Drone Price And Review

This video is about Drone Price And Review. well i dont think i said what the price was $2300.00 with all the extras.

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Ben M. says:

tip of the hat from the great white north for saying kilometer lol

Finn De Garis says:

1st comment

tractorboy31 says:

why cant you take the drone with you on vacation. either way that sucks

George Tietz says:

man I was 2 slow

Bobinski Brooks says:

Looking forward seeing that footage tomorrow. Can’t believe you can’t bring it over another half crazy law.great video Wes

Tbear37144 says:

Better check with the airlines if those are lithium batteries you may not be able to send it

Nichols Hay Farm says:

Great vid as usual! I’m looking into buying one that can do aerial spraying. Naturally not for large average but would be great in cases like this year with morning glory patches in corn.

Mark York says:

hey wes How do you feel about visitors? only found you a short while ago but I love seeing/knowing what’s going on around me. I’m in freehold so I’m surrounded by farmers such as yourslef and I believe you are a short trip down the road from me! cheers!

Michael CROSS says:

Sorry to be nuisance is this same setup as you have

£1,549.00(Incl. VAT)
Next one up is 5 grand in pounds
Impressed by your set up
In process of liking all your vids to get you your top rating
Had I known you were visiting wales I would have picked you up plenty John Deere dealers west wales
Could have shown you round GOWER where I keep my pigs
The area is known for its areas of outstanding beauty
Next time your over let me know
Welsh hospitality is good

NOLAW47 says:

Can you write this off as farm use?

george330ful says:

You get what you pay for you got good  quality !

Thor The Northern says:

Get the propeller guards. And I do not care what you spend… It will give you an opportunity to give us great videos. Thank Wes 😀

Talisman1957 says:

Wes, I bought one just like yours. I got mine through Amazon for $1800, Amazon also has used one’s for under $1000 – not ragging on you about price, just letting folks know you can and should shop around. I bought new and got a 3 year extended warranty. One thing I don’t like about mine – its not water-proof, which limits me somewhat because of where I live – Puget Sound – rain, rain, rain about 150 days a year. Now if I lived on the other side of the hill, where 63Impala2dr lives – I’d be out nearly every day, he gets sunshine nearly 300 days a year.

TJB says:

bummer about not able to take on your trip… but I’m sure you will have good vids anyways..  keep trying to get tim to do some rc vids I will watch them!!! PLEASE  I know you want to make rc vids RIGHT TIM RIGHT TIM RIGHT TIM!!!

crslyrn says:

Overall, sounds like a very good drone model to use. I’ve never had or flown one but, if I ever get the wide hair to get one, I’ll have to keep this one in mind.

Enduro DBK says:

I think it was a Damn good buy for the Channel!

Chimp Poopflinga says:

No sasquatch?

Jasonsenipor says:

Sweden banned drones for some fucked up reason.

zfilmmaker says:

You guys have to realize when Wes says he spent $2400 that includes all the accessories he bought including additional batteries, case, 64gb memory card, etc.

Bruce Baxter says:

$2200 seems ok to me.

But no matter what anything costs, it’s worth only what you are happy to pay.

Jimmy Harris says:

in my opinion if you got the money buy what ever you want your buying it for yourself so enjoy i know we will enjoy the videos i love what you do thanks for sharing part of your life with us and don’t let a few pricks ruin it for all the ones that enjoy watching your videos so again thanks


pls dont crash it

Sky King says:

Does the drone qualify for a tax deduction? It could be used for crop inspection/growth, weed control, field irrigation/drainage observation, deer count, pipeline issues, rocks/obstacles in a new hay field etc. When you get older the drone might even be able to help you find your tractor/baler from time to time…

Garnet Campbell says:

looking for a deal? BestBuy $1499 4K all accessories that you Wes has. Everybody is welcome to order on line delivered to your home.

Leo LaRose says:

I work in hoody shop in pa that same h model drone with all the same features sells for $1300.00, with a hard travel case.

Stanley Luce says:


klc317 says:

Thats a cool drone. I love the footage HowFarmsWork makes with theirs.

Luis Puccio says:


Lewis Brooks says:

wes. great video. it gives me great joy to see your video each time you have one up and running. soon you be on your vacation . cant wait to see what you send us to see.

Justy Tractors says:

Wesley, what did you do with the little johnny popper H? I have the 1939 model.

Kevin Willis says:

hows the jd mower doing any problems??..

Northern farmer says:

I didnt know that about the dji drone… Hmm.. might have to take a closer look at yours

Christian Gibson says:

Not sure where you got your info on drones in the UK but I’ve never really seen anyone have a problem with them here. If you take it up and someone says you can’t do that then just apologise and bring it down at you should be ok!

Payne says:

Don’t jump the gun with reviews, remember the no-rower!?!?!

wowfcukthatsbig says:

thanks for the video wes

dakota says:

Can’t wait the the video

Herocommand says:

Hi Wes, just wondering if you got my e-mail regarding the tractors you’re interested over here in the UK (Colin R).

james hunt says:

You should be ok in the UK as long as you’ve got a licence far as I know but I’m no expert there is regulations of flyknit near airport

Sam Rugtiv says:

very well done

sean rothwell says:

use georges drone

buffranchAB says:

Hillary has lied so much to you Americans, she has millions of you believers! Please do not be so naive, she is all about herself, and history books to come, first man/wife loser team. Wake up Americans!

mike d says:

that drone is way too big for carrying around.

Jan Kotze says:

One thing I don’t understand about these new high tech flying stuff is how fragile the props are, the bodies are about un-destructible and fly itself, my Licsa helicopter is so stable 4 year old can fly it but the props breaks like glass if it hits a fly in the sky (not really) but without spare blades you can go nowhere, surely they could made it stronger,

cfook says:

Drone rules are still evolving in the UK, check out the Civil Aviation Authority site for the up to date rules (not laws as far as I can tell yet).  http://www.caa.co.uk/Consumers/Model-aircraft-and-drones/Flying-drones/

bchs98 says:

I’d be worried that some nutcase with a gun might try to shoot it down. I guess your fine as long as you stay over your own property.

The Drone Connection - Drone Reviews & Video says:

Im a dji kinda guy but this looks like a great quad!

Ad van der Velden says:


Tim Hill says:

Hay like the drone a little pricey but you get what you pay for, takes very nice video and seems very stable, can’t wate to see more

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