Drone Review – Potensic F183W

The Potensic F183W could be the best drone for beginners who want a fast, light and durable quadcopter. It can be set to fly slow and easy or fast and furious. In this review, we show you the set up of the drone as well as the FPV app and take it for a couple of flights.
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ubbe R says:

nice vids thanks man. 🙂

Mark Powell says:

thanks for the review, all in all, it looks like the real deal. how much did you say it goes for?

Gilbert Torisaen says:

I got this model from my son for my birthday. It flew 4 times !!!! Then it went crazy. I try to calibrate it. No way ! 1 propellor never turns. I mailed Potensic but didn’t get any answer. I’m very disappointed. Thank you Potensic for your junk !

eddieortega2008 says:

Is the same as the Holy Stone HS F183W?

Christine Casey says:

Christmas morning here in Ireland, storm outside so thank you….you gave us a brilliant view of what the drone can do.

John Luciano says:

I know you can’t put exact amount ( $123.50. ) but adding
Under $150. Or under $100 gives the viewer the idea and don’t excited and find out later it is $500. I know a few of 101s drones I got interested in. After watching the whole Video and found they were $235 Glad you liked the idea. Thanks for the reply. Nice job I enjoy your down to earth wrap.

bobinmissouri says:

can you take a drone out of a box and go out and fly or is there some kind of Lic you have 2 get? also sub to your channel too

Ashish Amatya says:


Priscilla Schaeffer says:

good review…like the air grabber props and I love the lights…no auto-land?

dc258 says:

Does the video record sound??
I’ve got the same version of this drone where you clip your phone to the controller and I’m pretty sure there is no sound when playing it back so you can’t record sound!!
The DH version sounds like you can hear the drone motors?
Does it record sound when playing back the video????

Justin H says:

Re-branded overpriced JJRC H8D

John Luciano says:

Wish you would put the $$$$$ in the remarks. Even if you give range( $150. Or $200. )

rfaz uk says:

i had a drone just like this the vid was not good it was dark and you could only fly it in relay sun day

Gary Harrower says:

What drone would you recommend for a beginner who wants to learn how to fly well? Thanks!

Sterling T says:


Victor Xerri says:

Looks identical to the JJRC H8C, does it have the same problems regarding the motors?

Leonardo S. B. says:

nice video as always. you could put some pros and cons in the description of the video. thanks

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