FULL Mavic Air (unscientific) Review – Best Drone EVER?

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Momentum Productions says:

Awesome review Matti! I’ll be looking forward to your review on the rumored Mavic Pro II as well 😉

Angros Creations says:

I’m still debating which one to get this or the mavic pro

Marx Ascvasiati says:

Am i the only one that thinks that Matti looks like he is worried about something while talking?

Dave King says:

How does the video quality compare to the regular P4?

TJ Israelsen says:

Have a few videos up with the Mavic Air. It actually did fine in some wind for me. It has a higher bitrate video than the Mavic Pro I had. Image quality is impressive for its size!

rogueshadow12 says:

Awesome video man! Im going to purchase a drone soon and this makes me more excited!

Erik Thureson says:

Thanks, Matti! Have been curious on this and this helps. You rock!

Matti Haapoja says:

What are your thoughts on the Mavic Air? And my sickness got worse 🙁 no funnnn

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hii great page ☺ Keep it up!

Rik Tigelaar says:

Matti! Whats happening whith the vingetting in your vlogging camera?

Photo-Me-Ike says:

I like the quality of the Mavic Air video over the Pro. BUT! I find the colors in the Mavic Pro’s video to be much more natural and true to life. The Mavic Air’s colors are a bit desaturated and hipster looking. I’m surprised you didn’t notice it! Hopefully a firmware update will fix that as well!

KenWei Gan says:

the response can be part of your EV setting

Alfie Fallejo says:

Do a Mavic Air giveaway Matti

drewzytran says:

Hey Matti I had a issue with the gimbal too. When I was going fast and stopping also just flying the gimbal would droop down. They supposedly fixed that in the firmware update but who knows. Great review btw. 🙂

TheBraps says:

I just picked one of these up for myself, it’s an upgrade from my Phantom 3 Standard.

Sunday1290 says:

How about a mavic pro giveaway?? 🙂

RubixMan99 says:

Where did you get your red coat, I’d love to get one like it?

Clint Meyer says:

What was the mini drone you were flying in the begining?

Ethan Koster says:

Where can I buy that tiny drone you had in the beginning??! lol

Łukasz Suliga says:

Excellent review, Matti, thanks for sharing. I’ve got very similar impressions about it. Moving from Mavic Pro to Mavic Air was actually an upgrade for me, especially for travel – I’m currently on a round-the-world-in-6-weeks trip just now with just carry-on and I had no problems fitting it in. I’ve had some similar issues as you – gimbal getting stuck downwards, losing connectivity, but the portability and video quality is a major win. I’m actually off to fly it in a moment at Bondi Beach, Sydney, should be fantastic.

Thanks again, Lukasz

Will_Wanders says:

It’s a fantastic piece of kit for anyone travelling. I love how easy it is to take with me all over the world. However, I’ve found the wifi connection is pretty dodgy on more than one occasion. The transmission just seems really patchy and jittery.

Alejandro Silva Filmmaker says:

Whats up with that vignetting???

Troopy Life says:

No mention of the battery life?

Andy Race says:

Some positive criticism

Get a little creative and not always the riding a one wheel b roll
Music always sounds like its form the 80s
Why you always have a frowny face when u talk
You write a script for your videos which is fine but u make it obvious when u sound like a robot
You always have reviews and tips
Again do something different do something fun
People sometimes just wanna see you be you

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