Feilun FX176C2 Cheap GPS Follow Me Drone Flight Test Review

This drone is one of the lowest cost GPS quadcopters with true return to home capability. Also comes with follow me mode and 720p HD WiFi FPV. . Find it here and use $10 coupon: HTYUSA10 https://goo.gl/wrb4rF . And find the WiFi repeater that I used here https://goo.gl/5pTtUH

– One of the cheapest GPS equipped quadcopters currently available. A direct competitor to the Hubsan H502E and H507A.
– Includes 720p HD camera with WiFi FPV capability. WiFi FPV range without using the controller is good out to about 80 meters.
– Has GPS position hold, GPS return to home, headless mode, altitude hold, and follow me capabilities.
– Can be controlled via its provided controller or via your phone using the “FL Drone 2” app available on Google Play here https://goo.gl/MNxkSw or iTunes here https://goo.gl/qRwDN5 The app is actually good, with plenty of displayed telemetry information.

– There’s always room for Jello 😉 But propeller balancing may help reduce it.
– The provided 2S 700mah battery gives relatively short flight time. However other generic 2S batteries will fit in the battery bay, and provide longer flight time. You’ll need 2S battery with red JST connector. Maximum battery to fit in the bay are 67mm length, 35mm width, 16mm thickness.
– Quadcopter also has orbit mode and waypoint mode capability via the app. However to safely use these features, it is important to import Google Maps to set waypoints to orbit or fly to. Unfortunately with the current version of the app, I was not able to view Google Maps information on the screen.
– It’s important to point the quadcopter toward your position before activating follow me, as it will not automatically point the camera in your direction. Any use of the virtual joysticks will also cancel follow me mode. So if you reposition the aircraft or turn it toward you, you will need to restart follow me.

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Nacho bru says:

Hi, wich is te max speed o f the drone

Towerz YT says:

Can anyone please help me out. Does the jjrc h5p use the same motors as the syma x5c-1??

BioVirulent says:

Nice! We’re getting more toy grade with GPS!

Matthew Brenan says:

Love that color.

Jerry Berglund says:

Damn, I was just about to buy that one… lol… but I choose Hubsan. 🙂 But to be honest Hubsan H507A works a little better I think. But they both seems to have the same problem with battery. It drinks it like it was juice. 🙂

Quirijn Poppen says:

Can you do a review of the Xiro Xplorer vision?

R Priambodo says:

Sir, please make video how to sync the repeater to qc…

warspite2 says:

This one will go on my to buy list!

GrisDismation says:

Thanks for the good review! I dig the look of this quadcopter! 🙂

John Luciano says:

Tarantula X6 battery fits … Please explain how the repeater us connected. I am not getting any telemetry on my App

Green Silver says:

It’s a Phantom 4* killer quadcopter!
(Phantom 4 needs to be run over and immersed in the sea for a week)

Дмитрий Кабульников says:

Blades from Syma x5?) Hubsan 502e hold in your hand and feel the quality, but this one looks very cheap.

Thijs RC says:

I got 119m height with this quad. Without wifi. My review on this one soon!

PerthWestOZ RC says:

You couldn’t get way points or orbit mode to work could you? I’ve made many videos on this quadcopter already and it’s because we got no maps on the app.. Wonder what feilun are going to do about this? I’m a bit disappointed in this quad as it’s not as advertised.. Everyone I know well who are you tubers also also have this issue q101. Especially because I purchased mine out of pocket as a consumer and made a personal non sponsored review, It was not a review sample.

MyBigThing2010 says:

Somebody got on a red color kick recently…

yuli says:

Very nice weather

Slow Mo Stuff says:

you are so awesome, your reviews helped me a lot. i purchased an mjx bugs 6 fpv. it is my 8th quad and i cant wait for it to come. thanks a lot! 🙂

Everything Infinite says:

Best drone YouTube or ever

Quadcopter 101 says:

Find it here and use *$10 coupon: HTYUSA10* https://goo.gl/wrb4rF . And *find the WiFi repeater here* https://goo.gl/5pTtUH

BioVirulent says:

Also that repeater is really, really useful for the price. If I was still using toy grades I would absolutely get one. I don’t think it’s much useful for a P3S.

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