Fimi X8 SE Drone Review – 4K Cinematic Video Sample of MAUI Hawaii Shoreline Footage

Enjoy this Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE 4K Cinematic Video Footage of MAUI Hawaii Shoreline. Get the FIMI X8 here use code 502C6B for $75 off!

FYI the only post processing I did was add about 35% color saturation for more of a vivid look. All settings on drone were auto default. This was also shot prior to the recent update Xiaomi pushed to enhance camera and range.

Drone Launch Pad
My Portable Compact Table
My Portable Chair with built-in Sunshade
Printable SD Card Tool
SD Card for 4K Recording that lasts
My OnePlus 6T Smart Phone
Ipad Air 2
9.7″ Ipad Sunshade
Ipad Clamp

X8SE Unboxing:

Flight Test Review Part 1:

Flight Test Review Part 2, More Smart Functions:

Range Test 1:

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Aloha, – Dustin & Sanaiya
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Reenen Du Toit says:

WoW, well done. Brilliant portable foldable drone for the price. Excellent editing – I love your style

Dave Anderson says:

Thanks so much. My daughter and I love your videos.

Eric Burton says:

Really enjoyed the video. Would you recommend this over the Evo? Also, do you know if spare batteries would be coming around?

Ron Active says:

Schöne Aufnahmen – die Drohne ist nicht schlecht.

Russell Manchester says:

Is the Fimi technical support as good as dji ? updates etc. I had zeroed in on the Mavic Air, but this very interesting. Do you have a recommendation or just an opinion? I love Maui have been there 8 to 10 times. Have totally unuseable time share in Kahana, West Maui.

wjhung2 says:

Nice footage! The blues still look slightly off to me, but pretty good overall.

modar Legaspi says:

Give me one drone

USA to ROK says:

Dustin, Great opening to this video. Thanks for the shots! Beautiful an thoughtful of you to share. I personally liked your choice of song esp with this rendition. Keep up the great work.

ufosaboveus says:

I totally agree the scenery was really nice… .I have to be honest though and say the video quality was just ok to me. I know it is a price issue but the anafi or the mavic air both take much sharper video in my opinion. Are most comments responding to the beautiful scenery or the actual picture quality on this?

Patrick Fidler says:

Awesome video. I could sit on one of those rocks in the water all day looking at that scenery. Put a controller in my hand and I’m in heaven. Thanks for shooting this.

Radovan Dvorský says:

love the song choice 🙂 very nice Dustin, very nice video. Hope they fix the blue tint issue, if that happens, I am getting an X8….

Brian Evans says:

really amazing edit dude! Just what I needed to see. thanks so much for taking the time to make this. stunning results

Steven Mauer says:

Simply awesome.. Thanks

somapusher says:

Video quality was much better than I expected. How are the still images?

luca formilli says:

It’s a little bit up with the blue color! Or not?

Tinter Sniffer says:

Dustin what software do you use to edit you videos? Thanks


Beautiful. This drone have a great camera.
But she has problems with the wind. Am I right?

0:30 is a bit shaky

Drone Home says:

That Fimi is pretty nice. Once again Hawaii is a beautiful place. Great stuff Dustin.

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