Flypro XEagle Watch Controlled Follow Me Drone Flight Test Review

This follow me GPS gimbal camera quadcopter is entirely controlled by a wristwatch. It enables follow me aerial video of yourself as you partipate in many outdoor action sports. Although it’s extremely simple to fly, it’s not recommended for beginner fliers due to its size, weight, and speed. It can be dangerous in the hands of … well you know that guy who flew his drone into the Manhattan skyscrapers, or the wedding photographer who smashed his drone into his clients? Those kind of people 😉 Find it here

– Entirely controlled by a wristwatch. No bulky or heavy transmitter controller that needs to be lugged along with you for follow me. The watch itself has all the needed controls, and a built in GPS and transmitter to send all needed information to the quadcopter to control it.
– Extremely simple to fly. Press a button on the watch, and it takes off and levels itself in the air. Turn a knob and it climbs higher or descend. Press another button and it will circle your position. One more button, and it will follow you wherever you go, all the while maneuvering itself and pointing its camera for the best view… of you 😉 Finally, press another button, and it will fly back and land where it took off. Or do a short press of that same button to have it land wherever you wish.
– 2 axis stabilized gimbal.
– 4K camera, although I use 1080p 30 fps to keep my DSL YouTube video uploads manageable.
– Over 20 minutes flight time. Not bad for a gimbal quadcopter.
– Failsafe automatic return to home on low battery or loss of signal. Return to home is fairly accurate as seen in the video.
– Smart battery. If unused for extended periods, will automatically lower voltage to prevent damage to the battery.

– Watch is not waterproof.
– This sport model does not include obstacle avoidance or voice control.
– Heavy enough to require FAA registration.
– Quadcopter maneuvers can be very rapid as it automatically positions itself for best camera views. If the quadcopter is low, this might result in unintended impacts with objects. If the quadcopter is VERY low, these impacts can be with you or others. Alway ensure the quadcopter is higher than any trees, objects,hills, buildings, and especially people along your intended route before pressing the “follow me” button. Recommend having some experience with larger drones, just so you have the needed respect to fly this quadcopter safely.

Includes: 1 * Aircraft(with Camera), 1 * Smart Watch, 8 * Propellers, 1 * Smart Battery, 1 * Charger, 1 * Power Cable, 1 * Documents

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John Knowles a Cyclist says:

Any idea where to get additional batteries for this? I can seem to find them anywhere.

kevin bailey says:

how do u controlled it with follow me mode

riverstrat says:

Switching positions to maintain a perspective could come in handy,I would want to put some blade guards on it, so when it hits me in the
head and knocks me out it I don’t get chopped up too,
could you imagine if you set it wrong, it will keep attacking
you …☺

Paul McMahon says:

Buy an x380 wltoys drone with a lot of good functions for around $280 its the best value quad out there at the minute ,I have had one for a lot of months now and havent had a problem with it ,but having said that the first one I had was crap ,it feel out of the sky ,but this new one is great ,so far :)more that tweny flights on it up to now ,thats my 5 cents worth people.

Vincent Rogiest says:

Le grand condor,.

Aaron Rideout says:

I really want a quadcopter with follow me so I can go for a run and scream “Help! It’s following me! It won’t stop!” I can only imagine how people would react, haha.

godfish67 says:

So far all the videos of quads I’ve watched I want to buy, Till this one.

mad monkey says:

Are hobbywow based in China?

flyercan says:

It’s a good idea, but released too soon. I have issues with their ad though. Showing it being useful for surfers and a jetskier when the wrist controller isn’t even waterproof. It claims to be able to lower and raise with the controller on slopes. Can you demonstrate this on your next flight?
Thanks for the review! 🙂
I was just looking at the kickstarter ad and it seems that there are a few versions of this one and obstacle avoidance is on the upper version, but it didn’t mention altitude adjusting in any so it should be on all of them.

Jacob Landsberg says:

You talk to much

Jaap Rumping says:

Amazing 🙂
I like watching your videos, thanks!

SeBy DocKy says:

Not so bad 🙂

Kyle Stevens says:

Dear Quadcopter101 I mastered my syma x5c-1 and I was hoping you could tell me a good second drone many with wifi I really don’t care you preference would be preferred but a nice range and under 150$ is preferred thank you.

Leif Andre pedersen says:

Talk to muth

TheUKGamer says:

I have decided to save up  and get  a parrot ar drone 2.0 with the gps addon. Before I do get it are there any better drones for around that price (£230) with a longer range?

Quad Marley says:

Man that looked awesome thanks again 101.

Ken K. says:

Great demo as usual. Amazing what they have done with it . Just one thing came to mind. Can you actually fly it and do a couple of flips ? lol … Happy flying .. GrampaKenCanada

nick svaluto says:

I did I ll look for that

Soe M Paing says:

Just put in a round body and sell as lily.

Sarge Monday says:

Very cool! Just like “James Bond”! I like gadgets, but this one still needs some work. Jerky camera, subject not centered, expensive, weird “follow me mode”.

Route 66 Flyer says:

Sorry but I’ll take my Yuneec over any of these other “follow me/watch me” or other high end quads. Dollar for dollar I don’t think you can beat the Q500 series and their tech support is far and away the best in the industry.

frankie Martinez says:

would this be better than the dragonfly the dragonfly is $450

One Two says:

Hey there Q-101,  I was searching for follow me’s with a puck and I found this, I subscribe so I always check here first. I love these Hobby/toy quadcopters. I love the bezel control with the FPV you could centered the shot with a diversity monitor, The quads 650 USD thou. Other than the Pro and Cons, ANY final thoughts or is it thumbs UP?

Vence McAdams says:

Cool idea, but not ready for prime time. Great review though. Thanks for sharing all your experiences.

riverstrat says:

Why do you do everything in meters ?


nice review buddy, lots of details in it, brings out a few questions though……would you say its in the range of Yuneec Q500 4k? better, worse? any comments may help, thanks, keep up the great work you do….

Gregory Johnson says:


BustedRC says:

I really like the idea of this quad. Thanks for the video.

N Oreo says:

u think this is the best follow me drone youve had or tried?

Benjamin Holliday says:

is there a way to watch what you are recording while it is following you?

Kenneth Oslund says:

Quality and tracking on this thing is shit to say the least.

N Oreo says:

which u like more hubsan 501s or flypro

Aaron Melton says:


Gareth Rogers says:

thanks for the video…. great as ever…. I’m not sold on the QCs ability though… cheers from the uk

Liu Daisy says:

it is amazing at the end of this video,just like a a FPV video with a remote controller,how do you make it ?

nick svaluto says:

is there any large quadcopters you could be good for beginners? thank you

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