Dobby — Smart Pocket Drone In-Depth Review [4K]

Zerotech’s Dobby is a $399 pocket drone that has features like tracking, orbit, return home, 1080p video and it is surprisingly fun!

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lisarenee3505 says:

Dude, you’re going to ruin your battery if you keep ignoring those low voltage warnings. You can’t run a LiPo battery all the way down like you can other kinds of rechargeables. In fact, you absolutely shouldn’t run a LiPo all the way down, ever.

Sean Vanlinda says:

no range, was biggest disappointment ever

Belnick6666 says:

is that really 4k ? quality of the camera?
saw this for 350 dollar and came here

Isaac 976 says:

Good review on the Dobby, Iphonedo..

tasticgadgets says:

hey this channel is pretty good. Are you Iranian? What kind of accent is that? I’d buy the Dobby for $399 once they improve the camera to 4k and they could easily add in a micro OIS unit in there. The higher end sony hand held have them i’m sure prices have dropped.

Сергей Цуцкин says:

Да и цена нормальная!

Venkat Rajan says:

@iphonedo : I can’t get enough of your intro song!! Awesome channel 🙂

hswart23 says:

really cool!!

losttourist says:

nice review, entertaining as well.

Kym Moulds says:

Great review sir – well done. I enjoyed your video.

Akin Özer says:

Harry Potter’s home cini. Dobby!

Kk Andretti says:

You got me really really wanting to get a Dobby….:) nice video — really enjoyed it — but i would have loved to see how high it would fly … 🙂

NotThatSharp says:

Hi and thanks for your great video. Was the test footage (upscaled to 4K) taken with the EIS on? Or did you stabilize it yourlself in post production ?

M.A. Medina says:

is the drone that steady? I’m liking it

Aviel Corchia says:

+iPhonedo Can you compare it to Wingsland S6? Sounds like an interesting comparison, (I wonder about the voice commands too)

Bushangels says:

Still a better drone than Karma..

Luke Feeney says:

That’s the GTA 5 beach!!!

MrSnowFlakeee says:

The image stabilisation on it looks a bit wobbly. Does anyone know if the results would be better shooting in 4K then using image stabilisation in final cut x and save in 1080?

Sue Pat says:

Hello sir .. I am looking for a ”SELFIE” type drone for my cycling trips .. we travel to many destinations .. I am really considering this unit .. I have looked at Wingsland S6 .. and don’t think I will get that one .. I am also looking at Xiro Xplorer mini .. I need orbit mode and follow me .. what are your recommendations .. Regards

Aj Pat says:

Great Video. Subbed. Which sunglasses are you wearing.

kk w says:

I brought this Dobby last night, but the battery just couldn’t be charged. How long does it take to charge the battery for the first time?

Tunne1988 says:

how long was the flight time before the battery was drained

Joe Joseph says:

Good work! Keep it up.

James McLoad says:

Why is the camera so out of focus? 🙁

Sam O Dayour says:


lorenplanes says:

What do you use to attach the camera onto your phone?

023Austin says:

Hi, everybody I thinking about getting a mavic pro.
But it will be my first drone ever.
I Never flu one before. Should I get the dobby first to practice. Or should I just buy the mavic and go for it?

Lonsdale SkyPixel says:

Doby is 10 times better than the Karma in almost every way. Ha!

Motocando por aí says:

How do you compare it with another drones of same class (same size/fly time/video res)? Which use it fits better (travel places, wild trekking)?

Martin Lynch says:

Once again, loved your presentation. Just bought one!!!

Dennis S says:

the Dobby seems to be direct competition to Parrot Bebop, but wins on portability

OmieWhee! says:

Or you can just get a phantom 3

Raven3one says:

i subscribed just because of that intro

Les Perez says:

Nice job. Thanks

Sayed Ahsan says:

hey, guys, plz check out my chanel.. hope u like it… plz subscribe..

Evan Lefevre says:

Dude, what’s the music at 3:50? It’s so amazing! And Shazam doesn’t found the name 🙁
Good luck for your videos!

carmas54 says:

what’s the flight time on a a full battery?

Hamsah Achmad says:

subscribed… nice video man

Engelbert Amaba says:

i’d like to order this one and I am living here in KSA how much will it cost including shipping?

BrunoRV says:

Dobby is a free drone

WOT Blitz Oynayış says:

Gopro karma dan daha iyi

umut izgi says:

5.25 den itibaren olan stabilizasyonu sen mi yaptın ayfondocum, aşırı sallantı oluyor galiba

Bri J says:

How did you set up audio with dobby footage?

Jake PK Rio says:

pretty comprehensive review but i was wondering why on the portion you wanted to show us what it can do that u didnt let the drone fly high and stuck with low, almost eye level pans. it is a drone after all.

skeilen says:

Thanks for your hard work and outstanding content!! küss from Switzerland

Д С says:

Better then Karma))

Volkan AĞAOĞLU says:

şaka maka master of drone oldunuz iphonedo beyciğim. Bionuza infonuza ne bileyim elektrik trafolarına felan gönül rahatlığıyla yazabilirsiniz.

Joshua Long says:

They literally copied the DJI Go app so much. It’s sad companies can’t innovate on their own anymore.

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