Hubsan H501A Phone Follow Me Selfie Drone Flight Test Review

This upgrade to the popular H501A uses your phone to make this a very effective GPS selfie drone. Includes follow me, circle me, waypoint map mode, and automatic return to home and landings. Buy it here

– Fully controlled through your phone. Uses the GPS of your phone to provide your location data to the drone for follow me mode.
– Advanced flight modes via X-Hubsan app include follow me, circle position, waypoint map mode, automatic return to home, automatic takeoff and landing,
– Includes a WiFi relay system to greatly increase the control range of the quadcopter and FPV data. Advertised range at up to 400 meters for both control and FPV video via this relay.
– 1080p 30 fps HD camera.
– Also has 5.8 Ghz FPV transmittet for use with optional H906A controller (can use with goggles, but 5.8 Ghz FPV automatically shuts down for power saving when not linked to this controller).

– WiFi video can be laggy depending on the processor of your phone. WiFi FPV is primarily used for aiming the camera for your selfie shots, but is less effective for flying via the screen. If you’re interested in long range FPV flying, then recommend considering purchasing the optional H906A controller that activates the quadcopters 5.8 Ghz FPV system.

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Alan Vega says:

I always enjoy your reviews. Must be nice to have that kind of open space to fly!

Partok81 says:

Quadcopter 101: Why did your (H501S?) crash into the water when you were on vacation? (As seen in one of your videos)

D Weenie says:

Good luck if you have trouble with this quad, there customer service is trash.. Just ask any body that has purchased the h501s..

The Flying Trucker says:

could you use the H502S transmitter with H501A

PaulSouthport says:

Someone at Hubsan software design has been looking at DJI Go!

Wildhog32 says:

Can you use the H502S transmitter on this quad?

CoseCinesi says:

New car 🙂

Qatadah says:

Thank you for your time, I look forward to seeing more on this!

Soulcommander says:

I don’t know how you see anything on your phone in bright Sun! I have a very difficult time on mine maybe there is some type of a screen protector that would knock out the sun’s brightness I need to check into that. as far as the price $200 seems a little steep I could see investing that 200 into a nice quad. if they offered the transmitter with the squad I may not be saying it’s too pricey. thanks for the review

Jake Hempsall says:

does anybody know a transmitter compatible with the altitude hold version of the kaideng k70

Franco Bien says:

I experienced a problem with my H501S that probably can occur with the H501A too. So be warned. After two flights with no problems, on third flight i had an uncontrollable quad. The only thing i did different, was calibrating it near my house, and move it a few meters while it was calibrating. I calibrated the gyros on a table inside, took it out and calibrated the compass, placed it on the street and waited for enough satellites. Then i started flying. Immediately i saw that the quad didn’t hold it’s position and drifted while it was in GPS hold. I tried RTH but it went the wrong way, so i switched it back. Tried to bring it back to land, but it flew away, over the house and crash landed on the grass. Luckely the only damage was two broken props. In later flights i did all the calibration on exactly one spot, and had no problems. I don’t know sure if what caused the problem. The calibrating that wasn’t exactly on one spot, or that was it too close to buildings that can couse wifi interference or GPS reflection? Maybe someone can advise on this?
The H501A is also nice for a replacement or extra quad for anyone with a transmitter since they don’t sell BNF versions!

george aura says:

the orbit mode works slot better on it than I have seen on other GPS quads

Eric Harris says:

Could you tell me which 501 Tx would work with this quad?

Bill Somrak says:

Personally, I can’t think of a less interesting subject for a camera drone than to use if for taking “selfies”. I saw some other reviews of this, and even with the augmented wi-fi signal, range is “not amazing”. The ‘way point’ feature sort of works, if you don’t go out too far. But, hey, its a Hubsan, so it should be fairly reliable, and this is built on an established design, so I’m sure it will sell. Thanks for the review. Cheers.

John Paul Low Seck says:

This quad looks cool, but I prefer the 501S better.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Sorry I just don’t see the advantages over the standard controller version, especially if the waypoint feature (a big selling point for most) won’t work where the phone cannot connect to the maps. I can see that it will work for those who want a selfie drone but even then if the camera had a digital zoom function it would perform that function better. Or stabilising system. And I really don’t like the “hover” at loss of signal rather than RTH. Purely from a safety pov.
Good review though. Had it not been, I wouldn’t have been able to complain about the features I’m not keen on.

Ruudy L says:

So you finally got a replacement for the 501S you lost in the water, did you still have the TX, if so you can fly  this 501 with that TX, maybe have to update the firmware

The Drone Connection - Drone Reviews & Video says:

also early congrats on 100k man!!

Andry Togarma Hermawan says:

Wish it has optical or digital stabilization. The video quality is ok, but the shakiness is bad especially in windy situation.

Kenji Urban says:

Wow cool Quad, and you’re about to hit 100k followers! woohoo! You should have a give away comp!

TommyChannel says:

Another great review! Really enjoying these.

George Armand says:

Nice camera! 🙂

TheJulienlauth says:

how does the phone connect to the wifi transmitter?

N for Noah says:

lol since I got a phantom, I haven’t been watching these videos.

RCFun says:

QC…Great review thanks! Is it the same size as the H501s?

AlbertBTG says:

Can you do one more up air one video please 🙂

John Woolley says:

Stunning location.

catarina tavares says:

tks to your job.I range test its great….


Hey there QC101!  You need to show what happens when you bind the H501A to the standard remote for the H501S… that is a big unknown right now.

Bas M. says:

Is it me or does the camera of this drone have a less fish-eye effect compared to the 501C?

-.Leonardo Araujo says:

Breaking bad

Sadiq Basha says:

Sir can you say which editing software u use??

Richard Masci says:

I just bought a Hubsan H501c — (And I really like it) would it be worth the upgrade to buy the H501A? Would this work in conjunction with the H501c controller? So that I could do FPV on the cell phone but control with the H501c?

Kickingthings says:

ive been waiting for months for this review thank u so much

blaze allday says:

i want to see someone mod the 501s to do this

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