GoPro Karma Drone Is Back [Review + Little Test Flight]

The GoPro Karma is back! I had a chance to check out an early release. Here’s my two cents on it.

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Leftcoast Media House says:

I’m just curious, when you say it’s by far the most stable you’ve flown, what other platforms are you comparing it too? Have you flown a DJI p4 or p3?

LEXPIX says:

I think this is the only video I’ve seen praising the Karma… or at least far and few between.

michael mcgee says:

Chase thank you for the review!

rick primmer says:

The phantom 4 it’s much better I’ve flown the karma not that great

Unnatural Productions says:

Can u do a video on best equipment to carry around?

SchneiderMan says:

Pfft the Phantom 4 Pro is a much better choice

Marco Burgin says:

Hey Jarvis! I would you like more about your daily routine (I saw your morning routine). Is a nice idea to know more “how people like you, Gary vee etc.. plan the day”. (work balance).

Thanks a lot!

Ps: When you came to Brazil?

RebootedBodyTV says:

need test footage!

Srbog1 says:

Fly any DJI product first and then reflect on Karma. I’m not even a fanboy of DJI but experience is way better.

pimpciak says:

this is a sign of where drones were going two years ago….

jfnovotny says:

Between Mavic and Karma, which image quality do think is better?

Erik Hill says:

Hey Chase, thanks for the review! I’m looking at the Magic Pro, if you were a first time drone buyer, which one would you pull the trigger on? The Karma or the Mavic Pro?

Kyle Spradley says:

Totally agree with you Chase! Just got my Karma this week and absolutely love it! With it being my first drone it was crazy easy from the first flight. The gimbal is so money too. Well, pretty much the whole system is money. Glad to see other people standing up for the Karma!

Shawn Burkett says:

the 799 price point is drone and grip (no cam).  The drone alone (no gimbal) is 399, but doesn’t even include props.

Darki says:

Is it all waterproof? Karma? Karma grip? Controller?

Jack Foxe says:

Hey there Chase, quick question, do you have a script written for these types of videos? Or at least bullet points? I find it hard not to ramble otherwise! Many thanks, another great video.

Alan Vega says:

Thanks for doing this review. I own a Mavick and will probably add a Karma too. I love these things. Tremendous technology and capability for little money..

Christian Balbach says:

Great, quick and honest review. It would be cool if make a video about the preparation and workflow of your Chase Jarvis Raw videos. Since you you always ask for questions at the end end of your videos.

Caetano Chappuis says:

Ohhh… Chase Jarvis hasn’t flown the DJI Mavic pro jet 😉

Alexander Kaemmer Fotografie says:

You must be kidding at 6:44. When you say “boom it’s right there” the karma goes up and down, without you touching the controller…
This Drone is still not good, they should have reworked the whole drone and added some sensors.

joker Ado says:

you need a landing pad out for flight.

Croo ookie says:

Whoaaa… uh oh. 1 of 2 things. Chase is possibly friends with the GoPro guy (Nick) or he’s invested in the company. Soo, he can technically say this “isn’t an ad” if the FCC were to give him a hard time. Because there’s absolutely no way, a pro/gear-head like Chase would be satisfied with a Karma with DJI’s offerings on the market. Literally when he says “super stable” it’s gradually falling down lmao. WTF? No honest “review” can be made about this drone without mentioning the OBVIOUS flaws relative to the competition. yikes.

RobsRC says:

I love mine check out my page for videos and more…

John Wells says:

Briefly mentions the flight simulator, completely skips over how much lag there is! Stable… as said in other comments, it’s driving all over the place! I’ll stick with my mavic thanks!

alan ryan says:

Cheers Chase, I’m stuck between the Karma and the DJI Mavic – be great if you did a review of the Mavic Thanks

silbay says:

Yes Chase please test the Mavic to let the fawn boyz see what a true critical review of its video really shows. The out of date H.264 codec, the wonderful job it does at moire patterns, the great aliasing it is capable of, the up sample from 30fps to give you 4K 60, the 60mbps max bandwidth, the over sharpening, shall I continue fawn boyz?

Youssef Abdelmalek says:

Lol 😀 This is supposed to be a neutral “Go pro didn’t tell me what to say” review?
check out the Mavic pro? lol

Blackmagic1o0 says:

I’m sure Chase’s opinion will change once he flies a real drone like the DJI Mavic.

VTC Drone says:

Frankly, if DJI is an American company and GoPro is a Chinese company. I wonder if you will review Karma in such a good light.

You must have known by now that most Karma fan concede that the drone aspect of Karma is outdated by two years and are emphasizing on the drone – gimbal – action cam combo.

Karma Guy says:

Nice review. I’m biased because I love the Karma, but Chase seems to GET it.

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