DJI SPARK KILLER?! – 4K Feima Robotics J.ME Drone Review – Part 2 – Flight Test / Pros & Cons

Enjoy Part 2 of my multi-part review series for the new Spark / Mavic competitor J.ME Drone! Get it here

The J.ME offers some big improvements in flight time and resolution over the Spark but also is just a bit larger and does not have Gesture control or folding propellers. It does however have optical object tracking for follow me and other functions like waypoint flight, voice control and headless mode.

Here’s Part 1 with in-depth unboxing, inspection and setup

Next video will be a range test with extra controller and also by phone only…


Moonstruck Exploring says:

Good review, bad drone.

Adolfo Rosado says:

I would never spend a dime on a copter I have to use a phone to fly.

Marcio MeckFPV says:

Nice !!!

SJM The Drone Flyer says:

Good review as always, got a long way to go before it’s close to any dji product, pictures ok, video poor can’t cope with light changes..
Autonomous functions all need a lot of work , already better cheaper drones available including Yuneec breeze.
Dustin you need a head camera without the fish eye lens, your videos would look a lot better Lol, thanks again regards.

Roma Maastricht says:

Great review. You nailed it! It has potential but without a working obstacle avoidance, 4K 20fps (unusable) and the unstable video it’s not worth buying it. Together with a remote, spare battery the price difference with a Spark is’t that big and the Spark is definately way better.

Jat says:

Great review Dustin. Please don’t take so long doing the follow up range tests.

Shift-Light says:

For an extra $200, you can get the fly more combo with spark and i’m more inclined to buy a spark.

Jesse Bear says:

Dji rules everything.

Dennis Rogers says:

The spark has many issues from flyaways to dropping out of the sky

True Drone Reviews says:

Seems real windy.

Haroh Garcia says:

Buggy tracking and the stabilization is not that good. For that price just get a Spark instead. Plus this thing look like a fat dog tick

CountryBoy Motovlogs says:

Looks like a cool drone, but i think ill stay with a established company. Lets see how it longevity is. Its a possible alternative. Nice review.

diy-pc-mods coming-soon says:

Bout time I was having withdraw from you not posting …….I watch all your videos please keep. Em coming

KingSnowCone says:

I wanted his next video to be the spark booster

Simon Locke says:

Hi Dustin…. I just purchased a bebop 2….. your videos on it made me think it was a great combination of fun and photography…. And I’m lovin’ it !!! So thanks again !!! Cheers

Ali Salman says:

Spark is just better than this oval shaped egg

rlachermeier says:

When did you break a prop?

gadgetman 404 says:

What range wifi distance height and what are both with rc controller

Dusty says:

Can’t wait to see the Spark with the parabolic reflectors. You always do great reviews…

Jesse Bear says:

I’m the 11th thumbs down. Just FYI

brian roberts says:

its a load of crap just saying

Dennis Rogers says:

Would rather buy the Walkera Vitus. More features than the spark. The shells on DJI drones are crap, they tend to crack

Ali Salman says:

Spark doesn,t need this dancing callibration

deathraydave gaming says:

I mean if you wanna buy this do it. But personally I would go for the spark.

Luxury Tech and Travel says:

Great review. Yes you have exactly the same opinion as myself in my reviews of this drone. Lots of potential but not realised just yet. One thing adjusting the manual settings for the camera helped my picture quality a great deal. 1080/30 footage looked really good apart from the yaw jitter issues. Tnx for the review

stefano giovannini says:

it seems heavier than the spark, and price is marginally lower. If it were 470 USD with the controller it would make sense.

Bushangels says:

it got some potentials….but the the stabelization and video quality is terrible. the footage is almost unusable. whats the use of 4k resolution if the quality is so bad?

Jim Myers says:

If it’s half the money of a Spark and doesn’t lock down if you live 4 miles from a tiny airport, it’s worth it. Otherwise, not yet ready.

William Mjema says:

Another great review! I wonder how far and high it flies?

Dennis Rogers says:

Dji the best drones. But always the shells crack on them all. And have fot worse with each model. This has put me off DJI and they are also adding flight restrictions and locking you down. No thanks

Drones Be Inspired says:

grate video i was thinking about getting one of these untill i saw your video think you just saved me some mouny

Ali Salman says:

I think they,re paying justin for lying

Ron Brown says:

This one has potential, it will interesting to see if they do well enough to release a version two. They traded off software stabilization for 4K video, I still prefer the Spark’s very stable 1080p. And it’s funny how no one gets follow me/tracking mode right but DJI. And I know most reviewers spend a lot of time demoing this feature (follow me) but most hardcore drone pilots use it once, when they first get their quad, and never use it again. Nice review Dustin, even with your hat cam failing you.

Ali Salman says:

This guy really doesn,t skip to the good part

samnella9 says:

Cool looking drone! I will probably pay a bit more for the Spark.

Chris Done says:

Looks like that teal drone you tested Dustin ? ??? What’s the story on the teal drone mate do you know ? It seems to have gone really quite with that project??

Private Account says:

That’s a clone of the Teal drone

KevokevoMC says:

nice review dustin, keep up the good work!

True Drone Reviews says:

Dustin, love the hat cam, what is it? I Velcro a runcam 2 but yours looks cooler.

Tyson Ng says:

Thank you for sharing ! Like to ask if I can charge the J.Me with a power bank ?

Brendan O'Mara says:

Seems like they have a good bit of work to do before it’s ready-for-prime-time! Thanks again for the demo!

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