eHang Ghost Drone 2.0 Review (Great Phantom Alternative?)

The eHang Ghost Drone 2.0 is a beginner-friendly drone that makes flying lots of fun. See how the included VR goggles work, what the 4K drone footage looks like and, of course, see it in action in this video.


Travel & Masti A says:

On Amazon i can get this drone at $399. Do you think this is good option than Phantom 3 standard ( $499) ? What do you recommend Ehang 2.0 or Phantom 3 sandard?

SilverPunK says:

like the light box behind …

Meronan Camillus says:

You are destined for a bright youtube future my friend. All the best

Tech Dynasty says:

Nice review, but where’s the crispy 4K footage?

poppycocksa says:

Why not edit in a sample clip of the 4k footage the drone shoots? Would have been a great review then..

Tim Lake says:

Do you know if the goggles can be bought afterwards and used with the ‘aerial’ model or are they totally separate units?


Ryan Willcox says:

great video 🙂 I was just wondering, is there a mode on the ehang app that resembles a remote/transmitter?

D33z Nutz says:

Dude honestly you deserve way more subs you seem really professional

leem92 says:

@DailyTekk Hi, Yesterday i took my drone far from home, about 2 hours away to take cool videos and pictures. When i got there it said i needed an internet connection to download maps.. Do you know if i can download all my local maps so that i dont need an internet connection at the time?

LoomisPowderdogs says:

i like the protected blades too, eagle and hawk attack resistant

R. RiDER says:

where is the sample video? cant find it in this video

Onno VDG says:

how is the image qualitty of the goggles ..lots of blurs or what? and what is the reach of them? any comparison compared to fatshark dominators? do the get foggy

Alexandre Strube says:

Does it have a external remote?

Bruh Do you even? says:

best review i have seen so far. perfect quality on the video and sound. you are much better than people with hundreds of thousands subs. i subscribed

Ивайло Колегов says:

Hi, because i see that you have ghost drone 2 I decide to contact with you. I justice buy my drone and try to connect it to iOS (iPhone) but I have some connectivity problem “no internet connection”. I’ve tried to restart Gbox and drone to instal and uninstall the app several times but without success ;( please HELP ;( if you know what to do.

Ps: I have Ariel version.

Michal says:

I got a v686g for $120 ended up spending about $300 on batteries and motors They die or go incredibly weak after 1 or 2 flights 🙂 replacement motors often are DOE so you have to open it often to change faulty parts (btw no you don’t get refund for motors that cost $2.50 ) I ended up getting a dji phantom 2 from craigslist for $200 and IM loving it ! never would go back ! range is just so insane it will stay in gps mode and go way higher than you would ever expect ! you can easily find one on craigslist

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