GLADIUS Underwater FPV ROV Drone Review – Part 1 – Unboxing, Inspection, Setup

Enjoy part 1 of my in-depth review series for the Chasing Innovation GLADIUS underwater ROV Drone.
The Gladius seems to be the world’s first affordable consumer 4K long range semi wireless capable ROV.

Join me in this series as I review and explore the Gladius to it’s fullest extent.

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gadgetman 404 says:

Like look of this hi mate can you watch my latest video haven problems getting picture off my fpv transmitter’s Eachine TX 526 and VTX O3 not getting picture on my monitor please watch to.end give me your idea’s on the problem cheers mate wow you get some cool things to test

Alex Pina says:

Very interesting..

rlachermeier says:

Do you know when these will be available?

Legiml Cats says:

9:00 next gen xbox controller

Bel Rick says:

I cannot understand the lack of GPS and return to home? Just have the gps and RTH feature inside the buoy

Willy Jimmy says:

Can you please stop calling it a drone? Its just lazy, and it sounds stupid.

Soulztooth says:

Dustin, where can you buy this and how much?

Gordon Hamilton says:

*IT’S PRONOUNCED “BOY” …. IT’S BOY IT HAS BEEN FOR Centuries A BOY >>>>> A BOY* !!! FFS a Booie … *BUOY = BOY* … “”buoyancy or buoyant”” = BOY”’ANCY and not BOOIE’ANCY …

eFSpiderGuy says:

Very good presentation Dustin, can’t wait for a dive review even in a pool.
Hope Chasing Innovations sent you this Gladius FPV ROV as a gift for you to keep, that would be a fairly clever investment for them.
Will be a hit for sure at a decent price range. This ROV is really interresting at first look. My first down woul be the ( weak looking from here ) plastic shell.

I am curious to see the population of marine life mainly on west coast of beautifull, wonderfull, marvelous Mauï Island.

David McCabe says:

Time to take a swim! Great first look.

Daytona 6263 says:

Finally a drone that you must keep OVER 400 feet – looks amazing! Let me guess – scuba divers will complain and then you can’t ‘swim it’ within 5 miles of a coral reef or anywhere where people are swimming LOL


Can’t wait to see the #findingmavic operation. I wonder if you could mount a brighter light on it some how for when you get really deep!

Anderw Higdon says:

but what if a cruise ship hits it? I think you should only be allowed to operate this within line of site and with a spotter.

jeffs99a says:

Link to buy please?

Sandy Websdale says:

They need to make make it shark proof, knowing my luck the first time i would put into the ocean a great would think it was a great little snack.

James Wiser says:

to cool. how much $ 1, 200 + plane ticket to Hawaii ? . I am attaching an extension cord to my flying drone tomorrow for unlimited flight time and recovery, should be epic :p

derek Gordon says:

Go fish your Maverick from the warter fall mate looks great


That’s not a drone more a sub than anything

Bill Somrak says:

Okay, now you can head out to that waterfall site where your 1st Mavic went to see “Davey Jones”. I imagine you should be able to locate it with that ROV (not drone). Glad they were able to do some FW updates to fix things which should not have gotten past final test. Will be watching for underwater videos. If they come out ‘off color’, you can use your video editing software to make the colors more realistic. Cheers.

Gofio Dron Rc says:

Yeah super algo diferente un saludo amigo…

Drones4You says:

AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!

Edgewalker001 says:

So I’m guessing they didn’t add GPS to the base unit because of those giant antennae on top?
Edit: Although you could still opt for just general location without a magnetometer so you can find it if it gets lost at sea I suppose…
Nonetheless this thing looks freaking cool, this kind of tech used to be available only to highly funded marine researchers and rich people with too much free time.

Tank 62 says:

I must say I have purchased a lot of stuff you have reviewed but I don’t think this will be one, I leave in Dallas Texas and lakes around here are not worth the money. But I do think this could be good for underwater search teams.

Ian Adamson says:

Fantastic Dustin cant wait for the underwater footage. Is your old mavic still in the lagoon?

ComputermanAM13 says:

Will you use it to find your sunk mavic?

sirhilsam says:

Very interesting, innovative craft…can’t wait to see the first test.

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