Dobby Selfie Drone Review – IT FOLDS UP & FITS IN YOUR POCKET!

ZEROTECH DOBBY Review, Mini Selfie Quadcopter – a Camera drone for “normal people” (well…. instagrammers, if you can call those people normal ;P)
Dobby Drone supplied fro review thanks to gearbest
SPECIAL DISCOUNT… The frist 20 buyers who use this code get the Dobby for just $314.99; coupon: DOBBYD
See More of their drone selection here; (And coupon code deals!)
“New arrival DOBBY will be your perfect choice of selfie quadcopter. With the superior 13 mega pixels / 4K / 1080P camera and professional Do.Fun APP, there are no excuse for a bad photo or video. Main Features: 4K / 30fps and supports 1080P / 30fps after electronic stability increased. Max to 4208 x 3120 pixels image. Controlled by the Do.Fun APP which gives you a perfect experience of all functions like: face recognition / target following / one key beauty / one key to share / one key taking off / tap to taking off / voice control / gravity sense control. Supports system of Android 4.3 / iOS 8.0 and later version, and about 100m control distance. With a camera of FOV 75 degree, 28mm, f / 2.2, supports beauty mode, 3s / 5s / 10s / 20s time-lapse mode and 2 to 15 photos burst. Built-in 16G memory capacity and supports micro-USB data connection. ISO range is about 100 – 3200 and the EV range is -12, -8, -4, 0, 4, 8, 12. Supports real-time transmission of 640 x 480p, 30fps / 320 x 240p, 30fps.”


yKekS says:

good thing the battery life isn’t any better~
with like 15min. per battery i’d have to get this, and really cant afford it at the moment xD

Craig Cooper says:

and the winner is … SYD_EN_EE !!

Brandt Steiner says:

this is cool

TSS NCS says:

Amazing vid

Plutonicfrost says:

Are you going to PAX Aus this year? I mean, I’m gonna assume you are given how many conventions you’ve gone to. I’m going to be going with my friends.

Pablo says:

Fuck you Blunty, now I want to spend my money >:(

onezeon says:

You look alright in those tight shorts Blunty. Well played

Al V says:

long time viewer, first time commenting (EVER) but i felt compelled to thank you, just in time as I’m deciding between the Dobby and similar drones such as the wingsland S6 (literally with my finger on the ¨buy¨ button). They’re similarly spec’d, tough the S6 seems more robust whilst the Dobby seems to have better photo IQ (video seems about equal). I’m torn between these two, mainly due to the lack of stills samples for the S6, which make me doubt. I wonder if you have any plans on reviewing that unit. Thank you again, keep up the good work.

Mathias says:

I just looked at the site you linked and saw a similar one for under 40 bucks and got super excited! Then I realized this 4k model costs way more than that :’)
But still, in intrigued. The size is perfect for me and the fact that the app works well makes it even better.

Charlie Bartlett says:

Drone looks epic 😀 If you don’t mind me asking, what city are you in? Looks beautiful :]

Erik Nyberg says:

I’m the first person to admit being out of touch with drone pricing, but from the image quality (including stabilization and so on) I expected this to be sub $200.

Randall Vaughn says:

Does it have a return to home function?

KiddsockTV says:

With that Post Production Stabilization, you could use that for the starting cinematographer. Nice you can swap out the battery for a fresh one but does their page really say about 1.5 HOURS to charge?

GamingJar says:

Drone Boner
Hep I can’t get up from laughing XD

mrgrimrjs says:

Blunty in the wild looks like a real life pokemon trainer lol

Gerhard Wunderler says:

awesome drone! …and I have to say: your reviews are very good, what you say is spot on… great stuff… keep it coming!

Mitchell Denham says:

Doez this recent increase in drones mean we be seeing Neistat-esque drone montages from you in the future? 🙂

Negative_Beatz says:

omg do more drone stuff!!

Matt Tester says:

Seems like a good price for what you get. I’d be interested in seeing stablised 4k footage. I know you said it’s probably best left at 1080p but I’d still like to see the result.

JHDK says:

That is very cool!

Blunty, you’re inundated with drones these days. Lets get a video of you flying 2 at once.

mdem says:

Ouch, at $500+ they are still very pricey, I think most casual people will still tend to stick with their phones.
Since you really do need about 2-3 batteries along with the drone making this about over $600
I think in a few more years when this quality of drone drops down to around $250 that is when it will explode.

Crispy Bacon says:


JLFames says:

I want a drone man.

Qyuubi786 says:

I just bought the Hubsan X4 H107C. Damn. I did see this one on banggood but if only I waited until today. Could you review the Eachine E55 Mini. It’s similar to the Mavic Pro.

NeXtarProducts says:

I don’t even want a drone. And yet I watch these reviews. Blunty, your voice is soothing and your reviews are so through!

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