Eachine Wizard x220 Review. DRONE OF THE YEAR AWARD 2016!!!

Eachine Wizard quadcopter review. This Wizard x220 BNF drone is the most AMAZING valued quadcopter I have ever seen. So much so I am going to say it gets my “best drone of the year award.” Right now it is $130!!! Link – http://bit.ly/2fl0wsG

The Eachine Wizard review has Bl heli S escs, 2205 2300kv motors, full carbon fibre x220 frame. 40 ch 200mw vtx. IT HAS IT ALL. There is also a eachine wizard RTF also. So I hope you enjoy my Eachine Wizard review, GET ONE NOW. http://bit.ly/2fl0wsG

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this thing is such an awesome cheap quadcopter build. cheap quadcopter fpv build


Ezra Allen says:

is gear best a reliable place to buy things

Lawrence Thokey says:

I’m looking for safe extra battery for this. anyone have a good idea?

MoNk3YArMaDa says:

Hey is this compatible with any of the spectrum rc? Or does anyone who has already purchased the wizard know if anything needs to be modified in order to make it compatible ?

Any other remotes that can sync to the drone with out any problems?

Thx I’m looking to purchase the equipment to make my experience a good one so that this doesn’t become a hobby that will be brief and a waste of time. Thx to who ever replies.

Scalawag says:

*Locked In PID’s!* ( a good start for you) Wizard x220(2205 motors) – 4s liPo – XSOUL 5040 V2 props. Betaflight 3.1.5
Pgain [roll 47] [pitch 60] [yaw 79]
Igain [roll 41] [pitch 49] [yaw 45]
Dgain [roll 23] [pitch 24]
Throttle MID [ 0.44]
TPA Breakpoint [TPA 0.20] [Breakpoint 1790]

My Rates – RC rate [p/r 1.25] [sr 0.75] Expo [ 0.23] – [ yaw 1.20] [sr 0.65] Expo [ 0.20]

Splitfire says:

hey man I have seen your video in the 300 dollar fpv starter kit. in there you included a 1300 mah battery i was wondering if there are any drawbacks of having a larger battery as i dont want to have carry so many and if may i know if you have some recommendations for larger 4s batteries??

Ryan Clark says:

My eachine wizard x220 did not come with a battery…

gcookies 420 says:

whyyyyyyyy wont my fatshark goggels connect?


damn stu, that like to dislike ratio

Eriklohne says:

Is the leaf clover RP-SMA male going to fit on this drone ? 🙂

spooner Graham says:

If you had to choose betweet this and the Diatone Tyrant s,which would you choose

415bryant says:

So what’s a good starting RTF FPV racer?

Thomas Tommy says:

OMG. Yer tha man. Props on talking. You just keep going and going. Not many people can record and talk at the same time. You got the nak to record and talk. Thank you for all your videos and tutorials.

racingdroneuk says:

Just ordered mine 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation I think this will be ace. I could only find it in stock if I ordered with controller, but still dirt cheap!!!

Christian Voigt says:

goooodddaaaaaayyy stew from UAV futures here and tooodddaaaaaayyyy!

Luis Lademora says:

Is this using 4s?

Yellow Cookie says:

Does it come with a transmitter?

Infinity RC says:

Can anyone make a build video of this drone??

trike games says:

can someone help me i bought the eachine wizard x220
i calibrate the esc did everything but my number 1 motor doesnt spin the other motors are spinning nice
does anyone maybe have the same problem and you know what it is or how i can fix it pls comment me

Maniacs Gaming says:

Just bought one, for my first racer, can’t wait. Been flying some toys around, can’t wait to tear up some 3s’s on this quad !!!!!!!

RedOps3 says:

How big do you recommend a battery for this in mah?

Michael Schalk says:

I got this drone and it flies great but for some reason I’m only getting black and white video from it and I cant figure out why :/

Henrik Andersson says:

You just spent my money. Just ordered one after this review. Hesitated between this and some 250 size drones but this seems to be an overall good race quad to start from. Also ordered the full-HD goggles from the same manufacturer. Just have to figure out which camera to add for some nice videos (if the quad survives the first flights :-). GIT2 have good enough image quality and can be used as a dashcam when I’m not using it for the quad or the jetski (wish there was more action cameras with dashcam features , such as maunal lock button etc). The mobius is lighter. The Yi 4k+ is an obvious competitor for better image quality (emailed them in the past and they confirmed they will not support dashcam functions :–( ) or the Gopro for many choices of accessories (mounts) etc. Sadly the usable HD-links are so expensive so I will stay with the pal/ntsc analog video for flying for a while.

eturner0911 says:

I noticed he said this quad is a 210 size… is it not a 220?

ian stewart says:

have you got a magnet and fishing rod? would have got the nut back easy

Michael Vollmer says:

PLEASE HELP : when i plug my wizard into my computer and in clean flight i look at my “instruments” or the picture of the drone when i pitch forward it shows i role right and when i role right it says i pitch forward ect… I have no idea how to fix this. thanks ahead if you can help


+UAVfutures Hey Stew just wondering if you can suggest a frsky receiver and 4s batteries for the Wizard? Also wondering where is OZ you buy your DAL Cyclones from wanna run em on the Wizard. Cheers mate!

Max Harrison says:

Would it be possible to take the guts of this quad and put it in a new frame?

Ben Rogerson says:

Bought one…. Great quad! First FPV quad… beating the crap out if it and it just keeps going! Thanks for suggesting it and keep up the great videos!

avoidrome says:

how is the camera for this and can it be switched out to a runcam2? And do I need to buy a headset or can I use a XBox controller with a cellphone? Is the latency bad using a cellphone? Thank you guys…I caught the quad bug and now I want one! now! haha

Tjetse says:

And the controller?

MoNk3YArMaDa says:

What are the measurements of the wizard like length wise does anyone know

Mlmusic lucid says:

just got one is there any blades i should look at other than eachines 50 dollar replacement baldes

matt elkins says:

Hey Stu! I’m working on a quad for a friend. He purchased this wizard x220, and a turnigy evolution which came with the TGY-iA6c receiver. My question is will this combo work together? If it will not work, what do I need to do to use this radio and quad together? Thanks for any and all help.

harsha vardhan says:

its epic and its worth it dude

jdogb1 says:

I bought the RTF version from Banggood for $197.  Took some time to get here since it was back ordered, I got it about three weeks after ordering, not too bad considering that it ships over seas.  I bought this one because of your videos, and it is amazing.  I need more batteries !   Currently have four and not near enough.  I’ve only tried 3S batteries, excited to try some 4S 🙂

Blazin Dragon says:

so I have a question I’m new to the drone world. how did you change the quality of the video while flying from good to bad then back to good again. did it have anything to do with the antenna?

Lukas Stemmler says:

is this one for sale in Germany ? I am getting ready to buy my first FPV quad and I can’t seem to find it anywhere here. For the last months I was practicing flying on my Hubsan X4 H107C and now it is time for the next step ! Any ideas ?

Bonk says:

It seems like both the rtf and bnf versions of this quad is sold out. Is there any other website i can buy from?

MoNk3YArMaDa says:

Yo sty can you connect the wizard with any other transmitter out there

James Yankey says:

Quad is 225$ now that everyone is talking about it.

Dylan Walker says:

can i enjoy this quad as a FIRST racer? i’ve had MANY quads before mostly camera quads but i am wanting to get into the racing and acro part. of the hobby and i’m looking at this and the eachine falcon 250 pro…. i’m leaning more toward the wizard x220.

kenneth christopher says:

I got an echine a while back as one of my first quads and I loved the product mine was the 250 and I beat it to death and it kept flying I run a lemon sat on it and it preforms great. Can I run a lemon sat receiver on this one???

Mr Tom Waffles [Level Designer] says:

Would you guys recommend this for a first fpv?

tweedius says:

Does the F3 6DOF that comes with this have OSD capabilities or do you have to add that?

Joseph Hor. says:

So how do I know what kind of head set to buy

Danster says:

sorry i know this an old video but how did you mount the go pro on the drone??

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