In this video, I unbox, fly, test out the camera, and review the newest to the DJI lineup: the Ryze Tello (it’s not actually fully a DJI product but whatever)…Is it worth the $99?


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Carson Miller is a Certified FAA Part 107 holder. Flight in this video complies with the rules set forth by the FAA for sUAS flights within the United States.

FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video.


DivisionRc says:

Correction: DJI does not in fact make this. It has their tech in it, but ryze is the copany who mde it

Reyse Catherall says:

You deserve more subscribers

Smith says:

Check out MattiasAllring channel if you wanna see some amazing Line Of Sight Backwards drone flying!!!..Check out the vid flying backwards thru a woodshed first then go from will be blowed away!!!.. MattiasAllring

Caleb Morales says:

This is a random question but I was looking at your wall and I noticed you in a uniform , are you in marching band? Btw love your channel and videos !!!

JR 1322 says:

It would had been a little better if they would had added a transmitter with it. Virtual control on phone always sucks.

Thomas Moore says:

Reminds me very much of the Parrot Drone Mini.

EffenDunn says:

Dude, love the multi cam look of this video, and that seat swivel cut rocked!!!! Great video.

RashiD JadooN says:


SaraReviewsTech says:

Lol at 9:44 if you look in the top right of the phone.

Jeremy says:

Great review of the Tello!

Arian Lendez says:

Just 99 bucks? Lol

SaraReviewsTech says:

Carson can you do a video on the settings that you use on your mavic to make footage more cinematic because I’m a mavic pro user also.

Nicholas Hastings says:

9:46 is that a horse carage

Omar Kadro - Homelands Sr PS (1323) says:

Nice video! I have one favour for you. I have a project and I want to build a drone. Do you know any website/program that can program the controller? Thank you and keep own making amazing videos.

QBOX 83 says:

Great video, what if you take off from a place higher than 10mt

Gewoon Kevin says:

Cool little drone, and also a cool little video!

NotJoeysYTChannel says:

That transition at 0:35 was mind boggling

Rocco Germani says:

Cool! I”m sure my brother will be interested in this, as he is interested in my spark… A great video! Can’t wait to see the next one! If I could suggest, could you do a Mavic Pro Platinum range test?

scott-n-anna's rc fun says:

Nice video Carson .cool horse and buggy!!

Brandon772 says:

Nice vid

CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY says:

Great Info (as usual) Carson! Seems like it could be a good drone for starters and indoor flyers! Graphics and banner are looking good! Keep it going!!!

Cade Whigham says:

Thanks Dude, your videos are absolutely fantastic. You produce high quality content and i can tell you put a lot of effort into what you do. You also inspired me to get into droning and i recently got hold of my very own DJI Spark. I want to watch you channel grow as it has been climbing this year. Keep up your family friendly content!

BillyNoMates1974 says:

the video looks like it stutters every now and then. is that the case with recorded video ?

LoboStream says:

Dam. Never heard of this drone. Thanks for info!

Dwd Hb says:

There are many toy drones have flips .
I was with toy drones and after I saw that I am ready for professional one , so now I start with phantom 3 standard and I am watching your channel 🙂

Dwd Hb says:

I like it

M-C Shan says:

I’ve always wondered why does your basketball court say ridge? Love your videos!

Pixies Channel says:

Looks like a fun looking drone, might invest in one in the future.

Thomas Moore says:

Someone has a video of the Tello flight while using the “Hubsan WiFi extender”. It greatly improved distance but a simple search online and I am unable to find this Wi Fi extender that this person used in the video.

Yannick says:

Nice video!

brandan rosette says:

I like how it says fight mode instead of flight mode @9:42

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