GoPro Karma Killer!? HALO DRONE PRO Flight Test Review Part 1 – With TX & Tracker – 2018 Top Drone?

Part 2 of my review series for the Halo Drone! First flight test with controller and GPS Tracker! Get it here

Cheap Ipad Air 2

Drone Launch Pad

Here’s Part 1 with Unboxing, Inspection and Setup

This drone is very unique by using a separate wearable or placeable GPS tracking module keeping it’s camera focused on target at high speeds and through obstacles where competing visual object tracking systems have difficulty.

Don’t miss my in-depth series of flight tests also using the watch, range testing and tracking other rc’s with the tracker module!

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Chimcho11 says:

Hey guys question, I have just recently bought one and every time i fly it, I try to put the video and it says please connect to the image transmission module..what does that mean?

Wingin' It says:

Cool quad!

PalmettoMoon says:

Nice quad with some really nice features but it’s hella loud!

droneXfactor says:

Cool Video.
I just checked it out the full specs, Unfortunately with just over half a mile range and 20 minutes of battery life & WiFi communication this drone will not be able to compete/ compare with DJI P lineups /products except probably a phantom 3 Standard 🙁
Plus the price point is explosive/expensive for what you’re getting!
Based on the existing DJI products & pricing on the market now, this Drone is not worth considering……at $500 or maybe $600 yes but not $800 to $1000…. Let’s be real People!
I like the video but not the product 🙁

Garry Livingstone says:

Hi Dustin The waypoint fail, did I see a small round target like circle in the top right corner of the HUD as you pressed start. Would this be where it was heading to when you panicked and hit the RTH?. I can’t imagine why the circle was there but that’s exactly where it headed for?.

Edward Cody says:

Whats the Price

greywhite says:

anything kills the karma

Alan Carter says:

Great review and your junior helper did really well. Seems pretty complex, just had my first flight this morning with my Mavic after gimbal repair ( 10 days with care refresh) and it seemed simple compared to this. I realise you were reviewing but it does seem way to complicated, I’ll look forward to the next video of this though. The weather look s ok. It’s only just above freezing here in the UK. Cheers

Will i am MC says:

i would prefer if you used a animal or another adult as an object to follow What would you do if the drone suddenly flew straight at your daughter?
It’s very possible to be hurt if a drone that size hits you , even at slow speed ..
I’m not being contrary, i just do not approve , having witnessed a few drone failures . I do not fly around children as a rule…and especially seeing as how you lost control at the end

anyshitt says:

BLESS HER HEART, SHE IS A GREAT SPORT..nICE BIRD, to pricey and tech heavy for me but looks really cool just the same..

Kok Howe Loh says:

Nice review! I love the gradual taking off of the drone.

greywhite says:

a fricken paper plane flys better than a karma

SeBy DocKy says:

Ha at least a DJI competitor ….. Ok in term of weight it’s not yet a competitor… but the video stabilization and advanced features are great. Nice overview 🙂

Daryl Larsen says:

How much control is there over camera settings? Can you switch between video and stills while in flight, change resolution etc?

Joe Anthony says:

nice for free.

Brandon Mitchell says:

great review as always but man this drone is using all the oldschool tech and is certainly not worth the price tag…just buy a spark for nearly the same features or a mavic pro for 4k

Luke Mckinnon says:

Can u plz do a Autel x star drone unboxing and flight test

Donnie johnson says:

Dji drones have active track so you don’t need to wear a little device that needs extra calibration

hav eric says:

nice Dustin Good job a great drone for sure All the best for the holidays

SassePhoto says:

Seems very noisy – how does it compare to the Mavic?

Baylien S says:

Hello, Can anyone please explain to me what these 3 different types are for the controller of a drone and what the difference from the 3 are please? Thank you..Compatible Flysky Receiver,,Compatible Frsky Receiver,,and Compatible DSM2/DSMX Receiver. Im new to all of this im still learning thank you.

Erry Erry says:

Hey dustin really great videos for the pro and cons. The only thing is this kinda drone needs alot of juice into it. Atleast a 30min exact flight time for this awesome drone. For that great function.

SkyView4U Drones says:

Way better than my XStar premium!

Paul Bush Jr says:

Very nice drone and a Good way to use all that energy yoir daughter has!!….very cool

cxgaming says:

This drone is awesome. Crazy design looks awesome, and it overall flies very well. Good job on the video!

Wait, What? says:

i thought the props were gonna PoP out of the backpack, and you were gonna fly her around the field. hahahahahah

FPV Polak says:

what happens in tracker mode if its at a lower height and like someone goes under a tree line when its tracking them will it equate for obstacles and go over them or will it run into them?

Mark says:

Great video! Any problems hooking your ipad2 to your bugs 2w?I cant my video to show?my ipad recognizes the mjx wifi and connects but no video through app?

Ákos Véber says:

Too expensive and far from dji products capabilities

Inword pineapple says:

Also I wanna say I really enjoy your channel and your very positive and consistent with uploading videos on time.

IRFZ44 says:

GoPro Karma doesn’t need a killer, it already kills itself LOL

jezzerouse3 says:

You have that child well trained, well done.

Kuba Gaming says:


mark williams says:

I’ve got 8 drones and I thought that was enough, but after this review it looks like I’d better start saving up again 😉

Tanasit Siriluck says:

Give your cute assistant a promotion or something. Thanks for sharing.

Brendan O'Mara says:

Is there anything stabilizing that gimbal? Seems to just flow around as you were taking it out of the case! Another great video Dustin. Also, it appeared the grass was continuously changing color? It that just an auto setting or something? You really cover a lot of ground in these videos to make an intelligent decision about maybe purchasing some of these drones you demo! Thanks!

صقر كوردستان says:

How much is price what you recommend this or mi drone

Sam N says:

can you do it with the watch?

Will i am MC says:

dude, the World’s East lol. What are you smoking , the East of her is the same East

MrComfyAustralia says:

Awesome mate as always. Has Saniah? Thought about doing a review on her elec hoverboard?

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