Justin H says:

FYI they sell a sun shade for this transmitter

Jake W says:

Is this okay to buy from Gearbest?

Rsay Ray says:

I was about to pick this up and noticed that i don’t think i can attach my go pro to it as well.
If you ca, How would i go about that.
Also how did you record the video if not from the controller. you probably did say that, and i have missed it.
If anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it.
Great video. was very in depth for alot of stuff i needed to know before fully buying.

Megaglow Z says:

I had not seen this one, bees HATE my q500+. Especially bumble bees. I had one charge in at takeoff. Not a good result for the bee. Sounded like a baseball bat bunting a ball….lol
If you type bees attack hubsan in the search, there are a lot of videos.

patg223 says:

The quad’s vibration attracted the first bees, but when the props chopped them up, the bee’s pheromones were released which signaled the swarm to attack. That’s why they say if you’re ever attacked by Africanized bees, don’t swat them or smash them because it will draw the rest of the hive.

marjamada says:

I keep coming back to your review to pick up tips. My H501s Advanced arrived and flies well, but it will not record video or photos. I just noticed in your part 1 that the SD card icon on the screen means no card present. That’s interesting, because the icon on my screen lights even when a card is inserted. Tried 323GB, 8GB, I get nothing. Banggood has not replied to my requests for help, so this quad may be going back. I also noticed that the cam lens on yours is set just back of the white body, but on mine they added something, perhaps an ND filter, to it which now sticks well outside the body. Love this quad, but if it won’t record, it’s adios.

Paul Payne says:

When flying will it come home before the battery is dead or will it just drop out of sky? Thanks

jan erik skogmo mod-56 says:

Great review..i`m bying one..

Hollowbasher 360 says:

can I get this drone with out signing the faa thing Im not going to fly this in a airport of something stupid like that

Eric Coovert says:

Don’t let PITA see the footage of the bees you chopped up. Great informative video by the way.

Ultimate Railfan says:

Could you take videos of trains with that? Like for my channel?

nev Tk 1100 says:

haha awesome chopped bee at 23:21 fully chopped up an spat out nice review man those bees love ur Quad !

marjamada says:

Excellent review, thank you. I am interested in the advanced controller, so perhaps you will review that one day. Regarding the bees, they are attracted to frequencies like the prop hum, and as soon as one bee gets hit, its smell attracts many more. They come to the aid of injured comrades, so the more that get chopped, the more smell of chopped bees is blasted downwards by the props and the more bees will attack. You could try a natural repellent on the drone, like pure lemon oil or eucalyptus or mint.

weerobot says:

Wow Bees…

blaze allday says:

can this do fpv on android as well

Anthony Franceschi says:

Great video and it sure helps us new flyers. Question you might be able to answer. I have a H501S and the manual shows a port on the TX to connect VR glasses. Do you know if this really works and what brand of VR glasses are compatible? I went to HUBSAN web site and could not find any information concerning the use of VR glasses. Also, I went to Banggood web site and they show over 100 VR glasses for sale but I do not know enough about VR glasses to know which VR glasses would work with my H501S. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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