This drone from karearea will change FREESTYLE flights forever. MASSIVE waffle arms cause the drone to fly with incredible float hangtimes and super silky stability. link –

5 inch –
6 inch –

Lens not yet available to ship. should be on the Karearea store soon.

also Available soon for Aus customers here –
Racing Talon from karearea video –

Goggles – Aomway commanders –
Radio – Taranis QX7 –
Props – cyclones 5046C –
Charger – SkyRC Q200 –
Good value beginner drone – Furibee x215 –

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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A m p-H i b i o u s FPV says:

a problem with wings like this is the drag induced hangtime only works if they are perpendicular to the movement, it wont make much difference if you are falling straight down and the plates are vertical. that aside I’m excited to see what people will do with this and to see if more frames come out with similar designs.

Unknown -X- says:

I was hoping to see the feed from the VTX, Yall kept talking about how good the video looked but we never got to see it.

TheMinimazer says:

UAVfutures How do you fly legally in Australia? The CASA Rules pretty much prevent all flying of UAVs/Quads/RPASs/etc, so how do you get around that?

Spencer Owen says:

I like your videos. I really love when they are shorter. 30 minutes is a little long.

CaribbeanZapatta says:

for those of us aspiring ACRO Pilots, this will give us a way to slow things down. I have been considering trying to learn all the crazy MATTY TRICKS with a 125 with prop guards and a 2S battery to just slow it down …this will do the exact thing. slow down the fall rate and allow us intermediate acro pilots to learn some fun tricks. yes maybe they are “training wheels” ! I am not proud. I am happy to waTCH Videos and stick cams and simulators and try to learn ! give me smaller motors with big props and I WILL learn those amazing le Drib moves !

F Pea VeaZy KeaZy says:

how much did they pay you…. ur totally pushing it….u dont freestyle u should not like it that much….

TechTech says:

I think this is mostly because you’re not used to freestyle. That hang time looks like nothing special to me. Exactly the same as all my 5” quads weighing 600-630g. Hype hype hype. This quad will not ‘change the industry’, mark my words.

Got It!?FPV says:

Not having flown it I may be way off but seems flying with six inch props gives you a similar performance??

0verSky says:

Where can i find an universal model of thoses wings/ waffles please ?
Should i print them myself ?

Peter Hollett says:

Stu I’ve accidentally changed the mix switch on my devo7 to the gear switch how do I switch it back please? Do you know can you help please..

Beeps Mcfadden says:

looks crap.

Beau says:

Can you link the lens???

Daniel harman says:

Hey can you tell us when the flying starts. I like to just skip the specs and everything

Hairy Hider says:

Trev Rocks

AngryMarkFPV says:

I liked it stew, but A, wheres the DVR? B, This was not all that perfect in the air? C, can we start showing what trev’s and cals flying looks like plz?


Innovation and brave new ideas drive our hobby in different and exciting directions. People said they didn’t like cars when they started taking over from horse drawn carriages.
I like it the frame and thinking seriously about adding it to my fleet. Great review.

UAVfutures says:

I have to say, I didnt think it would work, BUT IT WAS AMAZING. the footage people are going to get with this thing is going to be next level – What do you guys think? Have you flown one? also sorry about my acro skills… but thanks to this thing, they should be improving pretty quickly.

Bobby Broadway says:

please start using OMFG!

Jacob Clement says:

Top speed being impaired is probably fine because to my knowledge the acceleration and torque the drone has is more important for throwing the drone over things and flipping

Clancey Aggen says:

reduced thrust?

Dan P FPV says:

I honestly wish more tracks were designed the way you make them. I’m not a huge fan of the tracks they use in competition. I’d love to see them do more tracks that feel like a car race circuit like yours.

William Decker says:

Just stupid.

Ben Darlington says:

They gave up trying to make Simulators feel like quads? Now there making the quads more like the sims to close the gap ?! Looks fun.

Ken Jancef says:

Nice frame and all, but WAY too expensive for me…

MJ Snosk8er says:

Call them Floats!!

Michael Mann says:

neither does the footage looks good/mindblowing nor you’re flying freestyle. those CHANGED FOREVER phrases getting out of hand. a bit closer to reality a bit less $$$ in front of your eyes, please. this vid is shaky like hell, there’S nothing smooth to see but a lot of propwash. what you are saying in this video is contrary to what there is to see. i like yo channel a lot – it’s just constructive critics with a lot of respect o/

Dark Cognitive says:

He keeps saying this quad can do things other freestyle quads can’t, yet i’ve not see him do one single thing on this quad that you couldn’t do with another normal quad, without those gimmicky waffles. I’m not seeing this “hangtime for days”…… i’m just seeing some shady maneuvers from someone who doesn’t know how to fly freestyle that well at all.

(so shouldn’t *really* be commenting on whether something is the next big thing in freestyle?).

Time will tell, but i’m willing to bet my brothers left bollock that this time next year we won’t have quads with these things on the sides of them. Waffles are for breakfast , bitches.

Anthony Barbagallo says:

I am new to the hobby, is 146.00 normal for just the frame

Brian Cozby says:

Have you thought about doing a flight school?

Rotor Garage says:

We have seen this exact same design tried and abandoned several times.

Clynikal says:

Doesn’t look like it flys any different to a standard freestyle rig. Airmode does all the work.

Phil Cogswell says:

Cool but definitely not spending $140+ for a frame

John Carlton says:

Didn’t catch Cala 4 famous words. Come on stew you think this channel is about you?? Lol. Great review. Keep em coming

Joshua Mabrey says:

looks more like a grill than waffles. Nice video!!

Stanton High says:

Wtf? Looks like it flies like shit. Way too much p and not enough d on the tune, 30% less flight time too? Haha ouch..

usernamenaw says:

Flimed in the field with a smart phone? Clean your lens before taking pictures or videos.

Mine looks cloudy alot of times so I have gotten in the habit of wiping the lens before I take any pictures and that makes the cloudyness disappear


Nice review, great flying too man

Joe Larson says:

HEY Stew, I think that was the most awesome video ever!!!! I have those type of props on my 210mm racer I , EMAX 2205 2300kv, FS-SP3 FC, RaceStar 30Amp 4 in 1 ESC Wizard 50-48’s WHOOp, WH0

hunterssports says:

More like pontoons, like on a yacht or kayak pontoons, not breakfast waffles

Elektrolux FPV says:

Seems a lot like flying a 6 inches with more lipo drain…

Anders Ahm Jensen says:

Lol, so many great comments about the “Training Waffles”.

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