DJI Spark drone review

DJI’s latest drone, the $499 Spark, halves the size and weight of the already slim Mavic. By learning to compromise, DJI has delivered its most accessible drone yet. Subscribe:

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1923bob says:

I ordered one cant waite. Do you have to calibrate it like all the other DJI drones?
Thanks Bob

LarryLuckypants says:

Great vid thanks but have to say, the reviewer was out on the release dates of the Phantom 4 and mavic. March 2016 phantom 4 & October 2016 for mavic.

Fred Guernsey says:

Very good overview

Michael Dorn says:

499 isn’t the cheapest ever the phantom 3 standard was the same price and often cheaper

Rizzen says:

The cheapest drone DJI’s ever made? Someone forgot about the Phantom 3 Standard, up to $200 cheaper.

James Harris says:

I wonder why they didn’t make it fully compatible with the VR Goggles? Why no 4K? Why no 4 axis gimbal? Is DJI saving all of that for the version 2.0 Spark?

Liangshi Xu says:

really? not foldable? price is still awkward for new comers, and the camera is not ideal for pros….

weird market position of the spark.

Matteo Marchelli says:

so, all considered, what should I buy? Mavic or Spark?

Raghu raman Ramkumar says:

the spark drone spark written back

Merritt McKinney says:

Only clicked on the video to give it a thumbs down and say screw you, Verge, for the hit-job you did on fellow-YouTuber Philip DeFranco. Your channel is dead to me now.

Andy Keraga says:

1500mah battery…… now im new to drones. scoping them out for awhile and need one to follow us while mounting biking etc. so it looks like this or the mavic…. but what im confused about is the size of the battery, is it a gimic? is it the weight? will dji come out later with a battery with more capacity? is dji just using a small battery to keep the price down but then in the end youll end up buying multiple batteries anyway? plenty of batteries this size or smaller have way more capacity. so what am i missing here?

badzponad says:

I like your glasses, what model is it?

Cartman says:

huge respect to the spark! however im not a appy smartphoney person.
the props seem to have a anhedral lean, usually they are flat or sometimes dehidral.

DammaRamma says:

$499 pretty expensive ?!? ……… its €599 in Europe…thats $670
€799 ( $893) fot the fly-more combo , wtf
So, thanks but no thanks..thats just retarded!

Munchy Productions HK says:

DJI Phantom 3 SE: $441

Koniaku says:

0:40 who makes that green bag ?

Josue Mayorga says:

Nice review

Joydeep Nath says:

$499/₹32111 is pretty expensive for this

OBR _ says:

I wish i own one 🙁

Great drone!

teknofil007 says:

Nice video! I fly Phantom 4 and Its the best drone DJI have made. I also had Mavic Pro but I sold It after 2 months. I order DJI Spark first day 24 Mai With exstra battery and Controller then price is 799! Wth Controller this littel drone have a rang on 2 kilometer! 16 minute flight time is very good fore so littel machine. Camera have stabilistation and make smooth and Nice film. Eaven In full Hd Its looks really Good. So mutch tecnology In a littel drone is awsome. Spark do the same like the bigger one. DJI make supprise every 3 month. No Company are near to make drone like them. My reason to bay Spark was the zize. I often traveling and use plaine. Spark is made fore that. I wisit citys In Europa and can not have With me a big drone because of terror. Therfore this spark will be a good friend. 70-80 meter high In the air and everthing be on film. I think this Spark be a numer 2 drone fore many like myself. If you bay a drone fore first time I think many choose Phantom 3 or Mavic Pro. 15 June DJI begin to send out this spark. This is so littel that you can fly It Inside to. Its a awsome drone agein from DJI.

Yo Mama says:


my life is a meme says:

This guy looks like a huge hipster sjw

Jack says:

Rly the phantom 3 standard isn’t any better the advanced ph3 or pro is better but those are above 499 so he’s wrong

Amir says:

I’m wondering, in some countries you’re obliged to get a flying permit for a drone.
But since the drone is flying on it’s own, would that be considered as a autonomous flying vehicle? (So you don’t need to have a flying permit for it)

Perhaps it’s a grey zone?

Momi Gabay says:

the DJI app only works with Iphones. it constantly crashing on android phones making it totally worthless

sniperkitty 3000xx says:

every the verge employee looks like a pathetic cuck hahaha

Nur Amira Syahira says:

wow! it’s really great

Fatneuersaur says:

You dont throw the drone just like that from your hand. You double tap the button and while on your palm and it will lift itself from your hand

Fit By Kevin le says:

I have a Phantom 4, and i preordered the Spark because of its portability and ease of use for family and travel stuff. Figured having a phantom and a Mavic doesn’t make sense, but a phantom and a spark? yes!

Max Mustermann says:

The music tickles the back of my ears

marvdatboi says:

saving up for one of these puppies

Japie Scholtz says:

i have a mavic. not wasting money on this thing.

Tim Sutton-Brand says:

Who in their right mind flies a drone at an indoor family event?!

Philincidence says:

When you attack pewdiepie for no reason…

Igorek Fox says:

Like the verge review, really smart way

Jim T says:

I don’t understand how the Spark is more accessible for $499 without a remote control. With the remote and the extra battery, you are at $799.

I’m a total beginner and learned how to fly my Phantom 3 Standard in about two days. The Phantom 3 Standard is selling on Amazon for $460 currently and that includes a remote.

After having the P3S now for about two months, I could not imagine getting what I see as a downgrade, the Spark.

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