Drone Hits Plane, Chit Chat! We Review ANY Photo (TC LIVE)

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Stephen Hill says:

Man with no shirt on. Nipples on display.
Picture of two pointy sand dunes. Sexism gone mad.

The Dirt Rider says:

If the word Drone is in a heading of a video I will not watch it.. Only opened up this video to leave a comment!

Al Cassidy says:

The Mach Loop is on my bucket list of events to photograph! Check it out and to your list too!

Patrick Harrison says:

How do I find out what next week’s TC Live photo theme is going to be? Quite often I’ve seen a TC Live that has recently streamed that I would have loved to submit a photo for. I then try to find out what the next week’s theme will be I can’t seem to find it listed anywhere..??

Kevin Diaz says:

@Tony & Chelsea Northrup – Got a suggestion, do a Picture This where you put the number of submissions you get per show, and then compare that to the average number of photos you review on a show. There seem to be too many people that gripe and whine about not making it on the show, and I really don’t think they understand the sheer volume of shots that get sent in vs the time you have for review.

For the whiners, seriously, get over it. Listen to the advice they give about the shots that do get reviewed, apply that advice to your own photography and editing. There is a lot to learn here, and they do it all for free. If you feel like you can’t possibly advance unless someone tells you how to edit your specific photo then I feel like you need to spend more time understanding why that isn’t going to make you any better anyway. If you need that kind of advice join a facebook group, it doesn’t even have to be one of theirs. There are tons of people out there that love to offer advice to those in need, and you will be able to interact with them personally in a FB group, which is going to be better for learning. This might not cover everyone that gets mad about not getting on the show, but I see so many comments about “why didn’t I make it on”, “why didn’t you import more”, “You must be sponsored” (ok, that last one is not relevant to this but still gets brought up a lot). I have made it on one time, and it was a thrill, but I have never once whined about not getting on again, and have also learned a lot from the advice they give to the shots that do make it. If anything, ask them to seek out more shots that do need some help, both in the editing and the taking of the photo, so that more of that advice comes out. But they also need to show the good shots, so that people know what to do right too. Again, a lot to learn.

sandb says:

2:53 Could simply be contrails

Mark David says:

Tony has such a detailed eye. Well eyes, not just one eye

Derek Watson says:

if JP comes on get MP back on same show

Tyranosaurus Rodd says:

winston’s self portrait is my favourite by far, amazing.

Seamus Griffin says:

The Hawk aeroplane shot, possibly done in Wales, UK, at the Mach Loop location. Planes fly below you through a Welsh valley. Lots of YT about it. 🙂

Mike Shelfer says:

You should be aware that Tony is a Sony fan boy!

D4G says:

how you dare edit people photos ?!?!?!thats wrong , just review and thats all.

LindaAnn says:

Whoops! Technical difficulties aside, it was a great show & a nice revisit of many of last weeks photo entries, including another ‘fly-by’ of the one I sent in last week :). Best wishes for your new year & the new launch of what I expect to be another smash hit – SDP.io/ProPortraits which is going to make for the perfect present for our daughter who’s birthday is less than a month away. Your timing of this release couldn’t have been better!!! 🙂

R. Aryanto says:

Are you guys aware that we are unable to hear you for every first 10 seconds of your live stream as the intro audio is always way too loud?

Salomon Peña says:

Thank you for comment and tip!

Kyros says:

I do agree about the oxford comma tho. More people should use it.

david photography says:

fight fight fight jared vs tony
samantha will now be paying chelsea and tony for saying nice thing about her
sam may not want tony as a client he upsets far too many people

think chelsea is seeing jared behind tonys back who do you think too jared half naked photo
the problem with full frame is cost if a person cant afford to get one then they just will give up you need good cameras at lower price 200 pound so is affordable for people wanting to get into photography

Scarlet Morales says:

Thank you!

Stuart Green says:

Re the first plane shot. Looked like RAF roundels on the wings [(British) royal air force] and likely taken at the mach loop. Well worth a google to see more pictures and it’s location.

LARRY D says:

Stop the chatter , if the FAA is worried about Drones and planes .
Take a out of service plane and throw a Drone in to it . Engine
Drones , birds , why not have metal screens on the front of the motor ,
Then no birds of Drones .

Art Fl says:

“Tiny swordfish” 🙂 It’s Ballyhoo. LOL

The Dirt Rider says:

Drop the Drone talk.. You only have 12k views to this episode!

Brandon Joseph says:

Tony needs to fix his white hair. It’s turning grey. Must suck to not be able to except yourself.

Donald Slaughter says:

Tony and Chelsea. The lens used for this video is very blurry. The sharpness is far below your usual quality.

Richard's World Traveler says:

Jared coming out of the closet on the Tony & Chelsea Northrup channel.

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