Drone Review – Best Cheap Quadcopter To Carry GoPro

Review of Bugs 3 from MJX RC. This cheap, brushless motor quadcopter is great for carrying your action camera (GoPro or similar) to take amazing video shots! This drone is also very agile and fun to fly without the camera. It retails for around $100 US dollars.
Link to buy: https://goo.gl/H0Bem5

If you want a GoPro knock off that works well on this camera, check out the Legazone Sports Camera
Amazon sells it at this link for $50 US Dollars: http://amzn.to/2iJdL46

The camera I use in my videos is the Panasonic Lumix Z300.
Check it out here. http://amzn.to/2ip0ptE
It shoots 4K, has an external microphone jack, and with a flip around screen, it’s perfect for Youtube videos!

For all things drone: www.readysetdrone.com


Byou Enzo says:

Really love this video,i subscribed

Stan Wilson says:

I see a Cow, is it real ? 1/21/2017

jonathan jenkins says:

nice video! I’m looking into getting my first drone and this was a very good review on this particular drone. your shirt is awesome btw.

Cvick14tx says:

Great little drone but I would not recommend buying from Gear Best. They’ve been having alot of problems with not shipping items and pissing people off

sekiride says:

Just ordered one thanks for the great vid

Sam Whiting says:

Do you think adding a torsion mount/shock absorbers would be possible, to give even more stable footage?
(Such as in this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGxib2KrUsE&t=278s)
Also, would this be a good first drone?

DiLiN Pi says:

nice drone.. i like it. But nowadays drone market in getting popular day by day. so the price is also getting high.
here im giving you link to make a professional quadcopter jist with 100$. with brushless motor and everything. 50℅ off for all quad lovers. happy building.

Ronnie Andrews says:

Will this work with hero 5?

Bob Smith says:

man that’s the best drone Iv see for $100 love how it handles

Reg Martin says:

Great video have to check it out.

Samachine says:

Whay settings did u use on the GoPro?

Mario Guerrero says:


Winistan says:

your assistant knows whats up !!!!

Benny Dwika Leonanda says:


Stephen Reilly says:

Super helpful thank you!!!

CamBaillie says:

Look at the camera not the LCD screen

Jim Doire says:

It’s an AC adapter, not AC/DC.

Ello Oku says:

Very Smooth.

Stan Wilson says:

Ready Set Drone , What is the pro and cons to brushless motor are not brushless motors? 1/21/2017

JustOneForAll says:

brilliant video, info, thanks loved it….

Tucker Tucker says:

thats awsome!!!

Bianca Rockr says:

Hi, does it fit a GoPro2?

JustOneForAll says:

Hi does this drone hold its position in mid air by iteself?

TriCoreDigital says:

Hey guys, do you think it could fit walkera 2d gimbal on it some how?

Jerome Fuerte says:

Hi ready set drone, I really want this drone, but have no idea where to buy spare, batteries, motors and props could you point me in the right direction, just so I feel a bit more confident buying this quad


Gracias por mostrar..nuevos modelos…

MrNeiJay says:

Does the GoPro camera come included when purchasing the drone?

Tommy Drone says:

Great review.

Georgewrigley says:

Cool. Love it!

Sebastian De La Riba says:

For a GoPro 4 which drone do you recomend, I’m trying to expend not much money, between 50~100 usd… I’m living in mexico, so many brands aren’t here so I’m shopping online… any suggestions?

Ethy says:

Can a Gopro Session Mount Be Fitted

Brian Sutton says:

Looks like an entertaining drone to fly my hero 3 around in, I just bought one, thanks!

Damian Giza says:

will this drone fit with gopro hero 5 black |????

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