EACHINE RACER 180 Tilt Rotor FPV Drone Review – [Unboxing / Inspection / Flight Test / Pros & Cons]

I hope you enjoy my review. Get the Racer 180 here: https://goo.gl/Q6rm2e Goggles here: https://goo.gl/2wuZQD

I’ll be giving this one a second chance after I’ve replaced and braced the FPV TX / Antenna and also if I’m able to iron out the flight issues 🙂


varun sujan says:

nice video but cant a

andrew rycraft says:

just watched a different review of this tiltrotor machine…it looks like you mixed the switches up…looks like b switch is acro mode etc and switch c is a throttle hold.

Mr Random says:

Please give me a race drone I never won a giveaway. Please give it to me

Rick's men says:

wow thats cool bro
i cant afford that thing

Green Silver says:

It’s kind of interesting to see how quads are evolving now, I’m waiting for someone to come up with a pair of dedicated fixed front or rear facing props to add some forward or braking punch.

george aura says:

this is gonna be my next rtf quad

youel adamas says:

might be servo damage too this unit has many programming issues also cant take crash for to many reasons lol its a nice concept.

SvPVids says:

that overyused non copy write song is giving me hepatitis B

Ted Espin says:

Dustin , I like the tilt motor’s but does it feel like a regular quad while flying ?

garrett sherman says:

Crack anyone else up that Dustin refers to every new drone as “This one”? XD So funny! Love the reviews btw

Chris duke says:

well its a cool quad but like you said it skecthie in acro mode made me scared lol

who cares says:

blades are so close to the body, never seen a drone built like that

Jordon Coulson says:

please give me the race brone

addy fun says:

good as always..keep it up

Bas Peeters says:

Nice video! I loved your videos!

Mr Random says:

Wow this drone is awsome please give me a race drone. I really need it

Werner Meier says:

Thanks for sharing this.
Fpv Peru

Richard Quinones says:

Dustin yes yes yes it’s going to be an awesome review this is one cool little drone

big fish says:

good vid but not the one for me its loud to hard to control thanks

SJM The Drone Flyer says:

Oh dear another 1 for file 13 (The Bin) lol

M Beck says:

I really like the eachine stuff ordered tons of times from banggood. It is a bummer about that one. I like my fs i6 I did the 10 channel mod for my 230 racer I built. I would hook it up to cleanflight and change the settings around. It’s a nice quad, just needs some tweeking.

prop killer says:

i have it and It’s a shitty quad i am thinking about give it Awad but that is mean to The One who gets it

Apollos Brown says:

love your videos Dustin Dunnill I believe you already did that unboxing and the review a couple of months ago but still a good videos keep up the good work

SvPVids says:

all great and all but just dont crash it cuz repairing that would be a nightmare

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