Drone Review – MJX Bugs 2 Brushless GPS Quadcopter

Buy Bugs 2C (no wifi): https://goo.gl/xV5jFw
Buy Bugs 2W (with wifi): https://goo.gl/qGmHdy

The MJX RC Bugs 2 is a small 1080P camera drone packed with features. Brushless motors, GPS, Return To Home, Barometer Hold, and more. It comes in 2 models, the C and the W. The difference is the W has built in Wifi with a surprisingly good range of 500 meters. While it’s not Lightbridge, it is impressive for a quadcopter of this size and price. The Bugs 2 does have some quirks and won’t spin up unless you perform calibrations before you fly. We show you how in this video!


Abrylle Nipales says:

Sir plss reply me

Chris Riley says:

does the b2c have plastic motor housings or coated in plastic. becouse the motors on your b2c look difrent than the motors on your b2w???

Jack Guthrie04 says:

Do any of these drones hold a GoPro 5?

Slugo's RC says:

Great Video! Could I ask you a question Will the fat shark googles work with the spark? Thanks Rich

Big drone flyer77 says:

Amazing review Kelly can’t wait for my b2c to be here soon.

malevolent jim says:

looks like that’s a phantom 1 in a slimmer package, did you have a look at its flight controllers and escs?

l'umanità fa schifo says:

Are same motors for both? I have bugs3 and it’s a beast, but dont have GPS. Is it as quite as bugs3?

Andrei Almalvez says:

I really want drones but I’m really broke

R L says:

Thanks for taking your time to compose such a nice review! My next drone will be a build, but it is good to see the RTF models that are out there!

Andrei Almalvez says:


KevokevoMC says:

nice review!

Andrei Almalvez says:

I love your videos !!!!!

Chris Riley says:

i ordered the b2c from gearbest for $115.99 . i used code MJXB2C . it is a one time per person code for this drone!!!

Skyking 317 says:

Nice video. I have the Bugs 2 also and really like it. If you pull the left stick all the way down it will immediately shut off the motors, a lot faster than the red button. Thanks

Jenna C says:

Hi Rick, another really nice video. With all the quads you’ve reviewed; Bugs or other ones, is there one that you would recommend with or without FPV, can have GPS or not, that would be a nice quad to learn to do some simple acro-flying? Flips, rolls, split-S, etc. This would be for an adult. And I fully understand that if you don’t want to make any specific recommendations. 🙂

Super Common Man says:

Sir get the review on SIMTOO MOMENT HOSHI 007PRO Airselfie Drone with Controller itself. Please.


nice ! 🙂 If you need any free music for your content, come to my page

Chris Riley says:

anybody seen the hubsan vs drone worship story . very eye opening . a must see!!!!!!!!!

Matt Josephson says:

Cool drones!

Abdurrehman Awan says:

nice video

K9 Aerial says:

Those seem remarkably similar to the Hubsan 501s.

Alan Savage says:

Excellent video Kelly!! Wish the B2C had FPV on it. I’d pick it up in a heartbeat

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