GoPro Karma Drone hands on review using a Hero5 Black camera

Our ongoing GoPro Karma Drone review uses video footage from the newly launched GoPro Hero5 Black camera, and you can see the stability that it provides, even in high wind. Its stability is thanks to a 3-axis gimbal that keeps the shot steady and OIS that’s now a part of the GoPro Hero5 series. Thanks to the Hero5 Black, the drone can shoot 4K video (this one is shot in 1080p) and fly high as 3280ft (1,000m) and soar at a maximum speed of 35mph (15m/s).

GoPro Karma drone hands on review:

GoPro Hero5 Black hands on review:

GoPro Hero5 Session hands on review:

We’ll have more on the GoPro Karma, GoPro Hero5 Black and smaller GoPro Hero5 Session, and how the drone compares to the new DJI Mavic Pro in an upcoming video. The Hero5 cameras are now available in the US, while the GoPro Karma Drone launches on Oct. 23.


Robert Martin says:

DJI > GoPro

Dave Vess says:

What happens if the battery dies above water?

Reuben Horner says:

The footage just looks bad

Ty Brady says:

That thing is HUGE! It even needs a backpack just to carry it. Does it have an avoidance system so it does not crash into things? Check out the DJI Mavic Pro!

James Carlyle says:

I really don’t think drones are worth £1000+

Luis Perez says:

was that shoot in oregon

Grafer90 APB says:

Do you get the hero 5 with it?

RikWillsBitch says:

That wasn’t a review, that was an announcement.

David Stillman says:

That wasn’t a review

Phillip Vastopoulos says:

Do I need a smart phone or internet to use?I do not not have a smart phone or internet.Can I use my groppro hero3

Rambalac says:

Please learn about sound levels

Melissa and Alex says:

Hands on review? That mic is insane lol

MrOzaltin says:

RIP Karma before you even born..

r2stik says:

DJI Mavic

Dylan says:

What’s with the headphones? He wears em in every vid.


fuck 799 ..haha I’ll keep my dji

Jim O'Callaghan says:

Uhhhh….this review sucked!

Gio says:

How far distance can drone contact with remote controller?

Hu Sun says:

where is the hands on review?

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