Halo Drone is the Best of 2018 so far (Jan 2018) | 7 Reasons Why !

I have been flying the Halo Drone for a few weeks now, and it is my favorite drone of 2018 so far. I love how fast it is, combined with the flexibility of using any action camera I want to. Watch the full video for my 7 reasons why its my favorite drone of 2018 so far.
►Check out Halo Drone Here: https://www.haloboard.com/pages/halo-drone

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► Lens| 24-70MM F2.8L : http://amzn.to/2m9t8ao
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► Tripod : http://amzn.to/2akuidX
► Video Head : http://amzn.to/29XlCGJ
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OMG! I’ve just found this video doing research on Drones. You need to re-title your video as “Halo Drone The drone that takes the piss and makes you the laughing stock of all drone flyers”. I can visuallize you riding your push bike with a trailer attached to carry the darn thing! Would’ve been nice to have sound of the thing flying! Quiet enough to scare sleeping children 3 miles away, lol! I hope they paid you heaps for posting this propaganda video. I just hope you don’t get sued for false info in case someone actually took your advise as best drone of 2018 and bought this piece of …….

Julian B says:

Surely not the best of 2018 , but thanks for the info you only mention with the wind not against the wind when it comes to speed.

Rcking Studios says:

How many miles can it go

bplaizier1 says:

Trying to find the review for the pro like you promised, can’t find it. Can you please post a link to it?

opinions matter says:

Just tested this out, for 5 mins on set, I don’t know whether it’s me or not, there is lot issues

Tyler Ellis says:

You should really take this video down, that drone and it’s footage is terrible, you’re incorrectly informing people, downright lying to them.

stephen barry says:

You really convinced me lol ,maybe they should have played you more .

Darren Mitchell says:

And yet another drone with a crappy 12mp camera. Old technology as far as I’m concerned. These drone companies need to get their act together.

Ricky Dockery says:

thanks for your video . I was about to buy a Mavic Pro, but saw your video so I bought a Halo Pro . aint got it yet but I know its gonna be awesome . Also I am now subscribing to your channel .

Tom Sawyer says:

this video is just a piece of shit. what are you doing man? you are so bad… the drone footage is looking so bad -> unsubscribed, dislike! -> did you ever heard about DJI drones?

daersoulkeeper says:


Danny D Morales says:

5 mins into and and its seems like bullshit

CuteTiger says:

Some futures are cool, but it a bit too big, I’m going to keep my mavic pro

James Gorczyca says:

yeah so what is the best drone for a cheep price being a novice.please send me some info

khanhvinhct says:

That’s the ugliest drone I’ve ever seen

MrElfudge says:

I can see your point but techwise that drone is pretty much outdated. Now is the age of SLAM, visual recognition and AI. Pricewise, you can get a more able drone for half the price these days: DIY or RTF.

Steve Tipsword says:

Noticed there hasn’t been any follow-up to your initial “what’s in the box”. Any plans to in-depth review flight, camera, or control experiences?

Peter Leix says:

Yeah man, that footage looks like a phantom 2 and a gopro, horrible dynamic range, distoration, overstaturation, etc and I would say well maybe for a hobbyist I could see it making sense but why when you have the option of shooting log on a Mavic or phantom for the same price point? I’m glad there are more competitors making drones but slapping a point and shoot senosor on action cam is not going to give you pro footage. We need larger sensors in these cameras, the big bulky inspire should not be the only option.

Gregory Johnson says:

Not much accounting for taste… sorry..that things a wreck.. camera footage was awful…

Bob Wagnon says:

I am not yet an expert on drones but this one to me looks like cheap plastic…hope its inexpensive:)

ferry651 says:

what kind of review was this didnt even show it flying at all kind of lame

Bentley says:

Looks alien

dkeberhardt home page says:

2 extra props, not 4? Oh, I bet they save a lot of money holding back on 2 props.

Dan Muscarella says:

Anyone catch how fast it goes in a vacuum. Lmao.


Drone price

Mario Agacan says:

Is this the guy people don’t like on the forums and facebook group? Someone said he was showing kids hacks on flying of 400ft and endangering airplanes and people. I think they are calling him Mr.BadJudgement? Someone tell me if this is the guy, I don’t want to say that if this isn’t him.

Tom Brzizinski says:

Looks like a huge chunk of ….. yea, shit.

ghostlygr kir says:

you joking right ??? you have ever heard about dji Mavic air pro etc? I think no

Gubmint Cheeze says:

“Speed’s just a matter of money. How fast do you wanna go?” How about some $ figures there, Jeremy. The front side of my pants sez YES. But the wallet side is thinking Noooo.

DansTube.TV says:

I like your production style. This was a great video but I’m not impressed by the footage from this drone. I have been testing drones for a few years now and I would never recommend this over a DJI product. The Halo drone seems like more of a money grab than anything else.

James Enloe says:

how far does the Bluetooth reach before it looses signal?

Kevin Smith says:

China has lots of high quality stuff you a$$hole. “unlike”

najbang says:

Did you make this video under duress?

Meecow Aj says:

I think this drone is cool

mahchymk93 says:

How much did they pay you bruh

chiwaawaaa says:

It’s huge! N look cheap.

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