HolyBro KOPIS 1 Race Drone – Full Review – Unboxing / Setup / Flight-CRASH! Test / Pros & Cons

Enjoy my full review of the HolyBro KOPIS 1 Race Drone! You can’t get much better than this. Get it here https://goo.gl/9jC1bS

SkyZone and other FPV Goggles https://goo.gl/bGxe6R

Taranis QX7S Radio https://goo.gl/4fKQ5e

Drone Launch Pad https://goo.gl/e3wbxP

Gopro Hero Session 5 Camera http://amzn.to/2DjTtbu

Tattu R-Line 2.0 high performance batteries 1300 & 1500 mah http://amzn.to/2Dn0Vmi


Slugo's RC says:

Great Video! From snowy Western MA USA! Happy New Year everyone!!

OutcastRC says:

If you don’t already know, Joshua Bardwell was responsible for feedback on this drone, It comes with his PID’s preloaded, and that antenna mounting is his recommendation. He also wrote the manual on this which you can download the manual here: http://files.banggood.com/2016/12/Holybro%20KOPIS%201%20Manual%20v1.1-0828.pdf. and Joshua’s channel which you probably already know about: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX3eufnI7A2I7IkKHZn8KSQ Also to be in the air as fast as possible I would recommend just copying a model you have already setup. that way all your switches and special functions are already setup. all you will have to remember to do then is to change the “RxNum” (where youll find [Bind][Rng]) to the entry you have copied it to. For example if you copy Model 01 to the Model 02 position, just change RxNum 01 [Bind][Rng] so it reads RxNum 02 [Bind][Rng]

zman7242 says:

I was looking through some of your older post, to see if you have had a review of the 3dr solo. and was wondering what are your thoughts on the 3dr solo. Mahalo

DiciurcioCabinets MDiciurcio says:

Thank you so much for such a comprehensive start to finish setup of this drone. I can’t tell you how much it helps the new guy so thank you so much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Crazy Casey Fpv says:

Man I can always count on you for crashing nice crash!

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Nice review. It’s pretty tough. I did think you’d nail the goalposts and not the tree though. I think the tree sneakily moved into just the right position 😀
They’ve done that to me in the past

David Odesola says:

Finally First

Ram Lal says:

Love the video

DRONE review man of all drones says:

That is one sweet drone!!

Jona Adventure says:

I just bought a fpv drone, now I need a cam, should I get the polaroid Cube oder the Runcam 3?

Max Bradz says:

Dustin I bought an AR Fun but when I connect to Beta flight it was all out of whack and I have no idea what are the correct settings for the AR Fun. Can you help me please ?

sptrader says:

Congrats to your Son and his excellent catch ! Those tree trimming poles are great for Quad rescues. (I have some experience with them too). Great video, glad that you left in the tree rescue.

RC Surf says:

nice catch out of the tree

Louis Aubé says:

Good start with the case.

Marlon S. says:

I don’t like the holybro because the receiver antennas are mounted bad. By the way: Dustin I like your intro. ☺

DRONE MANIACS DPreston says:

Good review Dustin

Dusan says:

Does anyone know who is the best SD card for the GoPro Hero Session 5?

Louis Aubé says:

Great review.

Chansook Saechao says:

The unboxing is all part of the experience. These nice little touches make it all premium. Great info in your review as always. Thanks! Air mode will not be listed if its set to always on by default in configuration page. Turn this off and you will see Air Mode is available as an option. The failsafe beeper when you turn off TX is different than the lost model beeper but works the same way when needed. Input set small_angle=180 command into CLI and that will allow you to arm if quad is not perfectly leveled.

Jim Leffler says:

While having DShot selected, no need to calibrate the esc’s.  Nice vid!

Dylan Boden says:

Hi keep up the vids

Aaron Nope says:

If i was in the market for a bnf I’d be all over this. I’m tired of so many companies using the purple/pink color themes on these bnf/rtfs though. Where’s the carbon & gold or red & black designs? Everyone is looking the same.

Brad Miles says:

Nice vid. Entertaining no doubt.
I swear I was saying “Don’t do it!” But you tried to punch out….lol. All in all , it held up fairly well. Now get er fixed and do it again.

ab_ vevo says:

No cam protection, no 4in1, not a bad quad though. Good review Dustin

Ps buy a hammer, take the knuckle and tie it to a 50ft long rope. Get where I’m going, with lassoing branches…very easy lol

geemailMossman says:

Dustin you’re a freakin star man!!! Lol – Good review

Crazy Casey Fpv says:

Maybe next time you should put the dvr side to side session instead of putting the dvr at the bottom so you can see the full hd video

Brad Lee says:

unreal! is that the wizzard pro by your feet lol?

Ciaran Teeling says:

Halo range test?

J Renwick says:

If you type “set small_angle = 180” in CLI (and save) it will allow arming at any angle.
Thanks for the review!

Jorge Acosta says:

Real nice

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