GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic & Osmo Mobile — In Depth Review and Complete Comparison [4K]

GoPro Karma:
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Here is a monsterous 39 minute full in-depth review of GoPro Karma. GoPro Karma gets compared to Mavic Pro and Osmo Mobile.

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iPhonedo says:

This morning I came across an article from Engadget that accused me of working for DJI. (later edited to say _“with”_ instead of _“for”_) I don’t like this kind of misleading, provocative information to be left unanswered.

I don’t work for anybody and I surely don’t work for DJI. While I was at CES, I was a guest speaker amongst others and I talked about Osmo Mobile. According to article sounds like _“I was spotted”_ where in reality I announced that I was going to appear at DJI’s stage back to back on my social media accounts and the event was Live Broadcasted on Instagram and Facebook. It was one of the best days of my life because finally I was being considered as one of the tech reviewers / influencers. Look who appeared after me:

I’ve contacted James Trew over Twitter and his exact words are _“when I saw you it looked like a promotional demo of the Osmo. I’ll change the wording from “for” to “with””_ So, Mr. Trew’s claim was a misunderstanding by him. My channel’s logo and my review video was displayed in the background during my speech and I was wearing my channel’s t-shirt and my Media Badge that said *iPhonedo* on it.

I’m an independent tech reviewer everything you see on my channel is prepared by me and I’m proud of my work and being free to say how I truly feel about products. I don’t try to sell the products. I try to help my viewer to decide. I’m extremely proud to say I was right with all the points I made in my Karma video.

Karma was not recalled because of my review, or I may be working/paid by dji, or Mavic being better than Karma in my opinion, it was recalled because it was a horrible drone and it fell of the sky and almost injured people and I was one of the first reviewer to openly say it.

I’m glad Mr. Trew tweaked his article that he worked with GoPro to promote Karma and I’m sorry if it gave you wrong impression about my video.

Have a great day 🙂

PS: Also I don’t think DJI can afford me, and you can be sure that I’ll make fun of Enratchet in my upcoming Karma review video.

jasper taunt says:

This is hysterical and amazing I will follow

Bob Brown says:

I see a steeply discounted dud

Jared Chan says:

This was one of the best reviews I’ve ever seen of anything… I hit that subscribe button so hard. That’s good karma!

Jammineyeonline says:

lmfao this guy is crazy

true toon says:

ur r definitely getting by dji u

ArmondoAG says:

the camera is so warped

DomeDiLeo says:

Loved it! Subcribed!!

Zak Yanez says:

rip gopro, hire me if you want to revamp

Leo F says:

mavic is way bettter

Scott Gaines says:

Any updates on their new product?

Garry Reyom says:

What the hell was GoPro thinking?

Danny Rice says:

I think I’d be happier with my phantom 3 standard…

Jerry Milton says:

you conveniently left off how you are a PAID spokesperson for DJI.

martin Leroy says:

You don’t respect the karma haha!

Doctor ! says:

“Karma is returning to launch location”, The coolest thing I’ve heard in years. This is an awesome bit of kit.

Parkerstevenson boss333 says:

Dude GoPro is more for just for cameras not for drones

Jeyhun Hashimov says:

Is that stingray skin on your car seats?

Luke Iotron says:

Do your use your phantom 4 anymore

John Stramiello says:

you live right by me in hollywood

James A. Deignan says:

If you work for DJI, you should make that known at the beginning of the video.

Gene Farmer says:

GoPro should not entertain the manufacturing of drones… I love GoPro cameras, but come one people, how do you release a drone without any sensors!!!

flyfishntn says:

Lots of folks knocking GoPro Karma. I ordered one anyway and flew the drone yesterday. I have a maverick Dji and Phantom also. With the Karma for a little more than the cost of a Karma grip and Hero 5 you get a drone and pack also. Drone did great. Maybe not as many bells and whistles as the Mavic, but for a camera platform it was awesome. Snap out the gimbals attach to handle and you have the Karma hero 5, take the camera out of the gimbal frame and put USB port door on and you have a underwater camera. All for about the same price as the Mavic. To do same with Mavic you would gave to buy another $1000.00 worth of gear. I love the Mavic, and about anything that flys. However you are a little misleading in your opinion. The Karma is actually in my opinion a great concept. A B-52 does not do the same mission as a F-16.
Sound may be not so great on the Hero 5, but the Mavic has no sound. The GoPro drone flys slower but when taking videos I fly my Mavic in the very slow tri pod mode. The Mavic will land on a spot GoPro close. I would say support at GoPro is a deciding factor. They have always been very good. As I said I like both.

scottsonfire says:

cool dji mvic

Arthur says:

Sorry man, but i must disagree your opinion, yeah Phantom 4 could be better, but its expensive as fuck, on the other hand, we got karma, maybe it doesnt look like Mavic or shits like this, from GOPRO designes its look good for hero 5.


vids funny

jef sterckx says:

`Great review!

Hard Boiled says:

You save my penny

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