Hubsan H507A GPS FPV Waypoint Follow Me Drone Flight Test Review

This little GPS camera quadcopter has advanced features such as waypoints, follow me, and circle position, all controlled via your smartphone. Find it here, $5 off with coupon TTH507A

– Uses your smartphone in conjunction with the “X Hubsan” app to provide full control. The app may be found here on Google Play and here on itunes
– Advanced control app with many features.
– 720p camera provides relatively good video.
– True waypoint flying via GPS. If flying in remote locations (with no data signal), you can download maps or satellite views to your phone or tablet via the app while at home, using your home WiFi (saves on data usage). Just connect to your home WiFi, open the app in map view, and scroll to the locations that you intend to fly. Zoom in to desired resolution of the map as needed. The maps will be saved to the app’s cache for later use, and will automatically load when at that location.
– Follow me feature follows the GPS in your smartphone or tablet to allow follow me selfies.
– Circle position will circle a user set point of interest on the map.
– Well under 250 grams. Does not require FAA registration.

– App is not fully covered in the instructions. It takes quite a bit of practice to understand all the advanced features of the app.
– Range of the waypoints seem to limited by remaining battery power.
– Flight time is only about 5 minutes with its 550mah battery. Again, you’ll need to practice with the app to minimize fiddling with the controls which wastes time. I apologize for my fiddling in the above video, but it does demonstrate that this app is not trivial.

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Mr CKJ says:

Glad that i got Hubsan H501C instead of this H507A

RCFun says:

Cool little drone… question could you do one on the H107c x4 Cam (not the plus) I want to see how fast this thing is … thanks as always.

woji says:

Hi there! I have the drone H507A X4 Star Pro. Problem is I cannot fly it. After I get a GPS lock then I get a message that the engine is locked and the drone will not lift off.(outdoors I have 11 satelite, light 1 red diod) When I am inside and there is no GPS fix, then it does fly. I am from europe. and have problem with app x-hubsan I must change language in my phone to english US, because app broken or only China language. here forum have many people same problem.

esgberg24 says:

could you maybe review this Hubsan X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera

Eric Frickey says:

Any chance we can see you do sprints in “follow me” mode?

Alexequis says:

omg the battery drainning is impressive, 1% per second !

Hans S. says:

You should contact Parrot to ship you a Bebop 2 vor a review 😉

hargus DOODLEDEEDO says:

I’ve been anxious to see your review on this quad and it’s disappointing to see the short flight life of the battery. You’d think Hubsan, w/o a controller, would have put more thought and longer life in it’s proprietary battery. I think I’ll save my money and buy another 502e. It’s still my favorite GPS flier!

PerthWestOZ RC says:

Garbage, glad i didnt buy this and recently purchased a H502E instead, i saw this promoted on facebook via tomtop…was intrigued by it before i bought my H502E but then saw the flight range at only 100m and that totally put me off, you demonstrating all the flaws of it in this video justified that. flight time percentage was counting down like a timer in seconds basically on your tablet and way point range is pathetic…circle me looked like it was yaw panning on the spot? and i dont like the proprietary battery ideas on any quad either… Hubsan failed with this one..could of been good …but it isnt

Ray Lugo says:

That one is garbage for sure.

Tom Stoll says:


woji says:

Hi need help. Dron possible start only indoors, if used outdoors not possible unlock motors. only light 1 red diode what mean? where is problem?

Aidan Hughes says:

Damn im early

Quadcopter 101 says:

Find the H507A here, *$5 off with coupon TTH507A*

jonathan kohl says:

Hubsan should work on getting the kinks out of all the previous quads before producing new ones. Great video 101.

Richard Masci says:

I’ve seen mixed reviews on them where they’ll fly away. I’ve not seen a review where that has happened and I’ve flown my H501c out a few hundred meters and turned off the controller — and it came back to me. (My kids don’t do that!!) For $100 tho this offers a lot more than plain old 720p Camera quads do for about the same price. The only thing I don’t like is the 5 min. You can’t go very far with waypoints in 5 min. Combine that with the proprietary battery means that you’ll be limited.

TNT the max TNT the max says:

good morning

vashon100 says:

another not worth it quad.

chuck6730 says:

I like Hubsan’s quadcopters.

Albert Rosado says:

I have a Kaideg k80 and it has more flight time…wow…mine just came…shit

Mark Vande Sande says:

Noise are they fully EMC tested? Needs work Hubsan release when working well Please. Fix battery time. Make something thats worth using for a change.

Drohnengeek says:

Its okay.. but… still like Hubsan 🙂

RcCopter-IL says:


Drone Worship says:

lol junk

Brad Miles says:

Not impressed. orbit mode seems more like yaw mode. Follow me mode should be called “follow my shadow” mode. And what’s with all the proprietary batteries on these toy grade quads? If you are on the fence about buying one, then proprietary batteries are deal killer. Lastly, it’s a toy grade quad that takes and engineering degree to figure out. Just give me 2 sticks, a big battery, and let’s fly.

Ron Brown says:

What good are waypoints when you get five minutes of flight time.

Jason Jackson says:

Great Video. Looks like a poor design for sandy [like yours] environments. I bet you will go through a lot of motors eventually. Never been a big fan of wifi controlled rc quads regardless what app you are using. Lots of advanced functions for a toy grade quad. I see manufactures are blurring the lines every day between toy grade and hobby grade quads. Where exactly does Hubsan want this to be in there quad copter line? You’d be better off saving the money and springing for one of there brushless advanced quads. Flight time not commensurate with advanced functions either.

MxRider 7777 says:

Another awesome video and review. You’re the best YouTube channel for REAL honest reviews.Keep doing your thing my friend!

Kotlet z Kurczaka says:

Hey guys can you help me I want to buy a cheap nano quadcopter for max 20 I was thinking about fq777-124 or fq777 fq11 . I don’t know what to buy can you help me.


hello like your videos i watch all the time keep up the good job thanks for all of your reviews!!

Cute Ko says:

aga naman nia mag post

notjusthitech says:

Hey there! I have the drone as well. I am facing a big issue. As soon as it gets a GPS fix I see the “Motor locked” message and the drone will not take off. When I am indoors where there is no GPS fix then it can take off.

What do you think the problem is?


Albert Rosado says:

Wow, it said 20 minutes of flight time..

Bill Somrak says:

“It is not amazing” (to quote SeBy). A glorified selfie drone which doesn’t even do a good job of keeping the subject in view. Waypoints are ‘amazingly limited’, as is the flight time. The camera “is not amazing”, as the video quality is about that of an 808 Keychain camera. I think a person would be better off getting the H501-E .. or a cameraless version of the Hubsan in this size range, and sticking a Mobius Mini on it. I’ve seen this one demo-ed on other channels, and they had similar problems, so its not you .. just a very limited quad. Thanks for the review. Cheers!

Sarge Monday says:

Hubsan what were you thinking??? No BL motors, no TX, smaller battery than the 502E, horrible flight times, hard to figure out app. Sorry, not for me. 🙁

Tal Aviv says:

Thank you for the review.
It seems like it has a horrible flight time and somewhat inaccurate GPS like most other Hubsans.
Better value would be the H502e and H501c (which I have).
GPS on these makes them extremely stable and it’s almost impossible to lose them with their excellent return to home and fail safe.
For the H501s and H502s I feel like the GPS functions aren’t fullfiling due to not enough accurate GPS. Just like A models.
Also without a stabilized gimbal, follow me and circle me are very jerky.

bruce anderson says:

always buy brushless motors


hi i am juan hernandez from dominican republic and i have a problem with a hubsan 501s it just beeps and dose not it just says gyro check sens and on the bottom manual mode battery shows as empty ..can you please give me a hand

Joshua C. says:

The high pitched whine in the Hubsan X4s is the PWM motor controller running at “barely on”. Apparently 0% still has a very small amount of power applied to the motors for some reason.
I fell victim to the grit-in-the-gears motor burnout in my 502S.
My replacement motor gently freespins when I have the quad disarmed.
(Pro tip. Don’t buy 3.7v motors. They don’t last long in a 7.4v quad.)

Matthew White says:

Looks like a fun toy, I prefer the tactile feel of a remote but to each etc thank you !!

張雅珍 陳 says:


Jerry Berglund says:

I have the H502C that is its lesser twin. 🙂 Its kinda like a H502E without headless-mode. It works great, but the battery is not even close to 10 minutes… it has actually something between 7-8 minutes. By the way, you do know it works with that Extension you’ve got to the H501A? And some people say it do work to the same controller as h501C and H502E, and some says it doesnt. I can understand that you did listen to the apps warning about that battery, but you should get out 1 or 2 minutes more out of it.

Lone Drone Survivor says:

Big promises. Bigger disappointments. Back to the drawing board for Hubsan. Nice video. Thanks for all of the great reviews. Love your enthusiasm.

Green Silver says:

Hubsan are or used to be pretty good.
What happened?

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