Drone Review – F100 Brushless Camera Quadcopter

For specs and to buy: http://amzn.to/2qDgT9r
The Force1 F100 (rebrand of the Bugs3) is a brushless motor quadcopter with plenty of power and a mount for a GoPro Hero 3, 4 or 5. It has bright LEDs, long flight time, and two flight rates. Carry a GoPro (or equivalent sized camera) or fly for fun with no camera. As a beginner or intermediate drone, I really like the Force1 F100. But keep in mind that it is a rebrand of the Bugs3 quadcopter which I reviewed in 2016.

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george aura says:

will it fit the yi4k?

TurtleGamingHD says:

first, also loved the live stream!

The Robloxian says:




Llambert Monton says:

i love your video…
Can you make a video mjx b3 vs f100…

i SUBSCRIBE and LIKE your videos…

Otman Tumi says:

Love your video

Michael Eroh says:

New drone giveaway????? I’d love to have one of these!

Laun0218 says:

amazon lists this as have altitude hold, but yours doesnt appear to have it ? I only say this because your transmitter on table the throttle stick is not centered when it’s sitting there.
And I would difinately pay $200 for it, because I myself want altitude hold.

george aura says:

does it have alt hold like it says?


C’mon dude, did you really have to open the box before you realized you were about to review a rebranded Bugs 3 that has an overinflated price??????? I think that should have been an “opening line” and also included in the title of the video “Bugs 3 Rebranded.” I’ve watched lots of your videos and enjoyed them but sadly, this one seems more like “acting” rather than an honest review. Just go ahead and call it a Bugs 3, add a link to your Bugs 3 review and call it a day. This video was a total waste of my time to watch and I felt like you were addressing a class of 3rd graders. By the way, the GoPro isn’t the only camera that will fit in that camera holder… stop with the GoPro commercials! I love watching your videos & reviews and have much respect for what you do, as I also do reviews on my channel, and I also visit here frequently. I’m addressing you as a fan… “Please don’t become one of those guys who will review any & everything!” “KEEP IT REAL” brother, happy flying. DJ SOUL FORCE

ted z says:

I believe you can turn your GoPro on/off with your phone via Bluetooth.  Obviously range would be an issue.

Lt Col Steven D Bond says:

Im thinking about a drone is it worth it to start with this or jump right in and get a mavic pro

Ujjval Devre says:

good review!

Mike Low's RC & Hobby says:

they copying the bugs 3 lol

Juan Stanley Germosen Zorrilla says:

mjx bugs 3

TropicalCyclone says:

I wish I had drones for filming

Rolando Avendaño says:

Hi, why would anyone but this quadcopter if it’s a copy of the bugs 3 and double the price?

Franco Gallo says:

like the video. not too impress with the quad it look to me like i will pay 100 dollar more for a quad that look like and feel like a bug 3 everything and anything look like bug 3

Stephen Hammond says:

Lol you knew it was bugs but had to finish the review

Big drone flyer77 says:

not only the black color and blue LED is cool, but its also quite.thanks for sharing. cheers and happy flying!

drums&drones says:

this is the bugs 3 in disguised as F100 the bugs is about 114$ on most sites the F100 is 199.00..on amazon that sucks! just buy the bugs!…


i love your vids and keep it up pls give me hard in my comment

drums&drones says:

all they did was put a different canopy on the bugs 3 and called it F100!!….looks cool i must say but!…199.00!! seriously???..thats the Chinese for ya! oh! same remote too!!…just black..now if they put bigger motors and battery i would buy one!…but 200$ is still to steep!.

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