GTA 5 Oppressor MK2 & Terrorbyte (MOC 2) Review Online (Also Drone & Missile Battery Review)


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WhiskeyDip says:

Calm the fuck down with your intros

Xxbeast_modz_x gta GETBODIED says:

Yo alex come.out with an easy oppressor mk2 dupe!

Rob C. says:

Wonder if you can upgrade mk2 in the avenger

Youngh4stler Samuel Boateng says:

Liked turned on notifications and was already subscribed

Lit Jugse says:

hopefully i win really looking for to this new bike

Sub for Subs says:

I liked and turned notifications on and I already was subscribed

DILUSI says:

If only the terrorbyte was actually a MOC

Matt 639 says:

Alex bro find some car dupe glitches for us who bought the terrorbyte:(

NewVegas Renegade says:

Dude keep up the awesome up to date videos man.. All hail king Alex.. I could use 8 million dollars

AllCaponneChannel says:

Como coloca rodas da bennys?

bird veli says:

Yoooooooooooooooooo. WHAT IS UP EVERYBODEEEE

Coolie GT says:

Drone ia trash it does not even go that far

evelina kity girl says:

Your videos are cool so cool

thomas jannotti says:


Charley Sweeney says:

3 million dallas

Idrees Khalid says:

Can I have some money

Goosebuster8 says:

Can I have 8mil I liked and I don’t got a night club , bunker ,hangar because my account got banned and I didn’t any of those but it will mean the best for me if I get 8mil please I love ur vids nice vid

Christian Heil says:

what about the liver

Lit Jugse says:

i had to hit the like button !!

Khris 02 says:

Who else has this on PS4?I have it and want to play with others who have it plz have a mic add me -Koolinkhris

Very Communist Polish Gopnik says:

‘Yoooooooooooou, wasssup eeverybooody’

Justin Ked says:

Hopefully someone will find a dupe glitch for the mark 2 oppressor, and then be able to recover some of that cash spent.. haha

RaDiCaLz 215 says:

Kingalex can I get THAT SEVEN MILLION YEE YEE I’ve been on the streams for a long time and you know that lol that money is precious to me bro

mrme10ful says:

i need money

Lit Jugse says:


Justin Ked says:

The terabyte and depressor are for once actually great additions to the game.. the terabyte is pretty dope by itself and it’s missions that can be done solo, and the drones are pretty interesting.. and that depressor is a tryhards dream, although the boost is a letdown…

SpecialFollower says:

Nice video bro I really need to be in the giveaway my name on ps4 is SpecialFollower

Luis Gonzalez says:

Your the best youtuber and nice video keep up the good work man

Schwing 29 says:

I’m diggin the intro my mans

Luis Jaquez says:

Bro this video is lity i dig it man fr and the 8 million maaaan that’s dope dude i hope i get it I’m broke af lol you know but ether way congrats to whoever gets it but yea dude great vid

hikeem asbury says:

In it to win it!!!!

ThatKidmarco says:

Already got it 😉

evelina kity girl says:

I like your video subscribe put notification can i won 8 million plz my nick name evelina8girl and acuont good kity girl

I wish i was saucyy says:

I’m mad the fact I ran out of gold has this stuff came out today

souer diesel says:

Anybody wanna dupe bogdan with me, trade only

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