Gopro Karma Drone Review // Why I Don’t Want it

Today I reviewed and took a look at this new Gopro Drone called Karma. I think it’s a really cool compact drone for Hero 5 or session 5 and has a cool design but I have one problem with it. Because the drones legs are folding I’m guessing it’s probably nearly impossible to do 1 hand take offs and catches. Which is a problem for me since I do most of my drone take offs from uneven terrain.

Casey Neistat Karma Drone Review:

GoPro Karma Drone Announcement:

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KwanX1 says:

Great review; thx for sharing.

Kaniah 4L says:

Do u have a iPhone 6

tigerfanman says:

can you do FPV flying with the go pro? does the controller have hdmi out or usb

Luu 764 says:

where is he from?

Ifa Ifo says:

what brand your drone

NiaztubeHD says:

Hahahah 1k dislike

Phantom Tuber says:

you noob

Wabies says:

Ur just jealous that other people have stuff that u don’t have

RKF427 says:

I use to have a lot of respect for you until you started talking about things that you knew you had no idea about

GerrickTube Official says:

2:33 no its not washed away. its because its far from casey than it looks like washed away

Kaniah 4L says:

Do u have a iPhone 7

Bros Before Drones says:

I agree, we’re phantom flyers and we’re very loyal to our phantom because of its camera. there are also so many advantages in grabbing it out of the air

Zach Womble says:

I like the phantom 4 because of the obstacle avoidance. It makes me a much more confident flyer and makes me less scared to fly in smart modes like active track and tap fly


Karma drone is not safe and beyond compare with dji drones especially for mavic in terms of portability , range , fpv , software , design, battery life , obstacle avoidance ,etc . But the price is even more expensive than mavic .

Winning Playz says:

how much was your drone and can you give me a link to it

Toby Is awesome says:

After watching a bunch of ur videos especially tech ones I think ur channel is awesome definitely earned a sub

FPS Studios says:

It appears that your quality dropped, are you recording with the G7X?

Conner Hess says:

What drone is that

jawbone2000 says:

awesome vid

John Stuart says:

Everything about this is wrong. The drone charges your gopro, It is easily taken off and lands in your hand, and for the built in screen, you can share it with another screen aka an Ipad so someone else can control the footage while the other flies.

Tom Gatto says:

get the dji mavic

Boopy Doopy says:

You used caseys clip

Harry Bott says:

Stop making reviews without owning it!!

Maryann Reeves says:

You suck just a little punk.

Lindt allmondtree says:

please answer on my other comment

PascalGame indonesia says:

actually gopro hero 4 now cost 350$ and hero 5 is 399$

CBR Streetjustice says:

the gopro 5 definitely comes with the karma and a gimble and if you watch some of the reviews they definitely land in there hands

Morgan Morgan says:

Have you looked into Mavic that’s what I’m getting myself for x-mas

slagar says:

Dude… they GoPro does show the drone landing on rocks…

adam Lavin says:

what drone is that in his hand

SICnessJJ1 says:

Seems like this kid likes to “review” things before he’s even had a chance to use them. Not an informed person at all.

dragon alain says:

it does have a cam in the box or backpack

Antonynjuguna says:


Touhid Momin says:

Your retarted

Totally Random says:

Why so many dislikes?

The Black Rhino says:

What drone do u have

Trey's Gaming says:

The drone comes with a GoPro

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