Has the Game just CHANGED?! NEW DRONE DESIGN!! Talon Review.

Talon fpv racing drone from kareareadrone. This Talon review drone is pretty exciting stuff, it has some great options for mounting its motors, uses a 4in1 ESC, nice space for the vtx and FPV camera and most of all should be a super fast fpv racing quadcopter because of its aerodynamic shape with the arms that cut through the air. Link – https://www.kareareadrone.com/

I know other frames have tried this in the past But the talon pulls the whole thing off very nicely. Could drone designs like this lead to the fastest drones yet?

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Mic used – http://bit.ly/2jAl3Ly
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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irwan86 says:

air resistance due to the arm? why dont turn the motor upside down instead of using thin arm? people just dont think enough hahaha

Matteo Bizzaro says:

Hey Stu, i’m a big fan from central africa (malawi) and beginner at fpv drones. Could you post a video on how you would assemble and wire from parts your armattan chameleon (maybe use the new runcam split and new betaflight f3 board).It would really help me and a lot of new pilots to see the wiring of a board with built in PDB. keep up the great content!

James D says:

its a spanish name in english its racing = karerara & heel = talon but its read talon de karerara

Robert Slackware says:

Triangles are the best structural design after circles.

WaterRocketsBerlin says:

Should i buy the attitude v2 or the predator v2 ? Whats the difference?

Eddie Torres says:

it looks extremely fragile , probably would break on your first crash.

UAVfutures says:

I know it’s been tried before but the talon executes this design perfectly. Link- https://www.kareareadrone.com/ what do you guys think, inovation or perfection? What do you want to know about it?

RCThis says:

Looking forward to longer term durability

RootsReef says:

Bring on part two brother! I liked your review so much I ordered a green one!

mPky1 says:

would be interesting to “test” the “difference” between the talon and another regular drone with “fatter” arms using a fan and a scale to weigh the air being pushed into a bag behind the drone.

Zach R says:

G’day Stu! Have you seen any frames that use lighting strike (titanium twill) carbon fiber or carbotanium?

Caleb Komorowski says:

Mabey you could try and mount your ESCs to the side of the arms instead
of getting a 4 in 1. Would that work? Just curious:)

peter toth says:

Gooday! Always excited to see your reviews.This looks very nice and if i were racing this would be the design to race a bit pricey for cheap guy like me.Huge fan of capacitors for safety protection that is a huge 1. I love it.

Yoon Kim says:

This is a well designed frame, but I don’t think it will give any edge over traditional frames in aerodynamics. As we know when flying a quad, the quad is usually tilted, say, 45 degree. It has a thick vertical arm which exposes the wide side to the air. Furthermore, when the quad is tilted, the arm faces 45 degree upward. This will raise the quad upward as well, while the traditional frames make a kind of downforce. The floating upward drag is more difficult to handle when flying than air-wind drag. I am not sure since I haven’t tried this kind of frame, but I suspect that this can be yet another hype rather than a game-changer.

PlaneButcher says:

You got too many quads man

Mike Skidoo says:

This wall is way to small.

Aswad B says:

hey I was watching ur 200$ drone vid I’m a bit confused where do u put the battery?

James Young says:

Can you do a Crash test on the Frame to show us how Durable it is I think this would Be one of the biggest Questions on this drone. I like the frame concept Im wondering if the Extra air flow down from the arm being vetically enforced instead of horizontally Outweighs the Flat Surfaces that pry don’t cut through the wind as fast as the flat horizontal arms also. Gread Vid Stu I wana see it in action!

LazerLord10 says:

Can we all agree that the next thing Stu needs to buy is a set of better calipers?

devadershan a.h says:

hey i have a 3s 2700mah 25c lipo to how much volt/cell can i discharge the lipo without damaging it??????????????

Edward Lee says:

very interesting frame, will be good to see how it flies, its similar to the Skyline Rampage frame…there is one that has a cable that hold the arms in place but its not very strong……. these newer ones look much stronger…….

Micah Mumaw says:

If it is true-X then you could use the side bars as the front and back bars too

Anthony Cenabite Farr says:

im interested in where the moment would be on this arm and its hard as no two crashes are from the same angle it seems.. love to see if this takes off and the aluminium might be the key! and either way huge respect to taking a leap!

Anthony Cenabite Farr says:

I am beyond crazy impressed i cant imagine what it flys like, must be just like a dirty frame so aerodynamically it should be fine.. But i would bet the arms hold up like champs, any warrenty plans that you know of like the chameleon? and ps Any chance of a give away for some of us that can only afford to dream of new gear atm? and thanks again see ya tomorrow fam !

RC Moment says:

UAVfutures , i’m always waiting reply from u =))

goofyfoot2001 says:

The game has NOT changed as I will continue to NOT buy $100 plus frames to crash.

Dave Pierce says:

Hey Stu … again a great video. The Talon’s approach is a wonderful one and I have to agree that it’s a game changer. I’m in the last steps of building out a very similar frame from iFlight called the Strider X5 (240mm). The arms are 8mm wide x 7mm thick and are also replaceable. All and all very sturdy. I only have the add the HGLTech F4 V5PRO Flight Controller, Pagoda antenna and DSMX Satellite (total dry weight should be right at 320 grams).
You can see the frame design and my build at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/69058243@N00/albums/72157685331854155
I’ll let you know how it finishes out and how it flies.
Cheers and happy flying, dave

JoarMusic says:

I think the game has changed. It has changed into a game called Strayspells. Go try it now.

Red-Dragon11 says:

UAV ITS A Maori word named after a bird in NZ. I think from memory a Falcon which is an endangered species. nice review

Wes Crockett says:

This is super cool looking. I don’t see any pre-builts…did you build yours?

KronFpv says:

your quad doesn’t fly with the air that is going down under the props… the air going down the props is only the consequence of your prop drilling the air… the air down under is not generating trust… the prop works like a drill in the air… I think this arm can help creating less resistance in the air when you flying fast… not giving you more thrust

Nitro says:

That frame looks amazing it it flys half as good as it looks it’s going on my wish list for sure

Flying Fox says:

Wow….just wow. That design deserves some praise.

TweakRacer says:

Stu, you need affiliate links for every product you review. I’ve bought a bunch of stuff because of your reviews, but not all are BG/GB affiliate links. I want you to get a piece of the pie!

DeadlyUSMC says:

Need some help fast. Is the Futaba remote that comes with RealFlight Drone simulator a good remote to use when I get an actual race drone?? If so, I’m heading out to get the simulator now!!

Chuck Durham says:

hey Stew was that the regular or PR (Pure Racing) version that you have there?

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