Fully autonomous drone: Skydio R1 review

The Skydio R1 is the world’s first fully autonomous consumer drone. It uses AI and a mix of cameras and sensors to pilot itself and follow a subject through complex environments. To test those claims, we took the R1 to a park in San Francisco to see how well it could handle following a subject hiking, biking, and skateboarding. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs

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Onizuka GTO says:

A drone that cost 3x as much, has rubbish camera quality and can only follow you about….?
“Filmed with Mavic Air” Using a semi-professional drone camera equipment to film a flying toy is all i need to know.

Joe Jupiter says:

3:38 So somebody could steal your drone just by looking similar to you, then jumping onto a pickup truck and getting out of your phones wifi range before you noticed your drone isn’t behind you anymore.
I think it would be a good idea to give this drone a modem and a sim card slot so the range of your phone doesn’t matter.

Wonder Owl says:

Looks cool, wait for DJI.

KSW says:

If anything comes close to real life GTA camera angle, it is This! Damn !

Great vid !

Austin Dean says:

Tail studio camera construct Soviet age visual sidewalk veteran.

LeeROBD says:

I was like “that pretty cool drone” until i found out that it is 2500 dollars. Nope.

SiaarZH says:

I’ll wait for a cheaper better smarter dji version

Theodore Winston says:

The drone actually just likes him better. You got boring.

Joe Thuo says:

I once imagined of such a drone but never thought it was possible

Ty Kara says:

You have bug eyes!!!

Empowering Pictures says:

This drone is awesome!! It’s a pioneer!

Anonymous Freak says:

If that’s 4K, then I’m an Olympic gymnast… The non-Skydio video is just fine, so I know it’s not YouTube processing – that output is just garbage. At times, the artifacting drops it to easily 480p. And the poor dynamic range is like that out of a 15 year old flip-phone’s camera.

2:19 – I swear my circa 2005 Motorola L7 produced better video than that, and it only recorded 320×240 3gp video…

Edit: I mean, I love the idea, but for $2500, throw a $300 GoPro on there instead of whatever crap imager they’re using.

Ariel Wollinger says:

I don’t know if you guys did any speed changes on the video, or if you edited the review on a different speed than the camera of the drone captured, but the video is not fluid and looks choppy.

Sohail Wahab says:


Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex says:

A flying stalker

Rick Geng says:

the angle changes in first skatepark shot is stunning

Im’a Potato says:

That drone design tho

Aditya Sharma says:

What songs are used in the video..Can anyone tell me pls…THX 🙂

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hey awesome page ☺ Keep it up!

Michael Langley says:

2500$? hell no. cant the dji do the same thing and its way cheaper?

Bugside almighty says:

$2500 and poor video quality. Gen 2 might be great, this one…

jai varma says:

Feel like a Third person game

PAPASNARF!!! says:

You guys are still uploading 1080P in 2018??? Fire who ever edit your videos !!

thinkagainwithme says:

Dji gonna be pro at that obstacles avoiding thing at much cheaper, then i’ll buy my first drone

Trunkerunk says:

Have the drone follow you close by, wear a VR headset with a live feed from the drone, play your life in third person.

rustler08 says:

Proving just how shitty the obstacle avoidance is on DJI. It’s truly a gimmick.

Fruitarian says:

Wow its like youre a game character

Adam Terrell-Payne says:


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