Drone Review – JXD 506G Challenger Quadcopter

To purchase: https://goo.gl/OLwDe2

The JXD 506G Challenger is a very cool looking quadcopter with some unique features for a drone in this price range ($100 US Dollars). Check out our review about the good and the bad of this unique looking drone!


Gamer Ryujin says:

Please ditch the wind chimes during your videos.

jman_jd10 says:

Your grass is nice

Brett Chelf says:


…does this challenger explode on liftoff?

george aura says:

or you would have to change it to xt60

Kathy Harker says:


deishi says:

cool drone

Haikal Hadi says:

that camera have gimbal or just tilting

Giannhs Daskalakhs says:

great video !


can you add a better camra to this

george aura says:

the link was to the wifi version

John Spirou says:

the drone in your link is not the same! Different battery and no monitor at all….

Voltage says:

What is the camera quality again

Роман Храмцов says:

Можно вопрос? двигатель коллекторный или-же без коллекторный, говорят что вроде-бы коллекторный но с графитной обмоткой… в интернете искал не где точной информации нету. И на какой срок хватает его двигателей?

george aura says:

it’s a banana plug the adapters to use it on hobby grade charger will need to be bought online cuz I haven’t seen it in local hobby shops

robert mcpherson says:

well lost mine today caught in gust and disappeared in tall tree a out 300mts away the thing I didn’t like about it was you really didn’t have proper throttle control made it hard to fly

Skunk Life says:

Would it be possible to put a different camera on it??

robert mcpherson says:

time to move to either cheerson cx 20 with gps or the nova version

Leo Martinez says:

What’s the best drone around or under 100 bucks? I would like one with fpv and a far range. I’d appreciate it if you responded. Thanks!

EJ P says:

I just put some chapstick on the screw driver head and the little screws stuck just enough so I could put them in place, the landing gear is the toughest. Also, I found it a lot easier to put the screws into the props half way first, then place props onto the rotars (lining up the screw with the hole on the rotar), then screwing it in. But yeah, the first screw I tried flipped out of my hand into nowhere.

Christopher Simons says:

Hello, I have solved how to stop the props getting loose and falling off ,the holes in the shafts are for the screws to go through the lugs on the top of shafts go one way in the props to lower them down you need to push in line with screw holes happy flying 😉

Tim Robinson says:

I have the 510G , gotta say for the price I’m a little deflated . Cost me 65 pounds sterling from Banggood , then I got a phone call from customs when it arrived in the UK , they wanted a further 30 pounds sterling to import it …. so it cost me in total 105 British pounds .
The reason I’m not happy with the quad is that when I’m ready to fly , and I start the motors I can see the whole machine vibrating ( on idle ) . The legs are flexing while motors are on idle ans the whole body shakes .
Having said that I do enjoy flying it , but don’t trust return to home . And after only about 40 flights the battery ( 3.7 Volt 600 Mah) is now lasting a shade more than three minutes .

For 70 British pounds I could have a Hubsan with GPS ! , and that would be a 7.4 volt quad too , although at 70 GBP I wouldn’t get FPV camera or monitor with it .

My next purchase will only happen after more thought , especially I am trying to avoid paying around 50 percent of the price added as an import tax .

Loving quads though I think it is a lot of fun …

Sorry about my rant Kelly , (Kellie?) , great video mate , keep up the great work.

Kathy Harker says:


Fidel Arcaya says:

Thank you very much

Fidel Arcaya says:

Hey i sub. Can i have your drone that have camera

EJ P says:

You give it a 5 of 10. What in this price range would you give the highest rating?

breakeur1979 says:

could someone help to find the body shell of this one 506g , i crashed my quad and no way to find parts

Lordsupertaco says:

can you help me with thus, I have never flown a drone before and I can’t get it to even get off the ground, it always wants to go back and not go up.

Kathy Harker says:

No not nice

timothy garcia says:

when I went and looked at gearbest it says that the battery is a 3.7v 600 mah but your review shows a 7.4v battery with wifi

Reon Woodman says:

Really cool quad! lookes like a space ship lol

jhricks1 says:

How high does it fly

Lucario321 says:


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