Hubsan H216A X4 Desire GPS FPV Explorer Drone Flight Test Review

This low cost GPS drone includes waypoint, follow me, and circle me capability. Find the Hubsan H216A here and try coupon codes SANTA20 and RC18OFF and get the repeater here (try the same coupon codes) and here’s an example power bank

– The X-Hubsan app provides many features for this quadcopter, most notable include waypoint, follow me, and orbit modes.
– Improvements over previous Hubsan H500 series drones includes larger capacity 7.6V 750mah HV battery and 1080p HD camera.
– Video is recorded directly to onboard microSD card.
– Can be connected to inexpensive WiFi repeater/amplifier. Doing such can greatly improve FPV and control range to over 300 meters.

– Brushed motor drone. Requires some minor attention and care to improve motor durability (I’m still on the original motors with my H502E).
– Quadcopter is controlled over WiFi via your phone. The provided controller connects to your phone via Bluetooth for smoother control input. The contoller can not be connected directly to the drone to control it without your phone.
– The X-Hubsan app kept crashing on me when I tried to Bluetooth pair the quadcopter’s controller to the app. Not sure if it was my phone’s fault, the controller’s fault, or the app’s fault? Whatever, I prefer flying this quadcopter with my phone/repeater via the app for maximum range performance.

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shocker gaming says:


sptrader says:

You should check the range without the repeater and see how much difference the repeater actually makes. Fun video ! Love the long range tests especially the RTH accuracy.

Funny BoY says:

Give it to me dude

Quadcopter 101 says:

*Find the Hubsan H216A here* and try coupon codes *SANTA20 and RC18OFF* and *get the repeater here* (try the same coupon codes) and here’s an example *power bank*

flying hi says:

That is cool Merry Christmas

John Forbes says:

What a great review. My friend one of your best review ever thank you for sharing. This looks to be a great low price quad it does alot. Thank you once again for sharing.

DRONE review man of all drones says:

Yes i always try for 1st thanks and what a good idea! Good review and hope you have a great Christmas

WannaDuino! The Real Live says:

111111111111111111111111111111111111111 me shout out 101

BillyNoMates1974 says:

That has to be one of the cheapest GPS drones that actually works

Mark Vande Sande says:

Hubsan Grrrr lololololol Xmas greetings

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

I’d like to have known how well does it do without the repeater. Interesting but I’m not sure I would have any use for a drone that you dare not land in the dirt.

Ray Lugo says:

2nd here.

GAproductions says:

I been wanting that repeater but banggood has shipping issues that I never got/get mine

Althaf Sajeeb says:

I was waitin for it since last month

Carlo Defilippi says:

Got a new car?

Cam Footyage says:

What flight time can you get from this battery ?

Patrick Samuel says:

Taking your repeater 50 feet in front of you would get you more distance ?

SZretired says:

Yeah! Great video and a fairly impressive brushed clone. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Whichever you prefer.

C0ckPitVuE 777 A.K.A The long ranger. says:

Nice review but brushed motors,2s and gps not a good combination.

W. Smith says:

Can you add links to all of the apps you used to connect the quad and your phone.

Shaoor Shahid says:

thank you for this requested review i have been waiting for this
have a great Christmass and greetings 🙂

Sarge Monday says:

First!!!! (Not Really) Just wanted to thank you 101 for ALL your hard work u/l these videos and reviews! I know how hard it is to edit especially. BTW, Merry Christmas!!!! :^)

Funny BoY says:

I always watch and like your video

Rolando Avendaño says:

Happy holidays. Greatings

johnson otg says:

have a great Christmas buddy hope you have a great one i love your vids man!!!

Dean Daniels says:

Merry Christmas Q101

WannaDuino! The Real Live says:

yME WannaDuno

JD Quad says:

I’ve always enjoyed Hubsan copters.

Bill Somrak says:

Looks like Hubsan is feeling a little competition. This one isn’t bad, except it’s not a good sign if the app is unreliable at this point. Decent battery upgrade from previous versions, but the video from the “so-called” 1080P camera was pretty poor. All you have to do is compare the 1080P video from your Hat-Cam to the Hubsan’s 1080P video, and you’ll see the difference. Probably low bit rate and/or frame rate. Not a fan of having to use a wi-fi booster … just more stuff to have to tote along with you .. booster, power bank, camera tripod, etc. Less than a “C-note”, so it won’t break the bank. Hubsan is usually pretty good about fixing “glitches”, so we’ll see if they issue any patches for this, and/or update the app. I saw you wearing a Jacket? What, was it 60 deg? It’s about 25F here right now, and looking at the long range forecast for 10 days, I don’t see anything coming up over 23F, with lows down to 10F. On top of that, just got in from using snow blower to get rid of 6 inches of “global warming” out of my drive. Thanks for the review .. always good to see what’s out there that’s new. Cheers.

WannaDuino! The Real Live says:

what an amazing quad, hubsan is so advanced, i saw the new micro quad of them with the yellow nose also same Bluetooth controller. if the shoutout will also be my win of this quad, i say YES nice Christmas gift 101

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