Drone Review – U45 Blue Jay Quadcopter

U45 Blue Jay Quadcopter on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2gBwxJq

The U45 Blue Jay Quadcopter is a great little beginner drone that you can fly line-of-sight or FPV. It has a decent quality HD camera, altitude hold, headless mode and some other great features that make this quad one to consider for a gift or as a practice drone. This review shows you the basics of flying this drone as well as the good and bad aspects of it.

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Surjan S Rawat says:

Need small help , unable to switch the camera on. Camera icon on the app is not responding at all. Am I doing something wrong? Do we need to do anything on the drone to switch on the camera? Please help

Dabzy FPV says:

I recommend doing a review on the Kaiser Baas Delta Drone + Gimbal

It is great in my perspective

Happy Dude says:

Do udi u42

Brent Whitley says:

is the wire that attches the camera long enough to put the camera ontop with some hot glue?

MIdknight _ says:

Got to mess around with it yesterday and the camera was working fine. Now today when I go to connect to the drones Wifi, it connects and I can use the app to fly it but the camera will not give me an image. Haven’t done anything to it other than disconnect the camera from the drone, but it’s back in pretty solidly.

circuitprotector says:

much better choices for that much money.

Andy Ardalan says:

Very cool review! Does it come with a extra long battery?

Bill Harris says:

I cant get it to work with my LG G4 smart phone and cant find the wifi any suggestions?

Vince Martinez says:

Thank you for the instruction video, my family just gave me one for Christmas….. San Diego “Bumble Bee”.

Billy Bob says:

What’s the best camera quad under $150?

Tommy Gunman says:

HOW FAR AWAY CAN U FLY THE DRONE like in feet or yards PLEASE ANSWER!?? And also how high does it fly?

Blink Eye Care says:

it is very windy and i want to know how to switch it to flight 2

Teresa Boane says:

thank you this is very helpful I just bought one for my son who is an engineer but it is his first drone and I didn’t know what to buy but your review helped a great deal thank you and merry Christmas

I'm Irish says:

Looks very much like the Cherwing cw4

marla estes says:

its roughly $150 worth it I think I also received this from USA toys. its great

rorik blatny says:

I just got it for Christmas and I used my VR and its awesome

Marianne Rector says:

i lost the manual for my Blue Jay u45w drone…Help me find one

vinod kumar says:

how much battery life

I Gave Up On Life says:


Random ass Named asshole says:

hi man i just wana know one thing.is that wifi fpv gps fpv or transmitter to quad fpv?

circuitprotector says:

the amazon listing is $160 bucks. that’s a lot of money for a brushed motor quadcopter without gps. brushed motors tend to burn out after a few flights, especially if you crash a lot or do flips. i recently purchased a hubsan h501c for $160 that has built in gps and brushless motors. the only thing it doesn’t have is fpv but a person could easily and inexpensively purchase and attach a fpv camera on the hubsan. personally i never like fpv because i like keeping an eye on my quadcopter at all times instead of looking at a monitor. a lot can happen in a few seconds if not watching the quadcopter. http://www.banggood.com/Hubsan-X4-H501C-Brushless-With-1080P-HD-Camera-GPS-Altitude-Hold-Mode-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1037298.html?rmmds=search

Bunkus GD says:

The connection on this drone is really bad, I crashed it so many times because of the camera freezing, the controller losing connection, etc.

Reverse_Plays says:

DO NOT BUY THIS DRONE!! I tried to fly it for the third time, it worked all the other times and flew well, like really well, camera quality was good. I tried flying it today and it just took off without me touching the controls… I tried to auto land but that didn’t work either it is just gone I can’t find it now. Yes it was on a level surface and it was flying just before I flew it again. The only difference was that I changed the battery… Please take this into consideration before buying

ElMachoPrieto83 says:

They are actually 170.00 on amazon

OceanHair 5150 says:

How long is 1 full charge?

Erich Cervantez says:

Thanks for the review. I just bought this drone off an Amazon “Black Friday” deal for $99. I like that it comes with an extra 3.7V 500mAh Battery and charger.

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