Holy Stone HS700 Drone – Very Nice GPS Drone!

WARNING! This is what happens when I do a review without having my morning coffee. I refer to the high quality BRUSHLESS motors as BRUSHED motors… duh. I am now seeking treatment 🙂 . Enjoy the review: This is a quick video review of the Holy Stone HS700 GPS drone with 1080P camera.

You can find this drone on AMAZON here: https://amzn.to/2N81etE

Here is the Holy Stone Website: http://www.holystone.com/


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Jamie Jackson says:

Thanks for taking the time to do this great review. I have two questions that were probably already addressed but too many comments for me to get through. First, were you able to get that 1/2 mile distance transmission and second, how far out till you lost fpv? Thanks in advance.

Drone Home says:

Brushless motors!* lol

Ronny Phi says:

awesome drone

is this good going agents wind or does it get `blown around?
whats the top speed of this drone?
how long does this drone take to fully charge?

killloveish says:

Hey what do you do with your drones after you review them?

Royal King says:

I need one in my life.

Matthew Winik says:

Awesome Review. What are your thoughts on the quality of the camera? I’m not looking for professional quality but something decent at least.

Jos jo says:

Oh noooo, can you send me dimensions as for area to attach it, the actual bottom of it,,,and the surface area at bottom to see if there enough space pleassseeee

Miguel Schickaneder says:

How much it costs?

DT Garris says:

I getting ready to buy my first drone. This particular model. Do you think its a good starter one?

lucajo16 says:

I LOVE this REVIEW!!! I have totally been looking for a drone to do gopro stuff with but I didn’t want to invest over 400 dollars in a drone….however I will have to buy a gopro to use with this drone but I am totally ok with this because the drone is great and has what I want with it. and I can use a gopro with it which is totally what I want within a drone! TY FOR THE REVIEW! (( I subbed btw))

Ovan says:

Hi I’m newbee and need some help, I just got discount so I need opinion is this a good buy ?

Middy Mizzle says:

Having trouble finding my drone’s WIFI signal with my smart phone. Not sure if the drone is outputting a signal and if the model I have is defective, but everything else seems to be working well. Any ideas for finding the wifi signal? Thanks

George Zhang says:

my friend bought one hs700 , but no signal on the remote screen , any idea ,

Dom D'Alessio says:

Steve, great review!  This would be my first drone so, as you can imagine, I have a few questions for you.  The first is, do you think this drone is very good for a first time user/purchase?  Second is (and this is because I’m still learning all the tech)  when it states that it uses 5G for wireless transmission does that mean my iPhone 8 needs to be on a 5G network as well?  I’m thinking yes but not 100% sure on this.  Thanks and I look forward to your other reviews.  P.S.  If you have another drone that you would recommend that I look at for my first one that is at this price range, that would be great!

Mountain Homestead says:

New owner here. Can the camera angles be adjusted while in flight remotely? Many thanks for your time and fantastic review.

Manfred Wilck says:

the colors of the video stream of the drone camera look different from the camera that you use to film on the ground. the grass looks less “green” and the sky less “blue” 😉 would you say the video quality of this drone is bad? If so, do you have a recommendation to replace this camera?

Honza Xr200 says:

If you want to get a toy drone for fun, get a syma xc5. If you are going to spend 300 bucks, get a DJI spark or spend an extra 100 and get it with the controller. I would not recommend buying this drone for fun or for cinematic videography. It has no gimbal and the video just looks awful. Waste of money. Look at what the 400$ spark can do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hiNZaZClfM&vl=en

Gma Rod says:

Can you send me a free drone? Or do you have a drone u don’t use i can have?

LheNuggetz says:

huge brushless motors? have you not seen the q500 motors lolol

bill thompson says:

Great review! I just bought one of these as my first drone. Thank you!

Marc t says:

I have many tall trees on my property- fir and maple. Will the “return to home” mode work if drone is out of line of sight?

Aidan Milne says:

Great video! Just wondering why the videos i take on the drone don’t appear on my phone afterwards. It always says the video or photo was successful but when i check the photo library on the app, nothing shows up. Not sure how to retrieve my photos/vids. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

kevnct 1 says:

Can you move the camera around or you kinda have to just aim it

Mike Markus says:

Steve – I received an HS700 as a gift and have never flown a drone.  Looks fairly simple, but I live in a remote location in northern Idaho – so remote that I do not get cell service at my house.  I have satellite internet and television, but am wondering what functions I may lose with the ability to get cell service on my phone.  Thanks, and thanks for the great video!

P Wilson says:

ok, here’s the deal, if you are not going to post the negative reviews, and you only post the positive, why would I subscribe? Either you post legit reviews, good and bad or you don’t publish at all. Go look at the dude on here that does reviews who has 10 million subscribers. He posts all.

Kobethegoat says:

Lol no gps bye bye drone

Trump Gaming says:

How do you fly it I just got one

Matt Dovi says:

Steve can you help me out here. I’m torn between the GoPro Karma and this drone. I have a GoPro and trying to figure out which is both since they are the same price now. Do you have any experience with the GoPro using the holy stone drone I.e. what to expect using the GoPro app and it’s range

Jacob Hamm says:

Thanks for the video. It became my deciding factor into buying it. Cant wait.

TrikesterHal says:

I flew my hs700 today for the second time today here in Tucson, Arizona. As I took it up about 50 feet in a hover it was buzzed for a few seconds by a Hummingbird! How cool is that. I’m new at this and I’m finding it very stable and easy to fly.

Tisha Wheeler says:

Considering buying this drone for a Christmas present. Thank you for the review. BTW….What action camera are you using for this review? Nice picture quality.

Jos jo says:

Greattt, questions: please be more in detail on your response, since a lot of people respond 3 words and goodbye…,i am thinking of buying a dji Spark, My phantom has no solution since even calibrating wants to do whatever in the air and no comm to the control even in green… i have second thoughs on dji stuff,,,seems that HolyStone is nice,, I do have a gymball from under the Phantom, do you think may fit the HolyStone??? 4 screws kinda deal under it??

Thanks if responding,,,

Jerry Fraga says:

Can i use it to the philippines please reply

greg29150 says:

How much altitude can you get out of it? Speed?

Marc t says:

Can this drone have “locater” capabilities if lost since it has GPS?

Antonio Noé Andrada says:

How is the gimbal, I do not see it very stable

REXIOT says:

It seem a very good drone, I designed a drone loader for Mavic Air it seems good, so I want to redesign my loader for other drone which have no sensors at the middle bottom of drone body. May I know if there have any sensor at it’s mid bottom?

Eric Bellehumeur says:

Great video! I’m debating between this and the Ryze tello as far as video quality which would you say is better?

Marc t says:

Thanks for the replies! Here”s another question- how come I can only replay pics and videos by removing the micro chip and playing it in an USB adapter? My iPhone 6s is doing the FPV but not recording through Ophelia!

Ryan says:

Thank the Chinese for this!! Cheap stuff that are worth more than those stupid phantom drones.

XxxHumanxxX says:

Can u fly this drone inside ?

Ced W says:

I’m impressed. I just bought one.

Next Best Thing says:

Mine ran low on battery then drifted 1,500ft in a random direction. I was pissed off and fixed it with my steel toe boot.

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