DJI Spark – First Flight + Review

My DJI Spark arrived, let’s test this thing out!
Skip to 5:24 for the flight footage.
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Mike Hemmings says:

Good vid but I may be missing something, but what is the actual point of gesture control other than to show off image recognition for 30 secs? If the camera was facing the other way and you can do slow pan shots etc that makes sense to me…Maybe there is more functionality you didn’t highlight. Anyway, sticking with my Mavic. Keep up the vids.

IDroneYou says:

500 bucks for this drone! Save up the rest and get the mavic pro. Hell the wings dont even fold. 1080 only?? Passs.

BigBoyTravel says:

does the Mavic controller work on the Spark?


Great review as always, really cool drone but I’ve nearly saved up for a mavic pro so ill carry on with that :).

Carson L says:

On mine, the wave gesture doesn’t work at all…

Robert Bowman says:

I understand that the range is only 115 yards. That is not very far, like one football field plus a few more feet.

Michael Casino says:

are we able to switch to controller, palm and cellphone mode? conveniently?

Frank S says:

Good video, you lost me a bit on what you were doing with the controller; sort of was understand phone was running hotspot, then phone was connected to controller, then controller was connected to Spark; might consider a 2nd video with Spark and different options of setup; might be a neat unique info video on Spark for vlog views; thanks and excellent video

M Beck says:

Great review—very well done, clear, and all the important points were covered.

The main reason for lack of 4K is because the gimbal only handles 2 axes and thus can’t stabilize yaw; the camera shoots using the entire sensor (essentially 4K) and uses electronic stabilization to crop out a 1080p rectangle to make up for the less-capable gimbal. If it recorded 4K, the result would be a jittery mess. That’s the same reason Sony’s RX100 cameras have worse stabilization in 4K (vs. 1080p).

No 4K also means less cannibalization of Mavic sales, too.

brian roberts says:

great review ed ,I’m just waiting for mine to come, just hope its easy to set up,have a great day my friend

Nerun A says:

Is there no option/USB port to plug into your phone or device? IOW does the remote controller have to be connected via wifi?

Doug St john says:

Ed has the best video explanations of Drones and accessories. Enjoy your videos. Keep up the great work. Enjoy watching your channel grow….

Atti Bear says:

This is surprising how well the Palm Gestures worked in your Video. I decided to skip it in mine cause it wasn’t working at all or barely. Did you leave the Camera on Auto?

51 Drones says:

Ed! What happened to your DJI Goggles video? I watched part of it this morning and then I was just going to watch the rest of it. Nice job on this one, by the way. Get mine in a week.

Jack Macfarlane says:

Another great video Ed 🙂 Are android devices really such a no no with DJI?

Tony Lee Glenn says:

Nice review and demo. Great job Ed.

Christine LaBeach says:

Can you buy a longer lasting battery? BTW you look better with a clean shave.

Mustaine4prez says:

Better then karma..

Warrior Wolf says:

It would even more better if the arms folded. I know it’s a small drone but still it’d be useful

Drones and Electric Unicycles says:

It’s kinda disappointing that gesture mode only works with photos. Gesture should be the reason to get it, otherwise Mavic is a better option in my opinion

Harry Truong says:

I recently got a Mavic, and loving all your videos. They are great, thank you. Fyi, next time just pop the sim card from your fone into your ipad. Saving you from connect to the fone hot spot. And when you finish just change it back to the fone.

Jasper Bergstra says:

Awesome review! Keep up the good work!

jpallstar13 says:

If you could please take the time to check out my GoFundMe and potentially donate any amount, it would be greatly appreciated! God bless!


Yet again Ed – you make me laugh. Certainly you are my go to blog for all things DJI – Thanks!!

David A. Miller says:

Hey Ed, could you post a video explaining shutter speed, aperture, and iso? I think many of us would find it extremely helpful!

Scott Manthey says:

Do you find that the mini4 doesn’t work as well with the go 4.1? The module where you can review your stills and footage is totally useless on my Mini4 and it worked great on the old go 4.0

Super Josh says:

Hey Ed, nice video thank you. I noticed that you had something holding your iPad in front of the controller? but I couldn’t see what it was on your website / links. Would you be kind enough to let me know what it’s called and where it came from as that looks like it could be useful 🙂

David A. Miller says:

Ed Ricker, you are the f*ckin’ man! Always such great reviews!

Jeremy Judkins says:

Is it true you can only do sports mode with the controller? I could see a lot of flyaways happening if that is the case if people are flying the drone in windy environments.

Kevin Barnard says:

Which iPad are you using? (Mini or Air)

brian roberts says:

hope you dont mind ed but iv shared the video

alby precision says:

ed! eD! Ed! ……mann u are so good…i like how you go about your demonstrations. Really cool

steve dickin says:

Thanks for this ED, yours was the only review I wanted to see, so keep us all updated matey!

Hinochi Siich says:

Hey,Ed Ricker Vlogs! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that’s because it contains a link. But please check out this video and approve the comment!

stanleyyyyyyyyyyy says:

I really regret that I ordered Spark.. The non-stabilized Sport mode and wifi (??) connection to the machine from the controller is a real deal breaker for me. I wish I knew this when I ordered it..
I think I will sell my combo as soon as I get it (DHL should deliver it next week) and I will keep my Mavic, which is so much better…

Christine LaBeach says:

Any upgrades?

rolrod85 says:

Are you sure your iPad Mini 4 doesn’t fit in the Spark controller? Other Spark reviews I’ve watched show that it fits just like it does on the Mavic controller.

ZERUS1648 says:

Good video, I am buying a Mavic but just a little hesitant because DJI might release a Mavic Pro 2. What improvements would you like in the current Mavic? Also would you wait for a Mavic 2 if you didn’t own one now?

Viral Chopra says:

Hi that was a great video!. I am hugely confused between Mavic and Spark. Budget is not a problem. I am not a Vlogger, Pro or YouTuber. The drone will be only for fun, family , travel videos. I am a total noob, never used drone before nor do i used Softwares to edit videos. In both the cases I will be buying fly more combo. I am more interested in taking pics than photos. What I love about most for spark is its starts up v quickly. More like pop n play. Don’t know about mavic. In my country i am getting mavic combo for discount and spark combo at premium. In a way i am more inclined towards Mavic due to overall appeal, but i am scared if Mavic is complicated to use and requires too much effort i may not even use it ever. And on the other hand spark is very pop n play. I really dont care about 4k if the 1080p video quality and still images quality is same of both then my draw gets closer to spark. But when i am seeing videos and sample footages of both of them, they dont appear to be same. Hence confusion doubles up. PLEASE HELP

Coast to Coast Drones' says:

check out the gimbal ….and the production date of this video

and you don’t need gestures …you can tell it what to do and it answers !!
The company was created by some folks from Lenovo !!
It’s definitely worth a copy and paste !!

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