FuriBee F180 180mm FPV Racing Drone Flight Test Review

This racing drone is a good intro to X frame FPV racing drones with its 3S battery. But can take up to 6S batteries for those wishing more oomph. Find it here https://goo.gl/SmbKTg

– Ready to fly, comes with Flysky i6 transmitter and receiver.
– Stable flier in its stock setup in both angle and acro. Should be a good intro FPV flier with its 3S battery. But includes room to grow using 4S through 6S batteries if more power is desired.
– SPR F3 FCB with beeper, and loaded with Cleanflight 1.11.0
– Comes with 3S 11.1V 1500mah battery, but can be powered up through 6S Lipos. Battery is padded from damage with a bottom plate and cushion.
– Includes BLHeli-S 30A Dshot ESC’s
– 2300kV motors
– 700 TVL camera with 40 channel 25mW/200mW switchable FPV transmitter

– Apparently no VBAT cable comes with this. Hence, why no LVC warning beeps, and my low battery crash 🙁
– Receiver antennas were bundled internal to the quadcopter under a zip tie. You should stretch them out and shrink tube them to external zip ties for best reception.
– Requires FAA registration.

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415bryant says:

Do you ever give away any of these quads that your done with? I would be happy to pay for shipping.

Reviews By Brian K says:

will a spektrum radio work with these?

deepu shankar kv says:

awesome !

jesse plays says:

and for the first six take off the top left blade will not start spinning at the beginning of the throttle

jesse plays says:

can you please help me with my drone quadcopter 101 the top left blade is not spinning for the first 10 minutes

Anarchy Alicornis says:

under the 5th view group, notice me quadcopter senpai c:

HaroldSeaman says:

what is the fastest nano quadcopter you have tested? could you post the link to it please?

Geoffrey Luu says:

I have the JJRC H8d 5.8ghz drone. And I am currently looking for 7.4v battery’s. Any suggestions on where I can battery’s for this specific drone? The ones I have ordered don’t fully charge only give me about 7.4v maximum, but the one I have that works has about 8.3v fully charged

Old School R/C says:

nice flight thanks for sharing ✌

tomknack says:

They drive quads, you fly them.

Alan Savage says:

Great video!! Cool lookin racing quad

Mohammad Mustaque says:


OlitoniFX says:

Wow! Its really a good quad. I want to get a new one. For how much could you sell it to me?

River Camacho says:

In your opinon which is better this quad or the jjpro p200

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

“Intermediate flyers like me” I dread to think where that puts me – wannabe beginner? 🙂

Ross Bassette says:

Hey QC101,

Regarding the two Eachine goggles you were using, which one is better for “OLD” eyes, like mine?

Tim Robinson says:

That’s a nice quad , and a nice flight review Mr. 101 : Thumbs up 🙂

always rc reviews! says:

furibee really has an adventage on eachine
furibee only has to “clone” it and make some thing better

Magic Legend says:

I would really like to know where you fly these at. Magnificent scenery.

Gadget Inspector says:

Looks like this one comes with a nice camera and not much break up with that 200mw transmitter.

Ken K. says:

Great demo as always! .. 4 feet of snow outside here.. not flying anything. I notice you wear glasses as I do. I discovered something flying little mini quads around the house that you might be interested in. Mounted my Echine D2 goggles on my camera tri pod, move myself and chair up close to the goggles and wow, easily see the FPV with my eye glasses on without having to take them off. Works fantastic, and i imagine using them outside will work just as well as i have used this set up right under florescent lights. Sure saves having to fly with glasses off and the dang goggles on your head plus you can easily glance at the transmitter or the drone as it flys by. Give it a try all you eye glasses wearers. lol Happy Flying GrampaKenCanada

T Dingman says:

A suggestion for you would be to either get a mic you can use while flying fpv or have your assistant stand closer. it gets really hard to hear you while sitting in front of the recorder. other than that great reviews!

jesse plays says:

I have the Syma x5c the beginners quadcopter

LoboQuad says:

Good review, sure appreciate what you do. I also had to laugh with the camera angle, that is really the FPV speed control. Keep flying the racers in acro, no one should practice any type of racing in angle or horizon mode, makes for bad habits.

lasersbee says:

0:32 2300 KV actually means 2300 Revolutions Per Minute per volt applied.

TNT the max TNT the max says:


Bill Somrak says:

Had to laugh when you tried to look up to see more horizon (because of camera angle) .. I do that too and then think “DOH!”. We have so much snow on the ground that if I dumped anything smaller than a 350mm quad in the snow, it would stay lost until the Spring thaw. I did take my X5C with Mobius Mini out this morning after shoveling the drive and fly it up/down the street .. Have to get some outside stick time in. BTW, a shame you don’t have a FrSky Taranis TX, because its easy to set up timers on it, which give you VOICE announcements (minute by minute) of your flight time, which is good when you’re flying FPV and can’t look at the LCD screen which has the battery and RSSI telemetry numbers on it. I recently got a module for mine which allows me to fly all my Syma quads with it, as well as the 33041. Put timers on all the models set up so that while I’m flying, I’m constantly aware of how long I’ve been up. I know you have some of those digital kitchen timers, so maybe you can just put them in count-down mode and stick it in your shirt pocket so that it goes off after 4 min … prevent you from a drained battery crash. Thanks for the review. Cheers. (send some warm air this way .. we’re not going to be above freezing until next week)

Alan Vega says:

I always look forward to your reviews. I envy your open spaces to fly!

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