GoPro Karma REVIEW! The BEST Drone? Better Than DJI MAVIC Pro?



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GoPro Karma Drone Review! We have been waiting for the new GoPro Drone and it has finally arrived. In this video, Jeff walks you through the the five best features and the five worst features of the Go Pro Karma. Getting into to the awesome features first – the cool thing with buying the GoPro drone is that you also get the Karma Grip included as well. The Karma Grip is great for stabilization – you get very smooth shots and there is no interruption from change of direction. Next up is the awesome preset shots the Karma offers – Orbit, Cable Cam, Reveal and Dronie. It also has the return to home feature + GPS. The GoPro Karma Quadcopter is also very portable and comes with a nifty backpack to store the drone, remote, Karma Grip and accessories. Another awesome feature is the GoPro Karma remote – super easy and intuitive to use. The controller has video game style joysticks and buttons and a touchscreen display – overall we really liked using the Karma remote. It’s also compatible with existing GoPros – The Karma will work with the GoPro Hero5 Black, GoPro Hero4 Black and GoPro Hero4 Silver. It was initially supposed to work with the GoPro Hero5 Session but we aren’t sure that’s still the case. On the flip side, that might also be a negative because if you don’t already have a compatible GoPro, the cost of the unit just increased $300. Battery life is disappointing coming in at around 15 minutes – we would recommend buying a second battery. We also feel the GoPro Karma is a little brittle. We can see it easily scratching or getting dinged up. The GoPro Karma is also not as responsive as the DJI Mavic Pro. Lastly, the connection with remote also seems to cut out at longer distances. Overall though, we really like this drone. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this ended up on the list for Best Drone 2018 / Best Quadcopter 2018. In this debate between DJI Mavic Pro vs GoPro Karma, the Mavic still might have a slight leg up and is probably considered the Best Consumer Level Drone 2018 / Best Drones with Camera. Of course if you wanted to spend up a little more you could always go with the DJI Phantom. Anyways, we hoped you enjoyed this GoPro Karma Review!

DJI Mavic Pro Review:

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Ivan Bagnasco says:

Man, i must say that this video is BIG TIME HELP. All you mention has put me on THINK mode. I want to ask you, wich drone do you think would be the best for filming trail running videos? Thanks bro in advance. Keep it up. HUGE LIKE for your work.

moedem says:

Riz got a GoPro stick up his butt and a nice cheque from the company

iago costa says:

Does it work with the hero 3 white ?

2027850 says:

Check BestBuy for deals on the Karma since GoPro has laid off its support staff for the Karma. Great action camera, poor aircraft with a lot of flaws.

slogeek gap says:

Karma is a bad dron
dji mavic pro the best

truesightgrabber says:

What about obstacles avoiding ?

Сергей Черкес says:

awesome cool cool!

Nicholas Hill says:

What do you think is the best action drone, for let’s says videoing atv, dirtbikes riding.

TheNostalgicGamer says:

Mavic pro is trash to me to many damn problems the karma is way better value

Сергей Черкес says:

awesome super i like it!

caTpuccino says:

I think all Karma has been recalled due to a battery issue.

Ron Smith says:

So another drone bit the dust. In other news, Dji made US$2.7 billion in 2017, an increase of 80% from previous year.

Icehso140 says:

As of Feb 2018, Karma is going for $999 with a GoPro6 at BestBuy.

Alex Skywalker says:

oooookay gonna wait for the next gen of the karma lol

Izack Seahorn says:

This guy must have been paid by GoPro because the Karma is try just by itself. Comparing that to the Mavic is even worse. This review is completely wrong.

2027850 says:

The review is moot since GoPro has laid off its Karma staff. Ergo, no parts or support in the near future.

Koert DuBois says:

Today’s news: “GoPro is reportedly laying off 200 to 300 employees this week, according to TechCrunch, gutting the division that produced its ill-conceived Karma drone.”

Tracy Wilson says:

Pans up? I think you mean tilts up.  Pan refers to horizontal motion.

Rommel Espiritu says:

i just bought a Gopro karma hero 6. when i fly it it wont stay up. i have to press up on the remote to stay up. can u tell me what is wrong with it

jarred roach says:

it puts the lotion on the skin!

Ian Gourlay says:

And it died in January 2018. Dead, buried, gone.

El Zanate Films says:

did u now if I can use it whit the Garmin virb 30?

fitnezzfreak says:

Kind of a late comment however I just made this purchase because I have had the GoPro 6 and karma grip and love it. I have been wanting to purchase a drone and from what I have been reviewing it seems it may be the easiest to learn to use. Supposedly there have been some issues with it but I believe GoPro has re released it. Anyways since I have the other hardware already I was able to purchase this on there site for $399. The Mavic Pro is sweet but not affordable. Do you think this is easy to operate for a beginner and should I purchase the maintenance? I am afraid to crash it!!

vimal sharma says:

Nice Video. Good Work guys.

The gaz says:

GoPro went into a market they should never have tries to. The fish eye affect ruins my shot and its color grading is terrible. Go Pro should just stick to the land and sea.

James Williams says:

And now it’s dead…another DJI competitor falls by the wayside…


Thanks for Video its Awsome

Jorge Gonzalez says:

Does it have a follow mode and how fast does it go guys. Would love to know

Peter Lindstrom says:

I own a GoPro 5 hero black
Please tell me which drone that you recommend for me to purchase where my GoPro Hero 5 will just fit in the drones gimble.

Сергей Черкес says:

amazing wow amazing!

Khurram Awan says:

If u had spelled out the negatives in the beginning, they all are a deal breaker …. i mean losing freq, poor battery life …. crashing out of control, slow response …. i mean in the world of recreational drone flying .. they all are a perfect ZERO!!

Mohammed Al says:

Awesome video! Keep the good work up!

Bushangels says:

Karma will likely be discountinued as gopro is laying off 200 to 300 ppl in its drone unit. Karma seems like a failed product now.

sanjith321 says:

One sentence
3DR solo in 2017

Suprianto says:

You want to know who are the honest tech reviewers on Youtube?…. Revisit every Gopro Karma review from last year. LOL

Сергей Черкес says:

awesome wow lol!

RaDDx1993 says:

ANY DJI Drone is far better then the Go Pro Karma. I see no reason whatsoever to waste money on a Go Pro Karma…..NONE!!!!

Xander Mangai says:


Jim Myers says:

The Mavic Pro is down to $899 at Sams club. I’ve watched problems with Karma crashes.

Сергей Черкес says:

awesome amazing amazing!

Ian Nicely says:

What about earlier models of GoPro

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