GLADIUS Submersible ROV Drone Review – Part 4 – In-Depth Ocean Test + Wireless Range Test

Enjoy part 4 of the Gladius review series. Get the Gladius here Let’s explore the ocean, test range and capabilities! Amazing turtle encounter and chase!

Next for the Gladius is a drowned Mavic drone rescue! Night ocean exploration, ocean deep water test, more mods and testing. Subscribe and don’t miss the videos to come.

Here’s Part 1 Gladius unboxing and setup

Here’s Part 2 Flying underwater FPV

Here’s Part 3 Lights and controls in the pool

Here’s Part 4 In-Depth Ocean and Range Test

Join me in this series as I review and explore the Gladius to it’s fullest extent.

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goodboy2022002 says:

Yes I agree you should hit a cave and check out those lights for the next video that would be sweet.

Min Cho says:


GaLaXy says:

Great job as always. Had my H501s fly away when using return to home now i can’t find it. Just wondering if you would recommend the xiaomi mi drone 4k? Im semi experienced. I’ve trained alot with cheap drones.

Missouri Drone Guy says:

Well on a positive note of this review, the onboard video was very good in that water.

Bel Rick says:

17:20 he says “let us search for a cave…” pretty sure he went right past a cave lol. Beautiful footage!~

Wes Ness says:

I wonder if the loss of connection was because the Bouy was being pulled over because of the rat’s nest (causing the antennas to go into the water)? Might be worthwhile doing a dry land test of the range?

GrampaKenCanada says:

Next time after you put drone in the water, walk back with the transmitter about 20 feet from the water so the splash and noise of the water doesnt half drown out ( pardon the expression) the sound of your voice lolol..

Graham Freer says:

Hi Dustin, love this video with the underwater scenes, especially the colours and fish. Shame about the cable but do doubt you will soon sort it. Look forward to exploration to find your drowned drone. Thank again for a great video.

Thinking Alex says:

…it screams for a wifi repeater…;-)

Eugene S Smith says:

It seem cheaply made, . . like something from China!

Andrei Dones says:

Is the line needed or can you just cut it off? Maybe it would have been wiser to run a direct line from the camera through the line to the screen so then there aren’t any more breakups from signal loss. I’m sure this would bump the price a lot more but a “premium” version perhaps. Idk just an idea 🙂

Nic Nolan says:

Hey Dustin should I buy the mjx bugs 2w or the hubsan h501s advanced? Cool video btw love the submarine drone

Gadget Inspector says:

Even with all of the complications, the footage is absolutely beautiful. What an amazing place to live and drone out.

GAproductions says:

They should make the tether glow I’m the dark for going out at night

matharris100 says:

Stick with out side drones much better

Khai Draago says:

good footage

gizmoDog765 says:

The range stinks because it uses normal wifi and is only as strong as your phones wifi chips transmit power. It needs to have a high powered wireless signal like Dji products.

Ron Thompson says:

Where the part with the price tag,good video .have fun with it

GAproductions says:

You got to get on a kayak or canoe next time with this thing for another video

jonkjon says:

Looking forward to the Mavic recovery episode! You should make a YouTube live video of the recovery effort. Kind of like Al Capone’s vault!

Francesco Tommaso Savino says:

Seems nice. Too bad for the wire issue. It would be nice to see deeper exploration now, and yes, night time diving. Fish sleeping is something a lot of people are not used to, and can be quite cool to watch 🙂

Marcello Lampreia says:

You should totally go look for a wreck and dive there !

Paul Hartley says:

footage of the turtle was awesome! thanks for sharing Dustin 🙂

al35mm says:

The floating spool is pointless and is going to be nothing but trouble. If the control was wired directly into the spool there would be no need for wi-fi and the resulting lag. The spool should remain on a boat. Absolutely no need for it to float and have wi-fi. This would be most suitable on a boat. If you use it off the shore the umbilical will get snagged on stuff or cut and wrapped around a boat propeller. For off the shore you just need a camera and a snorkel anyway! For the price, filters should be included as you can’t use a camera in the ocean without one. If they did away with the stupid floating, wi-fi spool, provided a fixed spool with 200M umbilical and a set of ocean filters that attach securely to the lens it would be a decent bit of gear, but I think that’s already been done. If all that makes this unique is the floating wi-fi spool, then I think they have failed.

delanjp says:

Despite the problems this was a fantastic video please do it again when you get the buoy fixed (pronounced boy by us east coast mainland sailors). Absolutely wonderful turtle chase!

IfingerblastGranny's says:

Have you had any word on how much these are likely to be in cash price once they are on the shelf??

Quixpeed says:

Amazing review and footage, thanks for sharing

Big drone flyer77 says:

So awesome Dustin

Shea300zxTT says:

It would be better having the cable on shore and connected to the controller and forget the wifi

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