GoPro Karma Killer!? HALO DRONE PRO Review Part 1 – Unboxing Inspection & Setup – A 2018 Best Drone?

Enjoy part 1 of my review series for the Halo Drone!
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This drone is very unique by using a separate wearable or placeable GPS tracking module keeping it’s camera focused on target at high speeds and through obstacles where competing visual object tracking systems have difficulty.

Don’t miss my in-depth series of flight tests using the standard controller, watch and GPS tracking module.

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Brandon Z says:

I do like the looks of it. Lets see how she flies 😉

Karl Dunn says:

Nice review can’t wait to see the flight test. I like the design of the drone makes it stand out from the common style were used to seeing

TheAwesomeSam says:

I think it’s a cool drone. If the price was half of what is is now, I can see it being a big seller. Like if it was similar to the price of the Mi 4K drone. but this is similar to the price of the Mavic. I can’t imagine too many people would buy this over the similar priced Mavic.

njdoughboy says:

Amazingly thorough and professional as always. It’s like you do these all the time or something

Prano YT says:

Actually this looks far better from the original..we expect more videos from you..all the best:)

John Wayne Vergara says:

cant wait to see how you fly it sir.

Josh_Pro33 says:

Flight test!

max chilla says:

Can you buy of without the Cam and Put a Yi 4K in there?

سعود الناصري says:

Every day i see your video and i tell my friend to do subscribe for you

Bruce Anderson says:

What a cool looking drone! Hurry up with the flight review.

Calum Emslie says:


Joyce Hasselbeck says:

Wow that was amazing! Thanks for sharing all info. So much technology in drone & equipment too! Great review!

jggraphx says:

wow that looks sick!!! …. LOL!!! any Drone out there is a GoPro Karma Killer!!!…

Brandon Leow says:

looking forward to the flight review! It looks cool!

Scotty Lawson says:

Great review. Not sure what it is, but I didn’t get the impression of a higher end product that the price tag would suggest. There are just too many things that felt half done. After watching your video I was actually quite shocked at the price. While watching the your review I was thinking that this could be a good budget drone, only to find out that it’s priced like a higher end one.
Maybe in hand it would give a different impression though.

Wyvern Apalis says:

Kite+camera already beats the karma


Halo mr dustin

Big drone flyer77 says:


Dave Woods says:

Nice video looks like a great drone, that software looks nice and stable the GPS unit is a great add on but dont forget you can add the same functionality to any DJI drone inc the spark with the autopilot app using the airspace feature which allows the drone to track any other GPS enabled item including other drones or cellphones with either peer to peer or a networked airspace.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Good set-up review. Looks good, has a lot of options, I’ll await the flight tests with interest

Richard Masci says:

I saw you have the 3dr solo app — do you have a Solo? They’re making some real strides with the Solex app, Open Solo, and Pixhawk 2.1. Not many left but you can still find them for about $200 – $250. They’re turning into more of a DYI drone than a fly-out-of-the-box drone.

Skipper Drones says:

Nice review

zdz 123 says:


alexmahon1 says:

Great review but I will not be buying one it seams to me the dye has been cast by dti for drones to be more compact and sophisticated,not something like this that has fallen out of a huge cheap Christmas cracker where when it is in it case it looks like a aqua lung on your back.


real nice review Dustin Thanks part 2 and 3 will be good

Mark Adamson says:

Great Video, The Props And Motors Look Like They Came From Yuneec.. Thank You For All You Do To Bring New Products To Us!! Merry Christmas!!

Abnormal Orange Vids & Vlog says:

Better than Mavic Pro? Seems pricey.

david teddy says:

Is dustin a mgtow ?? Surely no wife/ gf would allow a man all that cool stuff in living room…..

Gregory Hall says:

Really thorough review Dustin, I like it so far but there is a lot to do for this drone. Looking forward to the flight and see how it does.

The SynDRONE Effect says:

I disagree that this drone is compromal to the Karma if not better? I really believe that drone manufactures are coping out when they make u the consumer use your cell phone or tablet as a screen to see and operate the drone. GoPro didn’t do that. Their controller comes with a screen built in which to me makes for a better pairing unit as well as the brains behind what they create. Basically all the technology is in your cell phone to operate any drone, not the drone technology in the controller itself. Karma I am sure has something more amazing coming out in 2018
PS… Analog is Lame. Horrible video in ridiculous 4k gopro substitute. NO THANKS! I will stick with my Karma. Better quality

Higher Then A Drone In The Dome. says:

Whats the range on this bad boy

Crazy Sam Adventures says:

It looks promising Can’t wait for part 2

t9dragon says:

That is a nice looking drone… I like all the different settings that you can adjust.

Wade Stewart says:

How big are the props

سعود الناصري says:

I need some one to gav me dron

DRONE review man of all drones says:

That g.p.s. thing and watch are really cool !!! I really like the looks of this drone! Nice review!! And thanks for posting!!!

Flying Life RC REVIEWS says:

Very sweet design. Nice first look!

tedcharp says:

Very nice. Hoping she flies good. Great video Dustin. Thanks

Brian Rader says:

I think every drone that costs more than $500 should come with a nice case like this. Yes DJI, I’m talking to you. My little fanny pack you gave me with my Mavic Pro just doesn’t quite cut it. Great review, Dustin 🙂

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