DJI Spark Review – What Was I Thinking | Best Travel Drone?

If you are looking at the DJI Spark, I won’t blame you. It looks amazing, is super small, has a very nice gimbal camera, and gestures are the coolest way to impress your friends. But once you are done showing off, you will quickly find yourself just staring at the spark wondering what you are going to use it for next. So let’s take a look at the video quality, range, features, gestures, and compare it to the Mavic Pro, my favorite travel drone and the best drone all around.
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Dan Watson says:

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Harley Cooper says:

Dan, do you see a reason that this couldn’t fold up in a future version? In your opinion Is this a case of the company intentionally crippling a product to sell the better model or the next model?

Sam D'Cruz says:

very useful vid!

David Charles says:

Why do you need to put in the box?

Cactus Tweeter says:

Yup, I was thinking similar thoughts. The gestures are great for party tricks. But after you shown everyone, what next? The only way the drone becomes usable is with the extra cost controller. After you have ponied up $700+ you should have just gone straight to mavic. Thanks for your thoughts Dan.

LinoPR 2016 says:

Mavic pro fly more combo is $1399 and $999 for mavic and 1 battery……..
Spark combo is $699……I have both mavic and spark, they’re great drones….if you look at some YouTube videos using the spark with the controller then you Dan don’t know what your missing..”IMAGINE IF THE MAVIC DIDNT HAVE A CONTROLLER……
I have the spark combo and if you don’t have the remote and should bag then your not going to enjoy it…..

Greg Dower says:

Interesting you say the spark is tricky to carry around then later on you suggest the Phantom 3? I do get what you’re saying though.

bikemanrockfan2005 says:

Dan, love your videos, but to really compare the Spark you need to have the fly more combo. It’s a totally different experience with the sport mode. To be fair you would have to be comparing it to flying wth Mavic without a remote controller (which you can’t do). It also has the pano and shallow focus options for photos which I think are only available on the Spark I believe.

obayed haque says:

Thanks Dan for the comparison video – much appreciated 🙂

FK Irons says:

You said exactly what I thought about the Spark. Owning a Mavi I don’t see why I would need something more uncomfortable to carry around and with way more limitations and less fly time. Keep up the good work.

photographerjonathan says:

it should be a mini mavic with foldable arms and all the same features. or it should be just like it is at $250

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