Drone Review – Hubsan H501S X4 FPV

Full specs and to buy a Hubsan H501S: https://goo.gl/PG01xC

With FPV, GPS, Follow and Headless flight modes, the Hubsan H501S is a surprisingly well equipped drone for under $300. But it does have some challenges. This video will help you troubleshoot it and get it in the air quickly!

The camera I use in my videos is the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ300K.
Check it out here. http://amzn.to/2ip0ptE
It shoots 4K, has an external microphone jack, and with a flip around screen, it’s perfect for Youtube videos!

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Some DudeTM says:

Wow, for the same price you get stuff like the U818A plus…

Mihai Badila says:

What is the framerate for the 1080p video?

sebastian mazur says:

What battery are you using for the controller? I mean the one already installed with JST connector.

vince King says:

Do you know what voltage and amperage output the transformer for the balance charger is.
I assume that the output will be the same for the uk and usa.
Bought a new balance charger online but it didn’t come with a lead.
Thanks in advance.

Chaotic Green says:

I run a lipo batterie and get many flights from one charge like more than 4 flights I recommend velcro stripping for easy access to compartment

Mike Hale says:

I would lilke to know if this quad was worth it, did it hold together, and did it fly

Mitch says:

I have never seen a detailed video on signal propagation for these drones. For instance, at 11:45 on this video, if you were to fly over that yellow wall in the distance and drop down behind it, would you still have control from the transmitter?

Ditwing says:

Can you please tell me if the Hubsan H501S (5,8Ghz) is compatible: Pagoda-2 ( http://got.by/2ecsgy ) and Eachine TX526 ( http://got.by/2ecs8s )? Thank you

waddac2 says:

I’m new to drones and buying X4 model in a few days and watched many videos…. I see other people calibrating drone by twisting in the hands, and others such as yourself making themselves a bit dizzy by holding and spinning body with it.. What is right and wrong?

Chaotic Green says:

You should give a shout out to my channel, I’ve been flying and making footage for about few months with the hubsan h501s not perfect but its rugged and put it through allot I just put a new video up flying around Rapids in Virginia

Bro Bro says:

I have the exact same drone and it’s beast but I have a different remote and it’s better

James Richardson says:

I had a Hubsan H501c, the little brother to the H501s. The C didn’t have the follow me mode or the FPV, but it was pretty much identical. I loved that drone and flew it all the time until I got a DJI Spark. As a beginner drone the Hubsans are great. Sturdy as all get out but they can be a little finicky with their setup. If they ever add stabilization and folding wings it could be a killer drone in the same class as the Parrot Anafi.

Drone Tech says:

Defenietly not getting that lol

doktor drone says:

beautiful drone 🙂

Koggze says:

Is this brushless?

Darius Watford says:

Could I attach a GoPro if I need to?

A and J Drone Man says:

How are you using a 7.4 volt battery in the controller win it needs 12.4 to operate

AngryHatter says:

Right is remote VDC and left is quad’s juice. You got that backwards?

Drone Tech says:

She is solid though

Heavy_Haul_N_Fool says:

Check out my mod video!!


Chris T says:

Your description of battery in quad copter and remote are backwards. Drone is left, remote is right. The drone takes a 7.2v battery, so let’s hope it isn’t at 11.8v 😀

Armaan JP says:

Will this takeoff in an NFZ or grounded like DJI? Plz save the “why do you want to fly in an NFZ?”, I’ve my reasons. Just hoping for a quick response. Thanks.

Paul Vasso says:

The prices are so very different here in Australia even allowing for the exchange rate which is about the same as 2 years ago.
You say they are $250 in the USA with this review being 18 months old the prices today on eBay in Australia for the
are $499 AUD = $380 USD(Aust. seller).
Another price is $277 AUD($210 USD) via Bang Good(Asian seller). This particular one has a very different transmitter box which looks more suited to a childs toy, very cheap looking and nothing like the one in your review.
Still think it’s too much for a nearly 2 year old drone. You add on the better Lithium batteries and up goes the cost.
I still badly want one but the longer I wait the better technology gets then the price also goes up !!!

edwin zaragoza says:

Saludo como puedo resolver el CHECK GYRO SENS, no me deja calibrar trate con firmare pero sigue el problema. Por favor si me puede ayudar, muchas gracias.

Mike says:

Whats the distance on the FPV? My is cutting out around the 28 meter mark.

AngryHatter says:

The shipping protectors? LOL

Drones Explorer says:

Can I use part of your video by giving proper credits to you ?

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