GLADIUS Submersible Drone Review – Part 2 – Flying FPV Underwater – Pilot’s View

Enjoy part 2 of the Gladius review series. This is how it looks from the FPV pilot’s view diving underwater with a mobile device. I left the buoy on the shore for this test until I work up the courage to let it float out in the water.

This ROV is pretty amazing! I was using the freshwater ballast module here for the first test to see how it would react since I wanted it to float up more if anything went wrong. The Saltwater module will probably make it more stable and have a less “bobbing” effect. The water was a little more rough than I wanted but it managed well. Manual mode is the way to go for smooth control and footage.
Compass and 3D graphic really came in handy when I got out far, by just looking at the green sub graphic, I was able to tell if I was coming back in my general direction or not. Then it was easy to spot line of site after surfacing and putting it in “Stabilize” mode so I could see all the water thrashing making it easily visible.

The next video will be the full thorough dive test review with commentary, line of site and underwater onboard HD video. Subscribe and don’t miss the videos to come.

Here’s Part 1 Gladius unboxing and setup


Steven Sallee says:

Where can I order it. I can’t see a link. Looks awesome

Mass.Shadows says:

Thats f’ing awesome!!! Now you can find any of your Quads if they end up sinking!

Tank 62 says:

Great videos, it would be nicer if it gave depth on the telemetry,

Marten van Kammen Visser says:

Now you could go and find your old Mavic, that’s somewhere drowned under water.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

That’s pretty damned good for a consumer ROV. My first thought was that the ballast wasn’t quite right but I hadn’t realised you had the fresh module attached. I too suspect it will be more stable with the saltwater variant.. Looking forward to further tests especially with the lights for peering into crevices.

Gavin Powell says:

I do find it anoyoung having the drone on the screen, makes me go all coo coo in the head

Rob Weaver says:

Dustin can you use a tablet instead of a phone with gladius and which package did you get

MrNursi says:

Fantastic! Nice one Dustin. That was still at 54% battery when you pulled it out, so maybe 30 mins of run time? My mate runs a very low-key basking shark study, this might be just what he needs!

TheZlash says:

Great video but, if it can dive about 100m deep i think you should have tested it a little deeper then 1-3m for 20min=)
Call me ;D

PseudologiaFantastica says:

catch that humu humu , eat that Naso tang!!! now i want to get an underwater drone!! there are 2 coming out as of now i think 1 is 1200 and this one is 1900? unsure, bet this made reviewing for you all worth it right!-excellent stuff

JOeSJNr says:

After seeing how the eagles see, it is really a nice change to see how fishes see… This will be in my wishlist.
Thanks for sharing, sir.

S C says:

Beautiful! Nice video

AquaticApe says:

Take the stupid looking animation off

C0ckPitVuE 777 A.K.A The long ranger. says:

Awesome footage bro,this thing is awesome.Are you going to do any modifications such as range.

Gladius Submersible Drone says:

Hey Dustin, wow, cool. Thank you so much for this great video. You are really a quick learner. You seem to have become a great partner with your Gladius. 😛

LA smyth says:

Very nice. Out a bit and deeper should be even better, no surge. Way too cool. Mavic search and rescue in the future.

Drone TV says:

Official Site, FB?
So cool 🙂
Thanks for this video.

M Beck says:

Would have been handy to find the dji mavik in the waterfall you lost. It would be sweet with a claw attachment.

Eugene S Smith says:

The “little sub icon” is ANNOYING

zipngo1 says:

I am finally going after Nessie!!! Where can I get one?


I need this in my life!

nick svaluto says:

Where is information to back or buy it

sirhilsam says:

This is so amazing…to explore the ocean with a consumer-friendly ($$$) submersible…great work as always.

timbobain says:

Nice Vid and long”flight time”got quite chilled out listening and watching it…at about 3mins in what’s that pipefish type thing? Cheers

César Augusto Altmann says:


Just a regular dude. says:

What’s that super skinny fish at 8:36?
Very cool Dustin! Now go find that Mavic! Lol

GrumpStump says:


aameps G37 says:

It will be so crazy if an underwater creature eats this drone goodbye.

Daytona 6263 says:

This is simply awesome mate! Great video as always!

Kevin B says:

You need to take that thing and go find that Mavic!

Tobi Lang says:

cool the Dive Drone

Missouri Drone Guy says:

I really enjoyed how you put that video together, well done sir!

Bill Somrak says:

Very, very cool. Perfect background music .. ethereal for sure. Very clear picture, although you never went very deep. I wonder if you try it again in “manual” mode (not stabilize) if you can avoid some of the ‘bobbing’ up and down. Seems like you would try to dive, and then it tried to right itself, so that the video bobbed up and down. Might be worth trying. Having the depth is nice, but it would be nice to have the distance from the buoy (this could easily be done with a ‘ping’ going back and forth between the ROV & buoy). Looking forward to more underwater videos .. so unique. Mahalo!

Drones4You says:

This is GREAT !!!! Thanks so much for sharing it !!!!

Brian Weed says:


Bel Rick says:

WOW! Also how cool it is that you live near such a reef

Zulfadli Yahya says:

Long run time.. no narration dustin?

Slugo's RC says:

Great video! You should have talked during the mission

Antonio Santoveña says:

Wow!, I wasn’t expecting that quality on the video. I’m definitely interessted in the drone.

True Drone Reviews says:

Cool Dustin, I like the tune also, I have used it myself.

P43YM says:

Hi Dustin. Excellent video as always. Will the range test for Walkera Vitus be released someday? I’m really looking forward to it.

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